A Marriage Made In Heaven

I was sitting at the dressing table, combing my hair, and preparing to go to bed earlier than usual, because today was my last day as a single woman. Tomorrow I will have to marry that 40-year-old Duke, whom I neither knew nor loved. He was twice my age and this marriage was arranged by my parents, who just needed money. They have never really cared about my feelings. The Duke required a wife - a young and healthy one, who could give him an heir.

I approached the window in order to shut it, because I was cold, wearing only my dressing gown. Suddenly I heard some noise outside and decided to take my knife that was lying under my pillow. But before I could do anything, a dark figure of a man, wearing a hood, appeared in the window and jumped onto the floor. I wasn’t taken aback, because I knew who he was. With all my might I stroke him down to the ground and straddled him, putting the knife to his neck.

“Are you here to kill me, Assassin?”

“I don’t think I can,” he smirked.

“What if I just finish you now? Maybe cut your throat?” I pressed the blade closer to his skin.

“It would be tremendously ambitious of you,” his smile became wider. “I see you like to play games, lass.”

“Oh, shut up!”

He obliged and crushed his lips against mine in a passionate kiss. He took my breath away, while his hands were caressing my thighs.

“Jacob, you know that we can’t do this anymore. I’m getting married tomorrow. Why did you come? If anyone sees you...”

“I just wanted to show you something. One last time,” he said with sadness in his voice.

“Fine, but I must return before morning. Let me get dressed,” I rushed to my closet. I put my favorite coat, asking myself what I was doing with my life. I didn’t love that Duke, but with Jacob it was a classic example of love at first sight. However I could not marry Frye because of his lowly station. My parents wouldn’t allow this to happen. I didn’t want to break his heart but what could I do?

He was silent most of the way. The only thing he said that I must hold on tight, while he was using his rope launcher. I was familiar with it, so I did what he asked. I wasn’t aware where we were going until I saw Big Ben right in front of me.

“What are you planning on doing?” I raised my eyebrow in curiosity.

“I’ll show you London from above,” he replied. I was a bit scared to climb such a high building, but I trusted Jacob. I closed my eyes, and we were on top of it in a few seconds. There were some kinds of little windows without glass, where he pushed me to keep me from falling.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“Oh, Lord, it’s so beautiful out here. I can see almost everything. I have never thought how amazing London can be if you look at it from a height like this at night. Thank you!” I embraced the man, feeling his hands on my back. Then they began to travel down to my ass.

“Jacob...” I started, but he cut me off with another hot kiss. “No, you mustn’t...”

“I love you,” he purred into my lips. I looked into his eyes, which was my big mistake. I couldn’t resist this look. Not now, not ever.

“Screw it!” I hissed as I took his face with my palms and returned the kiss. I could let that happen... one last time.

He took off his coat and laid it on the ground, lugging me away. He got rid of my cloak and squeezed my breast, making me whimper. My nipples were hard and sticking out under my dressing gown by now. He tore my gown despite my protests in order to see my round breasts.

“Jesus, love! You are perfect,” Jacob whispered, admiring the view before him. I blushed a little.

“So are you.”

“I know,” he giggled, and his mouth started to trail sloppy kisses all over my naked body. Even this tender caress made me burn with desire. The assassin’s lips captured one of my nipples. He sucked it roughly, nibbled and bit it, making me beg for more.

“You are so eager, lass. Patience,” he smiled and kissed me again. His tongue danced around my own, when he let down my panties, and I felt Jacob’s fingers near my clit. I shivered when they traveled lower – right to my entrance, separating my already slick folds.

“Bloody hell, you really missed me, huh?” he whispered into my ear, teasing my bundle of nerves. “What would your husband say if he found out you are not a virgin anymore?”

“Don’t ask such questions!” I turned red, closing my eyes.

“Do you remember our first time, my love? I’m still keeping that handkerchief with your blood on it.”

“Oh my God!” I blurted out, not knowing whether it was sweet or strange.

“I like it when you blush. So cute,” he smiled, and his finger slid inside of me. I bit my lip.

“You were so tight. Exactly as you are now.” Jacob growled and sucked on my neck.

“You are such a pervert,” I moaned as he added a second finger. I dug my nails into his back.

“And you love it!” The assassin laughed, pinching my nipple with his free hand. His fingers found my G-spot and I screamed.

“Yes! Yes, I do!”

“That’s a good girl.” Then he positioned himself between my legs and pressed his face right into my core. I heard how Jacob inhaled my smell.

“Jesus, you are so dirty,” I babbled, feeling the blood surged to my cheeks.

“I just adore your scent, my lady. Mmmhh, nice.”

“Come on!” I cried out. “I can’t handle you doing this...”

“Well, then I’ll do this,” he said wickedly, rubbing his beard against my thigh, before he started licking my pussy.

“Aah! No, wait...”

“Too late, love. Dear Lord, you have the most beautiful cunt!” he exclaimed, continuing to lick my slit and encircle my clit. He held me in place, because I began to move my hips. I groaned when he put me down. My fingers were buried in his hair as I encouraged Jacob to go on. I could feel the pressure slowly building up in my stomach, but he pulled away before I could come.

“It’s not time for that yet,” he purred, licking his finger dry. I was angry, so I reached my hand out in order to touch his crotch. A winning smirk appeared on my face when Jacob let out a small moan.

“Do you seriously want me to wait? Your friend here can disagree with you,” I squeezed his groin harder through the thick fabric of his pants.

“Fuck!” he breathed out, automatically pushing his hips forward. “I like it when you are pushy,” the assassin grinned.

“Show me how swollen you are right now, Jacob,” I whispered. He roared, trying to undo his pants with shaking hands.

“Allow me.” I undressed him completely, devouring his body with my eyes. I fell onto my knees and carefully licked the tip of his cock. Jacob growled, throwing his head back. I wrapped my fingers around man’s member, squeezing it tightly.

“Sometimes I can’t understand how you fit in. You are too huge for me,” I muttered, a little embarrassed.

“Once you feel me inside you, you become very loose and wet. That’s how,” he fondled my hair. “Don’t tease me, love,” he bucked his hips, rubbing his dick against my hand. “I need to fuck you right now.”

I blushed and nodded. Jacob laid me on my back as I spread my legs to invite him in. I even opened my lower lips to demonstrate how moist they were.

“Please, take me, darling,” I begged and then screamed, when Jacob thrust inside me with a loud groan.

“Ooohh!” I moaned, enjoying his big hard cock stretching my pussy. I forgot about the wedding, about Duke, everything. All I could see at that moment was Frye’s lovely face in front of me. He was right – my walls parted, welcoming his dick. I took a good grip on man’s ass, pushing him closer, making Jacob go deeper.

“More, please...”

“If you say so,” he went in entirely, which made me gasp for air.

“Jacob! Yes! Oh yes!” The head of his cock was touching the entrance of my womb with every poke. All of a sudden Frye grabbed me, carrying in his embrace, and before I could protest, he made me dangle from the window upside down.

“What are you doing?” I shouted, scared.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall, sweetheart,” he said, holding me tight by my thighs.


“Do you trust me?”

“Yes, but can I hug you? I fear that my head will be spinning soon,” I answered, clasping Jacob in my arms. His hands were now supporting my back to keep me from falling. He entered me once again, this time moving even faster and rougher. My life was literally in his hands, and the thought of how dangerous this situation was turned me on more. If it weren’t dark someone would see us for sure – fucking in the top of Big Ben. It’s a shame this has to end...

“Please, stay with me. Don’t leave me, lass.” He asked as if he was reading my mind.

“Jacob, you know that I can’t...”

“But you don’t love him! We both know it. Maybe I’m not a rich gentleman, but I love you with all my heart. I beg of you... Choose me.”

“Ah, Jacob,” I tried to suppress unbidden tears.

“Marry me instead and I will carry you in my arms for the rest of my life!” The plea in his voice made me shrink with remorse.

I took a deep breath. “I love you too. I don’t want to live in a world without you. And yes, I will marry you. God, I never thought you’d propose me in these circumstances,” I laughed through my tears, seeing his genuine smile.

“Thank you,” his lips were already on my own, kissing me gently. Jacob continued making love to me; his fingertips dug into my skin.

“I’m so close, love. I want to come inside,” he moaned.

“Are you crazy?” I shyly cried out. “What if...”

“I’m going to take that risk,” he smirked, biting my earlobe. “Besides, soon you’ll be my wife. It’s okay, sweetheart. Come with me. I wanted to fill you up to the brim after our first time.” His thumb started to massage my swollen clit.

“You are so naughty, Jacob Frye,” I groaned into his mouth.

“And I’ll make you naughty too, Mrs. Frye,” the assassin giggled.

It was so good that I couldn’t take it anymore. I wrapped my legs around the man’s waist. I arched my back and screamed his name as I come. I could feel the pulsation inside my pussy, and a second later Jacob flooded me with his seed. The hot stream of his sperm shot deep inside of my womb, making me whimper and almost faint. The only thing that was heard at the moment was our heavy breathing.

I was a bit afraid of him being weak right now and that he was holding me not tight enough.

“Don’t let go,” I asked.

Jacob gave me a sweet smile and caressed my cheek.

“Never, my love.”

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