A New Year’s Resolution

It’s almost the New Year, and with a New Year there are new resolutions to make. I decide that as one of mine, I want to have sex with Connor for the first time since we’ve been together. I’ve never had actual sex before and Connor and I dont really talk about it. But as the clock strikes Midnight, I tell him what I want.

He guides us to the bed and lays me down with him hovering over me. “We’ll go slow. Tell me when to stop and I will,” he comforts me.

I’m a bit nevous. I’ve…explored on my own but never with anyone else. Connor and I simply just kiss each other for a while. When we both feel that I’m comfortable enough we help take each other’s clothing off. Now we’re both naked on the bed as he trails his hands down my body and gently kneads my sides. He guides my legs open for him while he’s still giving me kisses and bites on my neck and chest, and starts to experimentally rub my clit, trying to figure out what makes me gasp and what me shakes. When he figures out just the right way to rub, he whispers in my ear, “It’s alright. I have you. Just let it out,” and I let go and grab hold of him as I shake and quiver and silently gasp his name into his ear.

When I catch my breath, I see Connor staring at me with so much adoration and I ask him, “How long have you thought about this?”

He smiles and kisses me on the forehead. “I wanted to ask so many times, but I also thought it would be better if I waited until you were ready.”

I smile back at him. He asks if I’m ready again and I give him a confused look.

“I don’t want to hurt you. I am… above average, and it is your first time. I just want to make sure you are prepared.”

“Okay,” is all I can say as he starts making his way back down to my pussy.

“Tell me if you are uncomfortable, please.” He gives me a few licks and I gasp. Then he slowly inserts one of his large fingers in me. I grab his hand that is rubbing circles on my side, to sort of anchor myself from this new feeling. It doesn’t hurt necessarily, it just feels like I’m being… opened up. He can feel me tensing up at the sensation and sofly shushes me. He dips his head lower and starts licking my clit the way his finger was rubbing it earlier. I take a deep breath and start to relax again.

After a few moments he removes his hand from my side to my leg to keep me from shaking so much. He starts to curl the finger that’s still inside me and all the air leaves my lungs when he starts rubbing and pumping his finger in me. Connor moans against me and I can no longer think. I grab his head with both hands and try to push his face closer to me. I look at him and the sight is one to remember. Connor’s hand that was once holding my leg, moved to his length and is pumping in time with his finger in me. His mouth is locked on my clit, sucking and licking and flicking. And his beautiful brown eyes are locked with mine. They have such a clouded look of lust to them and it’s made me realize that Connor has wanted this for a long time. It’s so much; I call out his name and dig my nails into his scalp to hold on to him for dear life as we can both feel my walls contracting around his finger.

“R-Ratonhnhaké:ton!” The feeling of me being so tight around his finger and me gasping and moaning out his name as I shake is enough to have him cumming into his hand and all over the bed sheets. We can’t bring ourselves to go any further, both of us too tired and happy. At least we have a whole year to find what works best for us.

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