A Night In

"Jacob, love, can you come here real quick?"

Jacob made his way to the cart as he heard the voice of his lover. "Yes, my dear?" He said, half sarcastically. You smiled and commanded for Jacob to lay on the bed. He did so and a few minutes later he found himself tied to the bed.

Jacob looked at his restraints and tried breaking free. You smiled and climbed on top of the younger Frye twin. You sat on his lap, slowly grinding your hips against his groin. "Is this like a magic trick or something?"

You shook your head and rubbed your hand up his chest and cupped his face. "You've been such a bad boy, my dear, I suppose I need to punish you." You said against Jacob's ear. He let out a laugh, letting his head fall back against the pillow.

"It won't be that easy to tease me until I beg, love."

You frowned. Leaning forward, you brushed your lips against Jacob's. Not exactly a kiss because you didn't fully connect your soft lips with Jacob's chapped ones, causing him to sigh when you pulled away too fast.

"Is that an offer?" You asked as a smirk danced over your lips. Jacob shrugged, or at least tried to, and thrusted his hips upwards, trying to startle you. "Ah, ah, ah." You grinned and leaned over, grabbing a knife from the bedside table.

"I at least want to make love to you before you go killin' me, lass." Jacob's lip quirked and you laughed. "Not exactly what I had in mind..." Your voice trailed off as the blade came in contact with Jacob's shirt. Without asking for permission, you tore up his shirt.

Jacob raised an eyebrow in amusement as you trailed the knife down his stomach, following the trail of hair.

You twirled the knife at the hem of Jacob's boxers after cutting apart his trousers. "Should I be delicate or just go right in?" You asked with a smug expression. "I'd appreciate if I could reproduce, darling." Jacob sent you a wink.

You laughed as you tore through his boxers, taking it slow and steady around his genitals. Now that Jacob was completely naked, you roamed his body with hands and teeth. You touched him everywhere except the part where he wanted you to touch.

"If you're going to tease me, then can I at least admire your body while you're making me suffer?"

You laughed and lifted the knife with a smirk on your lips. "Would it turn you on more if I used the blade on my own clothes? Or be boring." He smirked. "Hard decision. Hmm..." Jacob looked around the room, as if he was pondering a thought. "Blade."

You lifted the knife and slowly cut through your shirt, which wasn't actually your shirt, it was Jacob's. You weren't wearing a bra, which just made this quicker. You proceeded to tear apart your panties, the cold touch of the smooth metal gliding along your hips.

The bulge under you grew as you grinded your hips. Jacob sighed underneath your touch and turned his gaze away from you.

"You getting bored yet, my love?" You asked as you scratched your nail against Jacob's nipple. "Ready for me to untie you?"

"I've been ready," he said, but you shook your head. You kissed him and smiled against his lips. Getting rid of the knife, you kissed a trail down from Jacob's neck to his pelvis bone. Leaving light kisses on his inner thighs, your mouth hovered over his cock. Jacob frowned.

You teased Jacob with your breath before flicking your tongue against his tip. You took the head of his cock in your mouth and started sucking before you took him in even further.

"Oh, love!" Jacob's head fell back with a sigh. His chest grumbled in satisfaction. Continuing with the teasing, you cupped Jacob's balls as you deep throated him.

He yanked his hands forward, trying to break the restraints. After multiple tries, you felt a hand come up your neck and grip your hair. Looking up, you realized Jacob was free.

He half pulled you to his chest, half leaned down and kissed you. Jacob flipped you over, making him be on top. He left small, wet kisses on your neck as he positioned himself at your entrance. Moving his body forever, he entered your tight hole.

You let out a moan. The feeling started out as pain then turned into pleasure and ecstasy. Jacob buried his head in the crook of your neck, gasping into your ear. His thrusts quickened and you closed your eyes, your moans beginning to get louder.

Jacob started mumbling under his breath, mostly "fuck" and "oh, love". The quicker he pounded into you, the more your moans turned into you shouting his name. You felt your body tense up as you came undone around your lover.

Moments later, he pulled out and started jerking himself off. Jacob ejaculated all over your stomach without a second thought. Breathing heavily, he laid beside you.

"Bloody tease," Jacob mumbled and leaned over to kiss you. "I knew there was a reason I love you."

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