A Pirate’s Life

Get off me!” I cry as the British Navy man grabs my wrist.

“Come on, Darlin’. I just want some fun,” he says smarmily, crowding me against the wall.

He starts to slide my dress up my leg and I try to push him away. Suddenly he drops to the ground with a gurgle. I blink in shock as I see a pirate in front of me and I realise the Navy man is dead.

“Ya should consider lowering your prices, Love. Maybe then they wouldn’t try getting a freebie.” The pirate smirks.

“Do I look like a courtesan?!” I gasp in indignation.

“Well, aye.” He shrugs.

My mouth falls open and my hand is moving before I can even think of what I’m doing. I slap him across the face but all he does is laugh.

“Feisty. I like that in a woman.” He grins.

I roll my eyes in disgust and push past him. I storm off in the direction of my home, glaring at him as he falls into step beside me.

“Where do you think you are going?” I snap, facing him with my hands on my hips.

“Why, I’m walking ya home, of course. Can’t let a lass like ya ta get herself inta trouble again,” he says smugly.

“Like I would ever allow a pirate in my home!” I snap, glaring at him.

“Well, this pirate just saved ya so the least ya could do is give me a meal. Maybe something more?” he asks suggestively.

“Well, I do have to admit, you treated me better than that British Navy man so I do owe you a thank you,” I say, softening towards him.

He grins, looking proud.

“Unfortunately, the best I can do is give you the money to pay for your next meal. My father is a high-powered Lord who would command your death on sight,” I say softly, feeling embarrassed about my father.

“Oh well, I’ll just have ta leave ya here than.” He grins.

I gasp as I watch him run at a house, climb up the wall of the building and onto the roof. He’s good. It seems so strange, after hearing about how monstrous pirates are, to discover that one has more manners than a trained Navy man. I walk quickly back to my home and groan as I see my father waiting at the gates for me.

“Where have you been? Your betrothed is here,” he hisses at me quietly.

“I am not engaged! I will never marry him!” I state angrily.

“You will marry him! Our family needs you to!” he snaps angrily, grabbing my arm and pulling me into the building.

Just as we’re about to enter the building I catch a glimpse of something on the roof but when I look there’s nothing there.

A couple of weeks later I’m being ‘escorted’ down to a British ship with my ‘betrothed’. He came to collect me when he found out how reluctant I was about the wedding. Now I’m being dragged off to England and forced to marry him because my father needs the family to be in good standing again, which it will be if I marry an Admiral of the British Navy, and the Admiral needs the money he’ll receive from my father.

I hold my head up high as I walk down to the docks. I may have to marry him but I will not let him break my spirit or have my body. As we near his ship I stumble slightly when I see pirates, chained and being lead into the hull of his ship.

“They are just pirates. Do not worry, they cannot hurt you,” the Admiral says smugly.

I don’t answer. In truth, the only thing that made me stumble was that I recognised one of them. It was the polite blonde pirate that saved me. Our eyes meet and I swear he smirks before he’s roughly pushed below deck. I don’t understand how he can smirk at a time like this, as soon as he reaches England he’ll be hanged.

We carry on to the ship but I’m no longer paying attention. I have to help the pirate, I have to. I’m taken straight to my quarters and the door is locked ‘for my protection against lonely sailors’. It appears that there’s some kind of problem with the steering so the ship’s departure is being held up. This is the perfect time.

I grew up on the island surrounded by pirates and it didn’t take long for a friendly one to show me how they survive. I pull my skirts off so I’m wearing the breeches I always wear under them. After getting my skirts caught the first time I snuck from my room, almost causing me to fall from the roof and kill myself, I started to wear trousers. However, my father put a ban on that as it was ‘unladylike’, so I started to wear them under my skirts to hide them but still have the ease of movement they afforded me.

I pick the lock to my room and sneak onto the deck. Luckily there is no one there now, off doing other duties I suppose. I quickly but quietly run across the deck to the hold and enter it. There is one guard for the prisoners and I grimace as I realise what I’ll have to do to rescue the pirate. I must do it though, I owe him. I hide behind some barrels and create a noise across the aisle from me, throwing a stone from the floor. The guard walks over to inspect the noise and I sneak up behind him, sending him a silent apology, and stab him through the heart from behind with a knife I always carry attached to the leg of my trousers.

“Nicely done, Lass,” the pirate says from where he’s chained.

“Shut up pirate. He could’ve been a nice man,” I say sadly, staring down at the body.

“Nah, he wasn’t.” The pirate grins.

I pull the key from the body and go and unlock the pirates. “You should go before you’re caught again,” I say as the blonde pirate stretches his arms in the air. I lick my lips as I see and expanse of muscled stomach as his shirt raises a few inches. I blink and look away as he looks at me.

“Come with us, Lass. You’ll be in trouble if they know ya helped us,” he says with concern.

“No, I won’t. The Admiral needs this marriage just as much as my father does. I have to stay although I’ll let you take the blame for that,” I say, gesturing to the body.

“I was just abou’ ta escape and kill ‘im anyway.” The pirate grins.

“Don’t make me chain you back up, Pirate,” I growl, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Oo, kinky. Just say the word, Lass.” He smirks.

“Oh, shut up, Pirate,” I sigh in exasperation.

“Edward,” he says, suddenly looking serious.

“What?” I murmur, perplexed by his sudden solemnity.

“My name is Edward and I still think ya should come with us,” he says, looking deep into my eyes.

I suddenly realise that the cocky, joking way he acts is a façade to cover his true intelligence and emotions. It makes me even more attracted to him but I can’t go with him.

“I must stay. My family needs me to do my duty so I must stay. Now go!” I demand, worried that he’ll get caught again.

He looks worried but he allows his friend to drag him away. As soon as they’re out of sight I sneak back to my room. There is a loud outcry when someone realises the pirates have escaped but no one seems to suspect me. The rest of the trip to England goes without a hitch although the crew do keep mentioning a ghost ship that seems to be following us but every time someone looks there’s nothing there.

I stand upright as I hear someone walking towards my cell. My clothes are ripped and dirty but I’ll be damned if I get taken to the gallows as a cowering little girl. Just after we arrived in England we were married but my Husband was unimpressed that I would not consummate our marriage. Just a few days after our wedding my father died and so did any patience my ‘Husband’ had with me. I curl my lip as my ‘husband’ walks up to my cell.

“Well, I have to hand it to you, I didn’t think you were smart enough to come up with such an intelligent plan to get rid of me,” I say sweetly through the bars.

“My love, what are you saying?! I was utterly heartbroken when I learned you helped those pirates escape. How could you betray me and our country like that?” he says with mock despair.

“The pirate was nicer,” I sneer.

“I was only doing my duty, my love. I was honour-bound to report your actions as soon as I became aware of them,” he says with fake hurt, hand on his heart.

“Oh, please! I bet you knew all along! You only ‘did your duty’ because I wouldn’t open my legs to you!” I snarl furiously.

“If you would but open up to me now I’m sure I could persuade the hangman’s noose to find a different target,” he says slyly, leaning towards the bars.

“I’d rather hang! You can have my family’s gold and lands, at least I won’t have to be around you,” I snap, grabbing the front of his shirt and slamming him face first into the bars.

I grin as he topples to the ground after I hear a rather satisfying crunch. He groans as blood pours from his nose and then he scurries away like the rat that he is. A little while later a guard comes to collect me. I walk to the gallows with my head held high, ignoring the shouting and cat-calling. A priest calls out my crimes but I don’t pay attention, my eyes are glued to the ocean that I can see. The noose is put around my neck and the priest asks me if I have any last words. I shake my head and he moves away.

Suddenly a shot rings out and the rope above me falls away. My ‘husband’ rushes up in front of me, screaming that I must be hanged straight away. The place is in chaos as pirates fight the guards all around the gallows. I grin as I spot a familiar figure drop from a nearby roof onto the gallows behind my ‘husband’.

“Edward!” I gasp in joy.

“You filthy dog! You think I’ll allow you to seal what’s mine!” my ‘husband’ snarls.

“Ya never deserved her mate,” Edward jeers with a smirk.

My ‘husband’ rushes Edward, but Edward doesn’t even flinch. I cry out with fear for Edward’s safety but he just sidesteps the attack. Before I can even blink a blade has slid down from the wrist of Edward’s sleeve and he plunges it into my ‘husband’s’ neck. All I can do is stare as I watch him bleed to death at my feet. Edward steps towards me but then freezes with a flash of worry on his face.

“Come, Lass, let’s get you to safety,” Edward says gently, cutting the ropes at my wrists.

I look up at Edward and realise that he’s worried about how I’ll react to him murdering my ‘husband’.

“Thank you!” I cry, throwing my arms around his neck.

“I owe ya my life, remember?” Edward says, grinning.

“I meant for freeing me from that rat! I only wish I’d killed him myself!” I say happily.

He grins at me and then grabs my hand, pulling me along to the shore. He tries to stick to the paths and alleys but then we have no choice but to take to the roofs.

“Come here, Lass, I’ll carry you,” he says, looking around for chasing guards.

In the time it’s taken him to look around and say his sentence, I’ve ripped the bottom of my skirt off and ripped slits up the sides and climbed onto the nearest roof.

“Let’s see if you can keep up, Pirate,” I grin smugly at his shocked look.

“Oh, I can keep up, Lass, trust me,” he says with a dirty grin and then I take off.

He laughs as he chases me across the rooftops. I stop suddenly when I realise there’s nowhere else to go. I let out a scream as Edward grabs me as he runs past, pulling me off the roof with him. The air rushes from my lungs as I land on top of Edward in a haystack. He laughs as I stand up, glaring at him.

“You could have killed me!” I say, slapping him round the face.

He grows serious and stares at me. I gulp and step back, fear sliding down my spine at his intense stare. He smirks and steps closer to me. I put my hands up to push at his chest but he grabs my wrists and tugs me into him. I gasp and he wraps his arms around my waist, holding me against his body tightly.

“Don’t do that again,” he growls.

I don’t know what it is but something in the way he’s staring at me and holding me so tightly gets my pulse racing. My breathing speeds up too as I stare into his eyes.

“Or what?” I whisper challengingly.

His eyes darken and he leans down to me so our faces are barely an inch apart.

“Or I’ll have to teach ya a lesson about respecting ya Captain,” he whispers darkly.

I lick my suddenly dry lips as the breath clogs in my throat. His eyes glance down to watch my tongue swirl over my lips and his arms tighten a little more.

“I wasn’t aware I had a Captain.” I smirk, leaning into him more.

“Ya do now,” he growls, hands sliding from my waist to cup my ass.

“Oh really?” I breathe, leaning up to him.

He grins and starts to lean down, eyes on my mouth.

“There they are!” We hear as guards come running around the corner.

We gasp and then sprint towards his ship. As soon as we reach the deck, Edward checks that all his crew is here and then takes the wheel. Once we’re far enough away that we no longer have to worry about being followed, Edward hands the wheel to his second in charge and walks over to me.

“Trust me?” he asks quietly, turning to glare at some of his crew that are paying too much attention to me.

“Yes.” I smile, watching the crewmen scurry away.

He grins and grabs me by the waist, pulling me over to a hook at the mast. He grabs a rope and kicks at the hook, making the latch let go and we shoot up into the air. I wrap my arms around his neck with a yelp but then laugh with glee at the rush I get from the speed. We end up standing at the top of the mast, staring out at the vast expanse of ocean all round us. I trust him to make sure we don’t fall as I stare in wonder at the view.

“D’ya like it?” Edward whispers.

“Wow,” I gasp, watching the waves and the sun reflecting off the water.

I turn to Edward with a frown as I realise something.

“Where are you taking me? I have nowhere to go. No money, no family and now I’m a wanted fugitive,” I rant, starting to panic.

“I’m not takin’ ya anywhere, unless there’s somewhere ya wan’ me ta take ya to.” He smiles.

“What?” I blink, confused.

“I wan’ ya ta stay here. On the Jackdaw,” he says softly.

“What about your crew?” I ask.

“They’ll be fine and they won’ touch ya either,” he says gruffly.

“Okay, I’ll stay. Now, how do we get back down?” I ask.

“That rope there.” He grins.

As he looks back at the view for a second I grab the rope he pointed to and drop down to the deck, with a laugh.

“Hey, uh…” I stutter, realising I don’t know his second’s name.

“Adewale,” he says with a smile as we hear Edward shout something.

“Where’s his cabin?” I ask with a grin.

Adewale tells me and I rush off as Edward hits the deck. I make it to his cabin but just as I go to shut the door, Edward stops it with his hand on the other side of the door. I jump backwards and he storms through the door and slams it shut behind him. My heart races as I see that he’s angry but this time it’s not from fear.

“Wha’ the hell was that?” he growls.

“What?” I ask, batting my eyelashes innocently.

“Ya could’ve killed yerself!” He shouts furiously.

I sigh and roll my eyes at him, turning my back to him. He growls and grabs my arm, spinning me back round. I automatically lift my arm and slap him round the face again. I gasp and freeze as I realise what I did, wondering what he’ll do. He glares at me and then grabs my throat, not hard enough to hurt just enough to place some pressure. I gasp at his actions but it’s a gasp of arousal as I feel my thighs become slick.

“Wha’ did I tell ya about that?” he growls, his accent getting even stronger.

“Not to do it,” I gasp.

“So?” he snaps.

“So what? You deserved it.” I shrug, feeling my pussy throb at the dangerous look in his eyes.

“Back chattin’ yer Captain now?” he growls.

“Who said you are my Captain?” I whisper.

He growls again and I moan as his mouth suddenly crashes down on mine. He bites my bottom lip and my mouth opens on a gasp, his tongue sweeping in to tangle with mine. My hands run into his hair, making him hiss as I accidentally tug his hair when I let it down. I’m shocked by how soft his hair is as it falls in waves. His hand slides down to the top of my ragged dress. I yelp as I hear a rip and my dress falls to the floor as Edward tears it open down the front.

“Hey, that’s all I had to wear!” I snap, pulling away.

“Guess yer’ll jus’ have ta stay naked in my bed.” He grins.

“I’m serious, Pirate!” I snap.

“I’ll buy ya new clothes.” He shrugs.

I shove his chest angrily and he grabs my wrists.

“Careful! I will teach ya a lesson,” he snarls.

“Like you could!” I snort.

He spins me round and grabs my arms, pinning my wrists behind my back. He sits on his desk chair and I yelp as he pulls me down on my stomach across his lap. I squirm but he holds me too tight for me to escape. I cry out as his hand comes down on my ass. I squirm as he spanks me repeatedly, the feel of all his leather straps digging into my skin making my pleasure climb higher. By the time he stops, I’m gasping and I have tears running down my face but I’m throbbing with need. He runs his fingers along my folds and I gasp as they brush my clit lightly.

“So wet for me. I think that was less of a punishment than it was supposed to be,” Hhe groans as he sees how wet his fingers are.

“Edward, please stop teasing,” I whimper, my juices running down my thighs.

“What did ya jus’ call me?” he growls, releasing my wrists so he can grab my hair and pull me up to look at him.

I bite my bottom lip as I realise what it is he wants me to say. He blinks as he notices my hesitation and he softens, hand going slack in my hair. It reassures me that he’ll stop if I want him to and I smile at this pirate who is so much gentler than any gentleman I ever met.

“Captain, please,” I whisper breathlessly.

He freezes for a second, eyes blowing with hungry lust, and then his mouth crashes down on mine again. I whimper as he pushes his tongue into my mouth and I get swept away on the pleasure of him ravishing me. I slide the rest of the way off his lap so I’m on my knees on the floor. Edward pulls away, making me whine at the loss, and stands up. I stare up at him as he starts to peel away all his weapons and belts. He places them gently on his desk and then removes his hooded coat. I lick my lips as he places his coat on his chair and then hurriedly starts to pull off the rest of his clothes. I let out a whimper which is pure want as he stands naked before me. He is muscled and toned, scars only adding to the rugged good looks he has. I run my hands up his thighs and his cock twitches with arousal. I don’t know what comes over me, I’ve never even thought of this before, but I suddenly have an overpowering to taste him. I push my mouth over his cock and he gasps, hand grasping my hair again. I go to pull away, thinking I’ve done something wrong, but his hand tightens in my hair.

“Don’t stop!” he growls, pulling me back down.

I moan around him and his cock twitches as he gasps again. I keep my eyes open and watch him closely, feeling an odd sense of power at making him act so lost. After a little while he pulls me off and up to my feet.

“What did I do wrong?” I gasp, blinking in confusion.

“Nothin’, Lass, I just don’ wan’ ta finish too soon,” he groans.

I grin in satisfaction and then gasp as he picks me up, carrying me to his bed and laying me down gently. He climbs up and kneels in between my legs, groaning as he sees me spread open for him. I bite my lip with nervousness as he stares at me. What if he doesn’t like the way I look? He’s probably had lots of women that are so much more beautiful looking than me.

“Perfect,” he whispers with awe.

“I am?” I whisper.

His eyes flash up to mine and he nods. He leans over me on his hand and gently kisses me on the lips.

“Yer beautiful,” he whispers. He kisses along my jaw and nibbles down my neck. “Yer the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” he groans in my ear.

I jump and gasp, clinging to his shoulders, as his other hand moves between my legs and presses against my clit. A jolt goes through my body and it feels so much more intense than anything I ever feel from my own hands. He moves his hand further and I moan as he presses two fingers into my core gently. He presses his thumb against my clit and rubs it as he thrusts his fingers in and out of my pussy. My nails dig into the skin of the back of his shoulders as I get washed away in the overwhelming sensations.

“Wait!” I gasp, as a strange sensation builds in my stomach.

“Trust me,” he whispers.

I let out a cry as the sensation that’s building rushes through me. It’s like the whole world vanishes and all I can do is cling to him. He continues to thrust his fingers as I come back down, eyes fluttering open in awe.

“The men yer’ve been with musta been dogs,” he says, looking down at me.

“Huh?” I pant, still trying to get my brain to work again.

“Well, yer no maiden but that’s the first time yer’ve ever cum,” he states.

I blush and pull him down for a kiss. He groans and starts to kiss down my neck.

“Ya sure abou’ this?” he gasps, cock prodding at my entrance.

“Yes, my Captain, please!” I gasp, biting down on his shoulder.

“I like the way ya say tha’,” he growls.

I wrap my legs around his waist and he slowly thrusts inside me. I cry out as he fills me, hitting deeper than I ever thought possible. He thrusts slowly a couple of times until he knows I’m enjoying it and then he kneels up, grabbing my ass and lifting my hips. He begins to slam into me and I arch with a cry of his name. He sits back and pulls me with him so I’m straddling his lap. His face buries in my breasts, nipping and sucking at the skin and I wrap my arms around his shoulders. He lifts me up and drops me, making me fuck him as his hands dig into the flesh of my hips.

My head falls back as he sucks one of my nipples into his mouth as he moves me up and down his shaft. My nails scratch down his back as I get lost in all the sensations. The sounds of our moans and skin slapping skin, the feel of his cock stretching me, his hands bruising me, his mouth moving over my body. I look at him and groan at how undone he seems to be. His hair is all tussled and it’s sticking to his forehead with sweat. His ice blue eyes are almost black from how blown with lust they are. His skin is reddened from pleasure and his kohl colouring is smudging around his eyes. He looks every bit the menacing pirate that he’s supposed to be.

I can feel the pleasure building up again as Edward sucks a mark into the flesh of my neck. One of my hands grips his hair as his hands move to my ass, squeezing tightly. I scream out his name as I cum, my climax ripping through me. I hear him growl in my ear as he cums too, filling me with hot spurts of his seed. My head drops down to his shoulder as exhaustion washes through me as I come back down. His hands move up to press against my back, holding me close as we catch our breath.

“Are ya okay?” he whispers in my ear.

“Oh, fuck yes,” I gasp, not even moving due to feeling so wrung out.

He chuckles and lays me down on the bed, making me whimper as he slips from my core. He lays beside me and wraps his arms around me, holding me close.

“It’s good ta have ya here, Lass,” he whispers.

“It’s good to be here, Pirate.” I grin back.

“What did ya jus’ all me?” he growls.

“Captain! Captain!” I giggle as he tickles me.

“Go ta sleep.” He grins, swatting my backside.

“Aye aye Captain,” I laugh.

“Good. Glad ya know yer place,” he murmurs.

I gasp and shove him, laughing as he falls off the bed with a thud.

He growls as he climbs back in beside me and then kisses me hard. By the time he pulls away I’m gasping for air. He grins at me and settles back down. I smile and close my eyes, letting the swaying of the waves rock me to sleep.

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