Bang Bang

Jacob Frye, how would you describe that man? Well, he was sarcastic, brash, and thought with his fists rather than his head. But there was also another side to him that always knew what to say when you were in seeping in your own depression. He saved you from yourself, and from Templars too. Jacob Frye was your hero.

Smiling, you shook your head as you ran through the streets of London. You sighed, telling yourself not to get distracted by the man who was chasing after you. You made a little bet with him, if he could catch you before you reached this certain little spot; then he could do whatever he liked. You always liked teasing the twin, the sex tended to feel better when you riled him up. [Though the tender moments you shared were always nice too.]

Panting, you crouched down on one of the roof tops, you could already spot the tall steeple where the bet would end. Feeling your lips form in a small pout, you let out a sigh as your fingers moved to your hips.

“Shame, I riled him up a lot today. You think the man would push himself fast…well it’s my fault for challenging him to catch me.” You were faster than the twins and now you were suddenly wishing for a different challenge. You’ve riled up yourself and needed to take care of your own ‘problem’ since you and Jacob have both been busy.

“Let’s just get this over with.” About to take your own little leap of faith you suddenly felt a pair of arms around your waist then a breath fan over your neck as a man chuckled into your ear.

“What’s a little bird like you sitting here all alone?” Gasping, your body tensed though you then rolled your eyes and smiled. Turning to face the man you just cupped his cheek.

“Well, it looks like you’ve captured me, Mr. Frye…what are you going to do it me?” Smirking, you then let fingers trail down his chest to his belt.

Jacob let his eyes soften for a moment, though he then smirked, shaking his head as he pulled your hand away then pushed your body against the chimney. Rolling his hips slowly into yours he let his hand pin your arms above your head.

“Enough of this talk, you’ve been a naughty little minx and I need to punish you.” Letting out a small growl he then lent down and pulled you in for a deep but rough kiss. Nipping at your lips, he quickly pushed his tongue through your parted lips, letting your own tongues battle it out; you felt the man’s free hand gripping your hips roughly.

Panting lightly Jacob broke the kiss as he ignored the small trail of saliva, only to let his teeth nip and graze at your exposed neck, your hood already fallen off from him pinning you to the cold stone. You soon felt the assassin's shaky hand cup your breast through the tough material of the fabric. His fingers kneaded and pinched, a soft mewl reciting from your lips as you pushed your chest into his hand more. Gasping, you felt him bite down on the column of your neck - marking you, making sure those bastards knew whom you belong to.

Jacob let his teeth continue to nip and suck at your neck; he never thought he needed you so badly. Perhaps it was the fact that the two of you barely saw each other, or your small touches and the stolen glances. He missed holding you at night: having a nice warm body to hold instead of laying in a cold empty bed.

Pulling away he smirked in satisfaction seeing the red marks over your neck. He then looked at your flushed and panting face, watching your chest heave, and suddenly his pants felt too tight. Shifting his body to relieve some tension he then started to fumble with the buttons on the front of your bodice and let out a frustrated growl. How could this be so hard, did she change her clothing from her normal wear? Thinking to himself he continued to struggle, though it was quite hard to focus, feeling your soft feather-like kisses on his jaw.

Getting to the breaking point the man just cut open the front of your shirt with the hidden blade, ignoring your shocked gasp. His large hands ripped the flimsy material away and tossed it aside.

“I’ll buy you a new one, love.” Grinning, he then gave your lips a small kiss. Dropping the hand that was pinning your own, he soon moved it to brush your nipple. “I cannot wait to be inside of you. You must be so wet, my love.”

Shaking his head he just groaned at the thought of it; he didn’t think he could last much longer with this foreplay. Besides, once he was finished here he could always take his time with you in the small little home you owned.

“Enough of this.” The man didn’t even notice you rubbing him through the material of his pants, he could feel his arousal harden more and it was painfully obvious that he wanted you. He couldn’t take this any longer. Jacob soon worked on pulling down the material of the pants your wore and made sure to tear away whatever undergarments you wore. He made a quick work of his pants and the rest as his erection sprang free. Pushing up he groaned deeply, feeling your warmth.

Jacob felt your legs weave around his hips tightly. His own hands gripped yours; continuing to thrust up he felt a shaky breath escape his lips. You felt so good and hot around his cock, the young assassin couldn’t remember when he was last inside of you but he never wanted this to stop. Trying to focus the man knew his eyes were darkened with lust though once he looked into yours he noticed that yours too were clouded over. Licking his lips he then glanced at your breasts continuing to bounce. Closing his eyes he just let his face press into your neck as he pulled out then quickly thrusted back in.

Letting out a small whimper you gripped his broad shoulders as he continued to slam into you, his fingers bruising your hips while he whispered how good you felt in your ears. You felt his hands move to the small of your back, away from your hips. You could hear him groan as your nails dug into the shirt he wore, though the more your nails clawed and dug into his back, the more it was becoming wrinkled and ripped from both of your actions.

Rolling your hips back into his thrusts you heard a primal growl escape his lips as the stubble on his beard scratched your neck. You could feel his excitement as he thrusted deeply into you, the lust that was rolling off in waves. Feeling your own emotions swell, you just pressed your face into his neck as you pushed away your tears. This felt so good, you didn’t know you would be able to last much longer, you felt like your heart would burst.

Jacob could feel it again, that same feeling that would always build up in the pit of his stomach, the signal that he was not going to last much longer. Feeling his own emotion spread across his chest he just let his member brush your walls as his thumb found your clit. If he was going to cum he would make sure yours was earth-shattering. Letting his thumb brush the bundle of nerves he just continued to pound as he felt your body spasm lightly; his free hand gripped you from falling as the weight of his body kept you pinned. He grunted, feeling you push down harder on his cock though he could have sworn he went deeper. Though it only took a few more brushes of his thumb on your clit for you to clench tightly around him, he felt your back arched as a scream tore from your swollen lips.

Jacob then closed his own tightly, his teeth digging deep into his lip to stop a loud grunt as he suddenly came deep within you, trying to ride his own orgasm. It was getting rather hard to focus or to even thrust since it was becoming so sporadic. His thoughts felt foggy and everything just felt…good. Euphoric even. Jacob Frye just felt he was flying right now.

Drooping against the man, you did your best not to fall off; you knew you would be gone from the moment his rough fingers touched your clit, but holy shit - you never thought you would be gone that fast. Your body soon tensed up then, started to shake as he tore the orgasm from you. With him pounding and the small brushes of your clit you were just trying to stop the shaking. You saw white and you felt like you were floating. Through your own euphoric pleasure you let your walls clench around your lover’s shaft, milking him as he continued to spill his own seed within your warmth.

You felt your juices, along with his cum, drip out of you, down your thighs and the man’s pants but you didn’t care - everything felt too good. Your whole body was tingling with a pleasant hum as you felt him slowly thrust and the energy was spent from his body. Feeling boneless you looked up at the man; cupping his cheek you felt him smile and lean into your touch. Neither of you had to say anything as it was already made clearly through your lovemaking.

Not trusting your legs you just let him pull out, feeling suddenly empty inside. The man wrinkled his nose seeing the mess he seemed to have made. Shaking his head he let one arm wrap tightly around you as his free hand put his softened member away. Pulling his pants up he then kissed your head gently. He would be happy to clean himself once you got to your small flat; for now he just wanted to clean you a little.

Looking down at the shirt he tore off you he then sighed, giving you a somewhat bashful smile. He cleaned between your legs, wiping the cum away, then tossed the cloth aside as he kissed you from protesting. “I already told you that I will buy you a new one.” Despite that, he frowned and rubbed your hips gently.

Hearing the teasing in his voice you just smiled, though you let out a tired yawn. Pressing your face into his chest you really didn’t care if you were naked; you just wanted a small nap before you could fully clean yourself. You then blinked, feeling weight on your shoulders; you blink again and felt the soft material of Jacob’s cloak. You could see the look in his eyes, worried that he hurt you, but you just shook your head and smiled, letting him know you were fine. Once his eyes lit up and that beautiful smile came to his face, it was enough to convince you that he understood.

“Thank you, Jacob.”

“Like I would ever let you walk around naked, but I must admit it would be a nice sight.” Chuckling, he ignored the protest in his legs as he lifted you. Still coming down from his own high, he continued to walk on the rooftops to take you home, where - after you had a good rest, a bath and a meal - he was intending on asking for your hand. Then, once you said yes he would make sure neither of would be leaving that room for some time; after all, it was not often that you found your own soul mate.

What words could you use to describe Jacob Frye? He was a gentleman, he knew how to make you smile, he was a kind man that stole your heart, he was your knight, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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