Basic Instincts

(Recommended listening: Push The Limits by Enigma)

You met this beginning young portrait painter named Jacob Frye near your local store. You were just passing by when he stopped you, smiling at you.

“I’m so sorry, my lady. I’m an artist, so don’t get me wrong, but have you ever thought of posing for a portrait? I can’t afford a model now. However if you allow me to paint you I’d be very grateful.”

He took you by surprise with this preposition. Nevertheless somehow you couldn’t say “no” to him. He drew you like a magnet. Eventually, you agreed.

After that you came to his apartment, thinking to yourself that it was complete madness. You didn’t even know the man. But at the same time it seemed you’ve known him your whole life.

Jacob invited you to lie on the bed, while he was finishing his preparations.

“What are you doing? You should be naked,” he said casually.

“WHAT? Are you kidding?”

“I thought you knew,” he sounded upset. “If you are too shy…”

“I wasn’t prepared for this, that’s all. Ok.” You began to undress, having the feeling that Jacob’s looking at you. You covered your breasts and lower zone, lying on the bed.

“No, lass, you must be NAKED,” Frye insisted. “I won’t bite, don’t be afraid.”

You removed your hands.

“Good. Let’s start, shall we?” Jacob winked at you. He stood in front of easel and took the brush. He didn’t stare at you, so you relaxed a bit more, studying him, while Frye was doing his work. He was charming and beautiful, no doubt. How many women did he paint like you now? You didn’t want to know, to be honest. You closed your eyes and when you opened them again, you noticed that Frye’s ones were looking at you with…desire? You weren’t sure, because he quickly disappeared behind the painting. You have never posed before and this new experience put you into a flutter. Your nipples were hard now, making you feel embarrassed.

When Jacob could finally be seen, the easel was hiding the half of his face, so you could see only his eyes, which were staring at you once again. They traveled down your body, stopping at your breasts. Now you were confident, that they ended up being almost black with lust. You didn’t know what to do, but then you heard his husky voice:

“Stay still, please.”

You froze and continued to examine Frye. He bit the brush, licking the tip with his tongue, like he was thinking about something. This innocent gesture made you want to feel his tongue between you thighs. Oh my God… you pursed your lips, your cheeks turned red.

“Are you imagining something dirty?” Jacob’s voice suddenly broke the silence. His gaze resembled the gaze of a hungry animal who’d devour you completely if needed. Your face lit up with a cocky smile.

“Aren’t you?”

Frye looked at you in shock, but then he dropped his brush onto the floor, walking towards you. “Fuck it!” Jacob bent forward to you and kissed you greedily. You instinctively push him away.

“Oh, shit. I’m sorry, I thought you wanted to…I don’t want to rape you or something, forgive me,” he apologized. You didn’t know what came over you today, but you grabbed Frye by the collar, pulling man closer.

“You’re right. Fuck it!” you blurted out before smashing your lips against his. Jacob was a very good kisser - he almost made you lose your head.

You were naked under the guy you have just met, though you didn’t care for some reason. It seemed that his hands were on every part of your body at once. These chaotic kisses Jacob was giving you made you wet easily. You helped him get rid of unnecessary clothes, admiring the view of his naked well-built body.

“You are too muscular for a painter,” you giggled and he smiled at you.

“I’m trying. You are the most beautiful model that I have ever painted. I was distracted all the time. And now I’m afraid we have to take care of it,” Frye took your hand and pressed it to his groin. Your mouth opened when you realized how hard he was.

“I do believe you,” you laughed. With a low groan Jacob buried his face between your firm breasts, squeezing them. “You have such sweet smell, lass. I like it.” Frye smashed you tits together in order to suck on both of your nipples simultaneously. You shrieked, seizing him by the hair. He was hungry and gentle at the same time, pulling your nipples with his teeth and leaving hickeys all over your breasts.

“No, aaah, Jacob, don’t mark me,” your voice was shaking. You weren’t sure you wanted him to stop.

He didn’t, anyway. Instead Frye put your hands under your head so you couldn’t interfere with his actions. His knee was now near your crotch.

“Damn, you are wet!” he exclaimed, looking at you playfully. His finger started teasing your sensitive clit. “Don’t hold back now, scream for me. I want to hear your moans, love.” You did as he asked, moaning like a whore under his touch.

“Oh yes, God!”

“Just like that, lass, come on. Louder!” It was more of an order than a request, but you gladly obeyed, screaming and squirming. Without warning Jacob inserted three fingers inside you. You bit his shoulder to suppress a whimper.

“Ouch, why so hurriedly? It hurts, you know?” It didn’t, actually, because you were stretched out by these toys you used from time to time, that, of course, couldn’t compete with a real man’s cock.

“Sorry, I haven’t had sex for three months. I’m afraid I’m going to explode before I could enter you.”

You were taken aback by this statement.

“Wow, that’s a lot. We should get straight to business then, but what about your painting?”

“Do you want to talk about it right now, sweetheart?” he hissed.

“At least you should finish the work,” you smiled wickedly at uncomprehending expression on his face. “Come,” you got up and took his hand, leading Jacob to the easel. You grabbed the bottle of paint and gave him the brush. “Paint me.”

He bent to the easel, but you stopped him. “No, paint ME,” you repeated, thrusting out your chest. Frye raised an eyebrow, smirking. “As you wish, dear.” You shivered when the brush touched your pointy nipples. The paint was a little bit sticky, however it felt good. You didn’t know what he was painting, because you were watching him instead.

“It’s taking too long,” you complained and tore the bottle out of his hand. Not hesitating, you splashed the paint over your breasts. “Done.”

Frye laughed. “Straight to business, right, lass? Let me help you,” Jacob began to pass his palms over your body, spreading the paint on your tits, touching your hard nipples on purpose.

“Is it turning you on?” he asked.

“And you?”

“Yes,” you both answered at the same time. Your eyes met and Jacob captured your lips with his own. Then you felt his strong hands gripping your ass and leaving two prints on the buttocks.

“Can’t wait anymore. Sorry, love.” With these words Frye burst into your wanting pussy. You screamed loudly, holding him by the shoulders. He was quite thick and long, but just perfect for your vagina. You scratched his back when Jacob fully dug his dick inside you.

“Fuck, lass! It’s so hot in you, so wet, so good. I think I won’t last for long,” He set you down on the floor and pushed towards the easel. You caught it with your fingers, while Jacob entered you from behind.

“Jacob, slow down, I can’t…”

“Me neither,” he whispered, banging you even faster than before.

“Oh my…aghrhr,” you groaned as your breasts started to hit the easel because of Frye’s deep thrusts. The paint that covered them smeared over the painting, making a mess.

“Oh no, Jacob, it’s ruined!” you exclaimed sadly.

“Don’t worry, sweetheart, I will make another one. A lot of them. Whatever you want and whenever you want. But now don’t distract me, be a good girl,” his palm smacked your ass.

“Ouch! Although you love bad girls, don’t you?” You turned around in order to see his face and give him a sly smirk.

“As long as they love me, lass,” he chuckled and rammed inside your pussy with more force.

“Jesus Christ! Is there anything you can’t do?” you moaned, leaning upon the easel.

“Oh, I can do many things, my love. I’ll show you if you let me.”

“Anytime.” You couldn’t believe that you agreed to sleep with this man once more. Or maybe not once.

Jacob was fucking you so ruthlessly that you accidently broke the easel.

“I’ll pay,” you tried to say, but he cut you off.

“Yes, with your gorgeous body, my dear. Shit, I’m close. Come here!” Frye embraced you and threw you onto the bed again. Because of you it became dirty with paint, however neither of you were caring. Jacob put you legs on his shoulders and burst into you one more time. His pace was so chaotic, fast, almost animalistic it seemed, that you couldn’t stay quiet.

“Yes, more, ooh, God, deeper, Jacob, please! I’m going to die, mmmh…” your head was tossing over the pillow.

“I won’t let you, not yet, anyway. Not until I cum!” Frye growled, squishing both of your breasts.

“You’d better hurry! I’m losing my mind, aaah!”

Jacob hugged you so that now you were sitting face to face, but then he pushed you on the mattress, covering with his body.

“Okay then,” he smiled, “I’m going to make you come undone, love.” Frye bit a weak spot on your neck and rammed his dick deep inside your pussy.

“Beg for it.”

“Oh yes, please, Jacob, please, let me come. I want it so badly! Your hard cock is great, it drives me crazy, I can’t think straight.”

“You don’t have to,” he giggled, satisfied by your reply. “I can’t decide whether I should cum in your mouth or on your sweet tummy. I want you to taste me…”

“Oh, God…”

“But at the same time I want to see you covered in my sperm!” Jacob roared near your ear.

“Do whatever you like, but quickly! I’m cumming, Jacob, aaaah, cumming!” Your whole body wrapped around him as you came so hard, that everything in front of your eyes went black. At the distance you heard Frye growling “Fuck, me too, lass!” and then something warm and sticky spattered your belly. You blinked, adjusting to the light as Jacob fell onto the mattress, breathing heavily.

“It was…”

“Wonderful? Great? Overwhelming?” he teased, smiling.

“Yes, all of that.” You chuckled. The white thick substance on your stomach caught your attention. Out of curiosity you sank a finger in it and scooped up a little of his seed, bringing the finger to your lips before licking the sperm off.

“What are you doing?” Jacob asked, confused.

“Tasting you, as you wanted. Not bad I might say. Spicy and sweet at the same time. Like you,” you smiled at him.

“Am I now?” Frye grabbed you and gave you a deep kiss, circling his tongue around yours to have a little taste of himself. “Yes, I am, apparently.” He leaned on his back, grinning.

“I need a shower now.”

“I can keep you company,” Jacob said, looking at you. “Or do you regret what happened?” He sounded worried.

“No, I don’t,” you kissed him gently, “I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to shower properly without thinking how much I want you to take me again,” you answered shyly. “But you can’t do it right now.”

“You’re wrong, love. Three months, remember? I can ride you all night long.”

“Really?” You archly raised an eyebrow, “Well, I’ll take you up on that, handsome,” you both laughed, while walking to the bathroom.

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