Bathing with Bayek

One evening, Bayek finally returned home from his long trip. As he opened the door, I was surprised to see his beard being thicker and his hair being longer, but it still looked good on him. When he smiled at me, I almost melted. He then offered me a hug and I jumped into his arms.

“Welcome home, Bayek! I’ve missed you so much!”

“I’m glad to be back, my love!”

I felt Bayek’s strong, warm body and his beard scratching against my face. While I leaned in to give him a kiss, I inhaled his musky odor. Lowering my gaze, I noticed my hands were wet from Bayek’s sweat. He probably didn’t have enough time to take a bath. His smell was very manly, but I knew he couldn’t stay sweaty forever.

“Would you like to visit the bathhouse with me, Bayek?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I need now. Lead on!”

I grabbed Bayek by his hand and walked through the door. The streets were quiet during the night, for only a few people were still awake. I took in the cool evening air and as I did, I looked back at Bayek. He was shivering a bit.

“Is that cool evening breeze too cold for you, my beloved medjay?”

“Nah. Don’t be silly. But we should hurry, before the bathhouse closes!”

We rushed through the streets, until we arrived at a big building. It was a local bathhouse. The oil lamps were still burning, and the air was filled with the scent of flowers and perfumed oils. We walked inside and headed right into the changing room.

“Now, I have to get you out of your robes.”

I’ve carefully unclasped and removed Bayek’s bracers and hidden blade. Then, I slowly unbuckled each belt, which held the upper part of Bayek’s robes. Some of them were almost digging into his tanned skin. Then, I pulled the white scarf and hood over Bayek’s head, his collar bracer made of bronze soon followed. I also removed the white and golden pieces of fabric, which were usually tucked under the bronze collar. Now, Bayek was standing in front of me, shirtless. The sweat covering his muscular hairy chest was such a sexy view.

“You are gawking, my dear.”

“Sorry Bayek. I can’t help it. You are just too hot.”, I said and gave Bayek another kiss.

“I love the feeling of your beard scratching my chin.”

I began to strip Bayek’s lower half. I unbuckled the remaining belts on his waist and untied the red and white fabric. After Bayek took off his sandals, I grabbed the hem of his pants and noticed a big bulge. When I accidentally touched it, Bayek moaned. I then saw his bulge growing bigger before I pulled his pants down, the last piece of clothing in the way was his loincloth. It was white, but dirty, and I could almost see Bayek’s cock. I gently pulled down the loincloth, the first thing to emerge was a bush of dark pubic hair, then a shaft of Bayek’s cock, and finally the whole dick. It was big and also very thick; the head was being covered by his foreskin. Lastly, his big, hairy balls were liberated from the cloth prison too.

“I know what you want, my love. Be patient. We will have more time for that later.”, said Bayek with a sexy smile.

“Now, let’s take your clothes off as well.”, he added.

Bayek slowly roamed his hands over my body as he undressed me, my skin feeling hot under his touch. As he pulled down my underwear, he looked at my half hard penis. A devilish smirk then appeared on his face. He grabbed me and gave me a bear hug. I felt the coarse hairs on his body brush against my skin and our cocks rubbing against each other.

“Don’t worry, my dear. We will have some fun soon, but first, bring us some towels, so we can walk past the guards.”

I obeyed and found two clean towels. We tied them around our waists and walked through the corridor. The guards didn’t care about two guys going alone into an empty bathhouse, merely an hour before closing. As we entered the room with a huge bath, we made sure we are alone. Then, I dripped my toe into the water. It wasn’t cold nor hot. The temperature was perfect.

“What are we waiting for?”, said Bayek, while he untied his towel.

His big cock was exposed again, and my mouth was watering. I also untied my towel and walked into the bath. Nearby, there were a few, neatly folded washcloths.

“Can I help you, Bayek?”

“I think I could wash myself, but if you want…”

Bayek sat down on the steps that were on the side of the bath, his waist was underwater. I grabbed a washcloth, dunked it in the water and started washing Bayek. He gave me a double biceps pose, and I grabbed his muscular arms. They were so thick and hard. Bayek’s biceps were almost as big as my head. I washed his arms while I massaged his muscles. Then, I rubbed Bayek’s hairy armpits. I wanted to bury my face in them. I washed Bayek’s big pecs and ran my hands through the forest of his dark hairs. Bayek smiled and bounced his pecs a bit. It made me really hard. I couldn’t resist anymore. I groped one of his pecs and started licking his hard nipple. Bayek moaned, the tip of his rock-hard cock was emerging from the water.

“Can you help me with that, my love?”, he asked.

Bayek lifted himself up and sat a step higher. His erect cock and big balls were now above the water surface.

“I think you already know the answer, my handsome bear.”

My tongue has reached Bayek’s abs and his nice, thick happy trail. I lowered myself, until my chin rested against Bayek’s wet pubes. I then grabbed his giant dick and gave him a few jerks before I saw his precum escaping the slit. Bayek moaned in pleasure as I played with his foreskin with my fingers. I couldn’t wait any longer. I put the whole thing in my mouth, Bayek’s hairy balls slapping my chin, and my nose buried in his pubes. I could hardly breath from the size and thickness of his giant dick. I tried my best not to choke on it. Bayek then ran his hand through my hair.

“That feels so good! But I think you will have to take breaks. I don’t want you to suffocate.”

I could feel his cock down my throat and when the breathing was getting increasingly difficult, Bayek allowed me to take a break. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and took a few deep breaths.

“Be careful, my dear. You should focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths in a regular rhythm and you should be fine. And if not, you can just jerk me off. I won’t be mad.”

Bayek’s words of encouragement made me more determined. I grabbed his cock again, played with it for a little while, before I continued sucking him off. I listened to Bayek’s moaning and heavy breathing as I adjusted to my own pace. It was a bit easier to breathe, but the size of his giant cock didn’t help. Suddenly, his cock started to twitch. I grabbed Bayek’s hairy balls and started playing with them. I thought I would have been ready for the giant load that’s inside. Bayek growled like a beast and I felt the huge load of cum filling my mouth. I started to choke, so I had to put Bayek’s cock out of my mouth. I then began to cough up his cum. Bayek’s orgasm was strong. Even a few seconds after I stopped sucking, his cum was still shooting out of the head. It was so hot. The thick white fluid was shooting in the air and dropping on Bayek’s big hairy pecs and belly which twitched together with his leg muscles. When the last drops escaped his slit, Bayek groped his pecs and rubbed the cum into his thick chest hair.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t take your seed, Bayek. I feel so embarrassed.”

Bayek gave me a hug.

“Don’t worry about it, my love. You tried your best! With some training, you’ll swallow my cock without any problem! Now, you can take care of that load.”

“With pleasure, my big medjay!”

I licked the thick cum from his hairy pecs. The seed was pleasantly salty, and I loved the manly taste of his testosterone juice. I licked him all clean before I washed my saliva away from his body.

“The bathhouse will be closing soon. We should leave, Bayek.”

“We can’t! I see you have a bit of problem down here which I need to take care of first!”, Bayek said while pointing at my erection.

“You’re right. Let’s hide somewhere and when the guards are gone, you can take care of me. I feel like I need to get washed too.”

Bayek nodded and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

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