Before Dawn Breaks

There was nothing like waking up beside the man you loved for the first time.

Awareness slowly crept up to me as I woke up. It was still dark outside, only the gradual lightening of the deep black sky to midnight blues in the eastern horizon signalling the coming of dawn. I felt so warm and I realised it was because of an arm draped around my waist, one leg in between mine, and the solid body pressed tightly against my back. I knew his face was pressed against the back of my head if the soft breaths tingling my scalp were any indication.

I smiled sleepily and pressed tighter against the body behind me. “Jacob,” I whispered. Last night was incredible. I ached all over, my legs and thighs particularly feeling fatigued, and my throat felt a little raw. I felt heat in my cheeks when I remembered exactly what caused it.

I was whimpering, chanting the words “Oh, God” and “Please” repeatedly. I was slowly losing my mind while I felt Jacob inside me. He kept a steady pace as if he was savouring every push, every pull. At one point he nearly pulled all the way out; only the head of his cock still remained inside me. I let out another whimper and raise my hips, silently beckoning him to go all the way back in.

“What do you want?” he asked. I whined; it was unfair how he still kept control of his words when I was losing the capability to form them.

He leaned closer until our foreheads touched. The soft yellow lighting of the room couldn’t hide every imperfection of his face and I loved it. He was truly a handsome man, but the little flaws - the scars in his right brow and left cheek, the rough bumps of his skin - made him stunning. His gaze was so heated and focused, pupils blown and nearly engulfing the beautiful hazel of his irises. I felt utterly vulnerable underneath his stare and I whimpered, turning my head away and closing my eyes. I couldn’t take it, this deep connection. I was unravelling and slowly breaking into pieces right before his eyes; I couldn’t bear it.

“Don’t,” he growled. He held my face and turned it towards him again. “Open your eyes.”

I bit my bottom lip as a moan escaped my throat. He was using that voice, the tone that he used to order his Rooks, but it was deeper, more guttural. I felt a fresh wave of intense arousal flooding me and I whined once more, pushing my hips against him again, desperately wanting his full solid length inside me.

I felt his hands around my face. His mouth grazed on mine, the tip of his tongue tracing my lips, lightly hovering. I breathed out a desperate moan and arched my neck, wanting to deepen the kiss, but he merely pursed his lips, leaving gentle unhurried pecks on mine. His thumbs lightly caressed my still closed eyelids. “Open them,” he coaxed, a little gentler this time, “for me.”

I did and I was nearly undone when I saw how he was looking at me. There was possessiveness in there, burning me with its intensity, but there was helplessness in them is as well. Realisation hit me then: I wasn't the only one falling apart. The sudden rush of affection I felt for him made me smile. I surged upwards and kissed him. “Jacob,” I breathed against his mouth.

He kissed my eyelids and traced his fingertips around my face. He leaned closer, his mouth against my ear. “What do you want?” he asked again, words dropping into a honeyed whisper.

I moaned loudly as I felt something in me break. I started babbling. “I want you inside me. Please. I feel so empty. Inside me. Now. Please.” I would’ve been horrified at how raw and needy I sounded, but I found myself completely uncaring at this point.

I let out a loud cry when Jacob pushed inside me once more. He was so warm, his flesh throbbing along with his heartbeat and I felt my walls contract around him in response. A surprised groan escaped from his throat, his eyes widening and his right hand darting out to grasp the headboard tightly. I didn’t wait for him to move; I placed my feet flat on the bed and moved and rolled my hips with fervour.

“Fuck,” he gritted out. A loud moan escaped my lips, unbidden. Hearing him curse in that sinfully erotic voice made me tremble, goose shivers crawling up my skin, and sending another wave of arousal through me, more intense this time. “Keep doing that and this will end soon for both of us,” he growled.

He pushed himself up and touched my knees. “Pull them close to your chest,” he commanded. As soon as I did he placed my legs on top of his shoulders. I choked back a scream at the new angle. He was so deep I couldn’t tell where he ended and I began. When he started moving I stifled another shriek and he tutted in disapproval.

“I’m the only one who can hear you. Scream all you want, love.” He then altered his angle a bit and started hitting a spot inside me that made me saw stars.

“Oh, God, yes!”

He leaned closer, pushing my knees against my shoulders, and loomed over me, supporting his weight with his forearms on either side of my head. “You like that?” he rumbled, turning his face to kiss my right leg. His voice was becoming rough at the edges and each exhale he breathed out was turning into small husky moans. He was still looking at me intensely, but now his gaze was getting more unfocused. His forehead was starting to sheen with his sweat, and the slight blush on top his cheeks and chest was turning a deeper crimson.

I grabbed both of his arms, clinging to them tightly. “Yes, oh, Jacob, right there!” I could vaguely hear my loud moans through the rapid beating in my ears. My inner walls contracted and pulsed around him as he kept a solid and controlled pace, his cock hitting that glorious spot inside me, his pubis coming into contact against my clitoris with every thrust. The delicious ache that was humming in my core was roaring now; it felt as if every nerve of my body was on fire, screaming, pleading for release. In desperation, I grabbed his buttocks, wanting him to go deeper if it were even possible. His hips stuttered and the groan that got torn out of his throat was so carnal it felt like I was making love with the perfect sex demon, an incubus whose every fibre of his being was designed to bring me the greatest pleasure.

There was no finesse, no control in his movements now, only raw primal need. Blind and mindless with lust I grabbed fistfuls of my own hair, screaming my pleasure. The rhythmic sound of our connecting flesh mingled with his deep guttural groans and my own high-pitched ones, forming the most beautifully obscene melody. He was hard and ruthless inside me, pounding me into the bed, its headboard repeatedly thumping against the wall. I was going to feel him for several days, I knew. I would be sore and tender and I would love every single moment of it.

I was so close, but I didn’t want to come until I saw him climax first. As if he were reading my mind Jacob uttered in between harsh breaths, “Ladies… first…” He sounded completely wrecked; with a tiny jolt I realised he was holding onto the fraying remnants of his control to curb his release.

That was all I needed. I wailed at the powerful orgasm that tore through me like the fiercest hurricane. Too much, too much, too much! I grabbed his biceps, digging my fingernails into his skin as my body shook wildly.

He shuddered then, arching his neck and yelling as he came inside me. I could feel the rush of warmth of his release and I cried out when another climax surged through my body, more powerful than the previous one, my inner walls taking and embracing his seed like it was ambrosia from the heavens.

Time seemed to stand still as we slowly came down from our orgasmic high. Jacob, still shuddering, gently lowered my trembling and aching legs back on the bed. He then collapsed on top of me, panting through his teeth, and buried his face against my neck, the deliciously rough feel of his beard tickling my skin. He pulled out his softening cock with a light pop and immediately I felt bereft, a part of me yearning his solid length inside me always.

I wrapped my arms around him; his body was too warm and glistening with sweat. I pressed my face on his shoulder and took deep breaths. His scent, musky and sharp, overwhelmed me. It would have revolted me if it came from other men, but with Jacob he smelled wonderful… perfect. My fingers trailed along his back and felt the slick hard muscles, letting my fingernails trace gentle circles on his skin.

As reality slowly snuck in and reminded me of how my legs wouldn’t probably be very useful for the next days, I smiled dreamily and turned my head, kissing Jacob’s temple. “Wow,” I murmured.

He snorted. I laughed a little when the rush of air from his mouth tickled my skin. “That’s it? That’s all you got to say?” he asked, his words muffled against my neck.

I playfully pulled some strands of his hair. “Oh, I do beg your pardon, Mister Frye, but you pretty much… pounded my words away.” He let out a bark of laughter and bit my neck in response. I laughed and marvelled at how reedy my voice sounded. “See, you even wrecked my voice.”

He raised his head to look deep into my eyes. Despite the exhaustion in his face there was that trademark smirk already pulling one corner of his delightful mouth. “And you love me wrecking every single part of you, don’t lie.”

I jerked, the memories of last night flying away when I felt the body behind me beginning to stir. Jacob moaned lightly in his slowly awakening state and I was suddenly very aware of his hardening cock pressed against my buttocks.

“Hmmm.” The arm around my waist twitched and his hand lazily grabbed one of my breasts. “Have I told you how much I love the feeling of a tit in my hand in the morning?” he murmured, voice still thick and raspy with sleep.

“Unbelievable. And how many tits have you groped so early in the morning?” I teasingly shot back, biting my lip at the arousal that was slowly flooding my veins.

“Not as many as I would like,” he replied with a sigh. Without warning, his hand darted downwards to cup my mound, “But this one? I’ve only ever…” he trailed off when his fingers dipped lightly on my fleshy lips, already drenched because of my little… rumination a while ago.

He chuckled, the sound slightly menacing and so full of promise. I yelped, surprised, when he took my earlobe in between his teeth. “…Oh, you naughty girl. This wet already? What were you thinking about, hmmm?”

I moaned as he started to rub teasing circles around my clitoris with his middle finger. God damn it all, I am so ready for him it’s not even dawn. “What do you think?” I retorted, a little offended that he had to ask.

He nibbled my earlobe lightly. “I have a few ideas,” he growled close to my ear.

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