Call Me Captain

Edward is due back today and you can’t be happier; it had been a year since you last saw him. You can’t wait to wrap your arms around his, hold him, kiss him, make love to him – everything is long overdue. You put on the red dress that he loved on you and make your way to the harbor, practically floating the whole way.

The hoots and whistles don’t bother or distract you at all; you only have one thing on your mind and that is getting to Edward as quickly as you can. You spot the Jackdaw easily and run the rest of the way only to find the ship empty except for a few crew members who are either sleeping or passed out from drinking.

“Well, hello there,” comes a familiar voice.

You turn to find Adéwalé smiling brightly at you and you immediately smile back. “Adé!” He wraps his arms around you and lifts you off the ground easily. “It’s great to see you, too,” you chuckle.

“It’s been too long, miss,” he says putting you down gently and getting a good look at you. “Edward must have loved seeing you in that dress. I would have thought you two would have been holed up in the house for at least a week. What are you doing down here?”

You squint and tilt your head, “Edward hasn’t come to see me yet. How long have you all been back?” you ask suspiciously now.

Adéwalé hesitates, not wanting to upset you, “I-I’m sure he just went to the tavern to drink with the crew and lost track of time. I’m sure he’ll come to see you soon…”

“I think I’ll go see him instead and box his ears for choosing to drink with his men instead of spend time with me,” you joke. Adé smiles but it’s forced. “What is it?” you ask.

“I don’t think Edward would like you goin’ down to the tavern…dressed like that.” He nods to you.

“Oh, I’ll be fine. Edward will be there so I doubt anyone will want to start any trouble. I’ll see you soon, Adé!” You wave and turn, making your way down the dirt road to the tavern. As you get closer you hear a cheer of ‘Kenway, Kenway!’ and you shake your head. “Of course…”

It’s crowded and noisy in the tavern but you push your way through the men to get to Edward who was the center of attention, of course. You see his blond hair first and smile and just as you’re about to call out to him, you notice the woman sitting in his lap and your smile disappears. He’s all smiles but you feel your world crumbling around you. You’re seeing red and all you want to do is attack that woman hanging all over him.

“Alright, lads, one more drink and then I have to go,” Edward says and the men groan sadly. “Alright, maybe three more drinks!” And now the men are cheering again.

“Why would you want to leave, Captain? You have everything you need right here!” one man says and the other men laugh and agree.

“Not everything,” he says. “I’m missing one thing…” The woman in his lap wraps her arms around his neck and you’ve had enough of it…

“What are you missing?!” a man asks.

“His wife!” You call out loudly, angrily with tears finally spilling over. You didn’t think you were loud enough to hear but all went quiet and Edward’s eyes widened slightly. He stands quickly, nearly pushing the woman on him onto the floor. “His wife,” you repeat sadly, turning away before the entire tavern saw you crying.

You push and shove your way through the crowd again to find the exit. It’s too hot in there all the sudden and you need to get out, you need to get away from him. Unfortunately, he isn’t going to let that happen.

“Wait, lass! Wait!” he shouts, grabbing your wrist which you snatch away as if his touched burned.

“Leave me alone.”

“I will not,” he huffs. “Would you just listen to me!”

“No. Go talk to that whore that was all over you in there. I’m sure she’ll listen.” You continue walking and Edward tries to keep up. You can’t even look at him right now.

“Are you really upset about that?” he asks and you stop to look at him as if he’s lost his mind. “I…”

“A year, Edward. A year I waited for you and this is how you thank me?! I should have been the first person you wanted to see yet I find you drinking with another woman on your lap…”

“Nothing happened! I had a few drinks and she got a little friendly…it was only a bit of fun.” He really doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

“And if I hadn’t walked in when I did? What then, Edward?” It’s a rhetorical question but he looks as though he is ready to answer. “Just go please. I can’t stand the sight of you right now.”

“You really think I would have cheated on you?” he asks, defeated.

“Well, you are a pirate…”

“Yet you fell in love with me.” He reaches up to touch your cheek and you move away.

“Maybe I was wrong to,” you say and you knew it was too late to take it back.

“What are you saying, lass?”

“I’m saying…I don’t want to see you right now, Edward Kenway. Go back to your crew, go back to your drink, do whatever you want. Just stay away from me.” You look at him once more before walking away and trying to ignore whatever he is yelling at you.

“Maybe I will take that woman up on her offer!” he shouts behind you.

“Go on then. She can have you!” you shout back, your voice cracking slightly as you begin to cry again. “Good riddance,” you whisper to yourself.

You toss and turn in bed that night constantly thinking of Edward with that woman – him doing all the things he’s done to you…to her. He should be next to you right now, holding you, kissing you, touching you…

All you could do is cry. No, you think, I can get even. It was childish and immature but two could play this game. You want to give him a taste of his own medicine. Show him how it feels to see another person all over the one you love.

You are finally able to fall asleep…with a devious smile on your face, of course; tomorrow night would be quite interesting.

You wake the next day and roll over expecting Edward to be there but then you remember everything that happened and you sit up, throwing the blanket off angrily. If he were here, you would be making breakfast for him right now, then you would take a bath together and spend the rest of the day in bed. Now that he isn’t here, well, you aren’t sure what to do with yourself during the day.

You eat a quiet breakfast, clean up a bit then sit down to read a book. That eventually puts you to sleep and by the time you wake up again, the sun is setting. You rub the sleep from your eyes and walk to your bedroom, putting on the red dress again and smiling to yourself.

The tavern is lively again and you make sure you fit right in – flirting, drinking, singing songs. You are going to enjoy yourself as much as Edward had last night. After a few drinks, a man pulls you out onto the floor to dance and you laugh as you both trip over each other’s feet. He spins and spins you until you hear an angry voice from somewhere in the small room.

“Get off my wife!” Edward growls. He pushes his way to the front of the crowd around you and glares at the man first then at you. “Now!” The man scurries away with his tail between his legs leaving you standing there having a glaring contest with your husband.

“Hello, Captain Kenway. Care to dance?” you ask teasingly.

“I don’t want to bloody dance! I want my wife to come home with me now or I’ll carry ya,” he says. A few people around you laugh but you knew he was completely serious.

“I’m not going anywhere with you, Kenway.” You turn away from him and walk back to your seat, grabbing your drink.

He’s at your side and still glaring at you as you take a drink. “We’re going. Now.” He makes a grab for your arm and you pull away.

“You can leave if you like. I’m staying right here…”

“I’ll be damned if you do!” He makes a grab for you again but you’re a little too fast for him and he stumbles a little.

“Ha! Try again, Captain.”

He is angry now. Furious. The way he speaks to you scares you even more because he is so calm. “Fine, lass. If that is how you want it, I’ll leave you be.” He smiles at you and nods before walking away.

“Finally!” you yell at him but he doesn’t acknowledge you.

After a few more drinks, everything around you seems too close and the tavern too loud. Your corset feels a little too tight and…air, you need air. You push past a few people not caring about the glares you receive here and there. When you make it out side, you take a deep breath and feel unshed tears stinging your eyes.

What were you thinking? This wasn’t the way you went about things. You had let your anger blind you and now what? Edward disappeared and here you stand…alone and upset. No, your brain tells you, you had every right to be upset and you need to confront him, the bastard. You straighten up and wipe the tears that have fallen without you even realizing. Yes. Confronting him is the best way to fix things…


You begin to walk without any idea of where you want to go but your heart knows where you need to be. Standing on the dock, staring up at the Jackdaw, you thought you might have found Edward here but the deck is empty and the ship creaks silently against the waves. Your feet carries you up on deck where you sit on a barrel and close your eyes, listening to the water. You thought and thought and thought…

Back to when you first met Edward. Things were never simple for you two but back then things seemed…different. You were afraid you were growing apart and the little fight you two had last night didn’t help. Why were you both so stubborn? Perhaps that’s why you fell in love with each other…but what if was also your downfall.

“What’s got you frowinin’ so?” Edward asks suddenly, startling you.

You open your eyes and stare at him, “I think you already know the answer to that, Kenway.”

“I really wish you would stop calling me that…”

“It’s your name, isn’t it?” You are being childish but it really doesn’t matter at the moment.

“Damn it, lass, how long are you goin’ to be like this?” he says in a huff, putting his hands on his hips.

“How dare you even ask me that? You do remember what you did, don’t you? Or do I have to remind you that you had some whore sitting in your lap while your wife waited for you at home!” You stand up and walk over to him. “You do that again and I may just get tired of waiting…”

His eyes widen then he squints. “What are you saying?”

“Figure it out,” you spit before turning to walk away from him. He grabs you and pulls you back over to him. “Let me go, Kenway!” You pull away from him but he has a strong grip on you. “I hate you!” you shout without thinking.

“Yeah, well, I love you and that’s never gonna change. You hear me? I love you!” His grip on you loosens but you don’t move away. “I’m an idiot, okay? But I swear to you nothing happened. Even if you hadn’t walked in when you did…”

Your back is to him and you are crying now, “I hate you,” you repeat quietly.

“Look at me and say that if you really mean it.”

You turn to him, “I…”

“You what? Say it.” He moves closer to you and you are surrounded by a scent, or rather a motley of scents, that were purely him. Leather, rum, gunpowder, the sea – the smells you had come to love and the ones you had missed for the year he was away.

“I…hate–” Before you can finish your sentence, he crushes his lips against yours and groans. You pull away, trying to act like you didn’t enjoy it, “Kenway!”

“Stop calling me that!” he growls before claiming your lips again and lifting you off the deck. There was no getting away now though you thrashed as he carried you into the Captain’s cabin. He sits you down on top of one of the tables, knocking things onto the floor in the process. Your dress is hiked up to your thighs now and he looks at your greedily, breathing heavily. You move to fix your dress but he stops you quickly, voice husky, “Don’t move…” Your hands are back at your sides quickly and all is silent.

You lean back a little and your hand brushes against a bottle of rum which you pick up and bring to your lips to drink. Edward is undressing, eyes never leaving you and you feel the fire inside of you burn even hotter. You are supposed to be mad at him but this…this is just unfair.

He stands in front of you shirtless now, the light shining on him making his tattoos stand out against his tan skin. He removes the ribbon from his hair and it falls to his neck. You can’t stop the breathy moan that leaves your mouth and he smirks at you. “See something you like?”

“Not at all, Kenway.” You’re able to take only one more swig from the bottle before he moves in front of you and snatches it away. “I was drinking that.”

He drops it onto the floor, “That’s too bad, Mrs. Kenway.” Then he’s between your legs and he’s kissing you like you are the only thing keeping him alive. You let your head fall back as he leaves light kisses on your chin and moves to your neck, leaving wet, open mouth kisses. He sucks a few times and you know you’ll have marks by tomorrow. He loves marking you, it is like he is making you his for the first time though everyone already knows who your heart belongs to.

“Edward,” you moan, wrapping one arm around his neck and using the other to keep you upright.

“That’s better,” he mumbles against your neck, biting and sucking again. You can feel your dress falling off your shoulders and the only thing that’s keeping you from being fully revealed to him is the corset. You giggle as he kisses lower and lifts one of your legs so you can wrap it around him. Your other leg joins the other and you lock your ankles around him. You can feel the heat from his hands even through your leather boots. “Still hate me, lass?”

“Yes,” you lie.

“Wrong answer.” His hands press against your back searching for the laces to your corset. He pulls and pulls but eventually gets too frustrated. The dagger shines in the light as he holds it in front of him then behind you.

“Careful,” you breathe.

“I’m an expert,” he says cutting the laces away one by one. Before you know it, the corset is loose and he’s pulling it away with a growl. He tosses it behind him and stabs the dagger into the table. “Where was I?” he asks rhetorically. The top half of your dress falls more and more until your breasts are bared to him. “There,” he says. His lips are like fire against your skin and it burns so good. He moves down to your breasts and begins teasing your nipples, one with his fingers and the other with his mouth. The sensation has you bucking against him which only urges him on.

You can feel the effect you have on him against your core and you smile to yourself. “Miss me, did you Kenway?” you ask as you reach down between your bodies to rub him through his breeches. He pushes himself against your hand and bites your nipple causing you to cry out.

“You don’t want to tease me, love,” he warns. “You’ll lose that game.”

You only smile and squeeze his hardness. His eyes roll back and he groans. “Will I?”

He looks down at your hand and moves his hips in tandem with your rubbing, “A-aye,” he says weakly. “Christ!” He pulls your hand away and looks into your eyes as one of his hands trails up your thigh. “You’ll lose…you want to know why?”

You nod and watch his hand disappear under your dress. “Why?”

“I never lose,” he says confidently as his fingers brush against your panties making you moan and push against his fingers. “See?” A firmer touch has your head rolling back and your hips bucking. He tears your panties away with a growl and gets on his knees. You gasp as he pulls you to the edge of the table and settles his head between your legs. A wink is all you get before he drags his tongue slowly up your slit. If he wasn’t holding your hips you probably would have bucked yourself off the table.

“Edward, please!” You put one hand in his hair, holding him in place.

“Please what?” he asks before flicking his tongue against your clit one, two, three times.

“Fuck!” you cry out, pulling his hair tightly. You don’t think you can take much more of this but Edward is always one for pushing the limits. He slides a finger into you as he sucks on your clit and the pleasure is overwhelming. When he slides another finger in, you see stars and your arm is no longer able to hold you up. You come as you fall flat on your back against the table, your hand pushing more things off onto the floor then moving to his head. “I…I…”

Edward stands, untying his breeches then letting them fall to his ankles. “You what?” he asks leaning over you and lifting your legs so you can wrap them around his waist again. “You love me, don’t you?”

You nod then gasp when you feel his cock nudging against your entrance.

“I can’t hear you, Mrs. Kenway,” he whispers in your ear.

“Yes, yes I love you!”

“I know you do…and I love you,” he tells you as he thrusts into you roughly. You both moan and you writhe against him, not wanting him to stop. “I don’t want anyone but you…”

“Oh God, Edward,” you moan, “I know…I know. Please don’t stop,” you beg and he doesn’t. He builds up a brutal but pleasurable rhythm, your breasts bouncing with every thrust.

He places a hand under your chin then traces your lips with your thumb. You open your mouth and take his finger into your mouth sucking eagerly. “Fuck,” he says through gritted teeth, pounding into you relentlessly. He pulls his finger away then his hand is around your throat squeezing slightly. “I’m sorry,” he groans. “Please…” he thrusts into you and pulls out almost entirely, “Forgive…” he repeats the same action, “Me.”

“I forgive you, Edward!” Just to show that you might still be a little mad at him, you rake your nails down his chest and he hisses. You smile at the angry, red marks you leave…some of them bleeding. He looks down at the marks too then back at you and slams into you hitting a spot that has you arching your back. He does this over and over again until you feel that same, unmistakable feeling. When his finger scrapes against your clit, you scream then whimper as you come. He can feel your walls squeezing him and he groans loudly.

“I missed you so much. I missed this.” He continues fucking you and you find the strength to sit up and meet him thrust for thrust.

“I love you, Edward…I love you so fucking much.” You pull him to you and kiss him. When you bite his lip, he moans and curses loudly.

“I love you more,” he says as his thrusts become sloppy and uneven. “You want it?” he asks.

“Yes…Captain. Come for me.” You continue to meet his thrusts until he falters, pushing you back down and forcing your legs further apart. He lets out a long groan and something that sounds like a sob at the end of it. You can feel him filling you and it feels like it’s never going to stop. His hips continue thrusting weakly and he whimpers as he finally finishes. His body twitches slightly as he nearly collapses on top of you.

He attempts to speak but his voice cracks at first and you giggle. “What’s so funny?” he says breathlessly.

“Nothing.” You wrap your arms around him and he lays his head on your chest still not wanting to pull out of you.

“You feel so good, lass. I want to stay like this forever.” He’s starting to breathe normally again and you wriggle under him making him hiss from oversensitivity. “Bed?” he asks and you nod. He finally pulls out of you and groans. “I would carry ya but I’m afraid I’ll drop you since you’ve taken all my strength.” He pulls his breeches up from around his ankles and helps you down from the table. His fingers lace with yours as he pulls you along to the bed.

“I didn’t mean what I said before,” you tell him as he pulls you into his arms and against his chest.

“Which part?”

“When I said I hated you. I could never hate you, Edward. I love you.” You reach up and touch his face and he leans into it.

“And I, you. You know that I would never…lay with another woman, don’t you? I may be a pirate but even we have a code, even we have some honor…even if it is a bit different from other ideas of honor.” He plays with your hair and you close your eyes.

“I know. I just don’t want to lose you.”

“I’ll never leave you completely,” he says. “I’ll always be right here even when I’m gone.” He touches your chest where your heart is. “And you’ll always be in mine.”

“I didn’t know there were romantic pirates,” you tease.

“I’m the only one there is so you’re lucky to have me.” You both laugh then kiss and you sigh happily.

Edward was your one true love and you were his. As he slept peacefully next to you, you watched him. Yes, he was a pirate and his first love would always be the sea but you were his true love…even the sea knew that – for it always brought him back to you.

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