Come What May

hated the blue ballroom dress I was wearing. I hated the ball and the crowd. Probably the only thing I loved most about in the room (aside from my family) was him: Jacob Frye, who was wearing a tuxedo and had his hair combed to the back looking roguishly handsome. We were in the centre of the ballroom where he twirled me around, gazing deeply into my eyes. All this while, he has never really looked at me the way he did. There was something different about him that night and I could not tell what it was. The way he held me in his arms as we danced. The heat he was emitting. Everyone in the room had their eyes on us. It felt as if Jacob and I were two graceful swans swimming in the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park. Women were whispering in each other’s ears with sparks of admiration in their eyes. While some looked on in envy.

“You are beautiful,” he grinned. That flirt! I bet he tells everybody that! After the dance, I slipped away from the ballroom to the bedchamber and onto the balcony to admire the radiant full moon. “Hello, Love.” Oh, that voice. There he was, still gorgeous in his tuxedo. Though it was cold, I could feel my cheeks turn hot. Though we were reasonably far from the ballroom, the rustling sound of the trees and the crickets chirping provided the music of nature. “Can I have this dance, my Lady?” he asked, offering his hand. Out of courtesy, I accepted his offer to dance. He wrapped his arm around my waist as we danced on the balcony. “Did I tell you that you are beautiful?” he asked. This time, when he said it, he was not smiling, his tone ringing with seriousness.

I stopped dancing but remained in his arms. With the intention to move away, I apologised to him but he grabbed me closer and pressed his lips against mine. Though I told him we couldn’t be together but I knew my heart wanted otherwise. It was almost impossible for us to be together, especially with the position I was in. My family would never accept him as much as I wanted him. I saw the happiness dropped from his face and it made me feel guilty. I wanted him to be happy as much as I wanted to be happy. I wanted him as much as he wanted me. Perhaps… I should take the opportunity to be with him.

“You know I want you, Jacob. I need you,” I whispered before kissing him, parting his lips with my tongue. Heated with passion, our hands strayed all over each other’s body. Then, slowly clothes started falling onto the ground until we were both bare. He swept me into his arms, carrying me to the bed, where he laid me gently on. He descended my body, planting kisses onto my skin until he was met with my slick entrance. “Jacob…” I gasped as his tongue flicked at my sensitive bud. The intensity of my body built as he licked deeper inside me. Then ‘it’ happened; I reached an orgasm. He smacked his lips after he was done tasting me, claiming I tasted sweet. With my hand, I stroked his almost tumescent shaft before gently filling my mouth with his length. Teasing him with my tongue and teeth. His moans were music to my ears. He was enjoying the pleasure I was giving him. He ran his fingers through my hair as my head bobbed, aiding movement. Using my teeth, I nibbled at the head of his manhood. I could feel him grabbing my shoulder when I did just that.

His moans got louder as I went on teasing him with my teeth and tongue. Finally, his manhood was free from the confinement of my mouth. The saltiness lingered in my mouth. “I cannot take it anymore!” he growled, seductive and low. He moved quick and pushed me off him. My back landed on the soft mattress where he towered over me, positioning himself in between my thighs. The smile I loved carved on his face as I wrapped my arms around his neck. There was love in his eyes but it hurt me. This man, on top of me, had been through a lot and I wanted to be the one standing next to him from there on. All those thoughts aside, I wanted him to enjoy the night. I wanted him to feel loved. Gently, his girth filled me. It felt uncomfortable at first and my face showed it. He leaned in to kiss me, parting my lips with his warm tongue. His pace, slow and gentle. The cool air filled the dimly lit bedchamber but we felt warm within each other’s arms. “You are mine...” he whispered, voice firm. His smile was warm and inviting. After a while, he brought me into his arms, my eyes looking down into his. He held my hips as he guided my movement. His mouth moved down to my nipples, gently sucking it. Unable to contain myself words replaced by loud pleasure-infused moans; I was getting lost in the euphoria of it all. I was almost at my peak. I could feel his length reaching the most sensitive part of my insides. Noticing my trembling body, he laid me down on my back again. With him still inside me, he started stimulating my swollen bud. “Come for me again, my Love.”

I made a mess on the sheet but I did not care. As long as it was with the man I love. He took things slowly and I enjoyed every single moment of it. He rested his forehead against mine, whispering sweet nothings as he worshipped my body. “My Lady?” someone said from the door. That cheeky Jacob purposely picked up his pace, knowing I would be unable to string out proper words in between moans.

“Y-yes…?” I struggled. Jacob grappled my breasts with his hands as he worked his way in and out of my entrance. I tried hard not to moan out loud, knowing someone was outside the door.

“You are needed by his Lordship.”

“G-give m-me… a m-moment…” I said, controlling myself from moaning. Jacob knew we had to finish what I started. He warned me he was going to get rough, although he wanted us to enjoy each other by taking it slowly. Unfortunately, time was not on our side as I was summoned by his Lordship, the Duke. I grabbed his shoulders as he plunged deeply inside me. He groaned slightly louder than he did before.

“I-I am…” He stopped speaking but his actions said it all. He rammed himself deep. He ejaculated. My tight walls surrounded his pulsating manhood. I could feel his warmth inside me. “T-there...” he stammered. After a while, he pulled his flaccid manhood out of my wetness and fell next to me, panting. We both were. It could be our last time together, intimately. I snuggled next to him, not wanting the moment to end. I wanted to be by his side, come what may. He pressed his lips to my forehead, bringing me close. “I don’t want this moment to end…” he whispered. Tears filled my eyes as I clung close to him.

Whether I liked it or not, once I caught my breath I got off the bed. My legs felt weak and my heart heavy but I needed to get dressed. As soon as I got ready, I could see Jacob sitting on the bed, upset. Settling in the dreaded dress, I went to the bed and kissed his lips. “I need to attend to his Lordship,” I sighed but Jacob did not say anything except nod. A heart filled with reluctance, he got up to get dressed.

He was in the midst of fastening his cufflinks when I saw his hair fall down his face, his bow tie still undone. He grumbled about how time was moving too fast and he couldn’t do it as quick. I went towards him and helped him. His frown turned into a weak smile. “It will be nice if you were my wife,” he grinned. I stood on my toes and kissed him again. I could never stop kissing him. “I love you…”

“I love you, too. But... I have to go. I will see you in the Ballroom when I am done,” I told him as I left.

In a private room, I stood before the Duke. Figuratively, my jaw dropped and my heart could have stopped beating. Were my ears deceiving me? His Lordship stood before me, a smile carved on his face. My actions were not proper when I ran towards him and tightly flung my arms around him for a hug. “Thank you, Father,” I whispered, kissing the Duke’s cheek.

“Anything to make my princess happy.”

Forgetting about being prim and proper, I ran as fast as my feet could carry me. I needed to tell Jacob the news. I went back to the ballroom and could not find Jacob. I ran back to the bedchamber only to find him on the balcony. He wiped his tears and stood up when he saw me.

“I’ve been thinking... Maybe we should elope...” were the words he uttered, walking towards me.

Not responding to him, I smiled.

I woke up the next morning, his hazel eyes looking down on me. His smile, wider than when I did his bow tie. His hair was a mess, so was mine. Our clothes were scattered on the floor. His warm skin against mine, his arms around me. I felt safe and contented. My heart felt light and I chose my suitor, and there he was with me under the sheets. I was moved that he was willing to bring me away just so he could marry me. But after telling Jacob the good news, he changed his mind about an elopement. He wanted to ask for my parents’ blessings.

“Good morning, Princess...” he whispered with a jovial grin on his face.

“Good morning, my Prince,” I whispered, nuzzling his nose with mine.

“I’ve been watching you sleep and you’re beautiful,” he whispered. I blushed and he swore he meant what he said.

That morning, we decided to just stay in bed, without Jacob scurrying off, for fear of getting caught. Without having to worry or to climb in or to get a formal invitation, the man holding me in his arms can come and stay, as and when he wants. Through thick and thin, and in sickness and in health, we will be together.

Come what may.

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