Consequences (Preview)

It was late in the evening. A warm autumn wind blew my hair a little bit, while I was going through some papers that Mr. Green with Ms. Frye gave to me. The documents were about the missing Piece of Eden. So far, no luck. Too many loose ends, little information about the location. I signed and started to take my shoes off, while I looked through the window.

I threw my shoes across the room and my jacket with it, too. I let my hair down from the bun it was put previously and massaged my shoulders. It felt good to relax after a very stressful day. I stood up and went to close my window. I pulled the curtains over them and pulled my pants down. Now, I stood in the middle of my room in nothing but my undergarments and a long, white t-shirt, that could surely fit any man, but not me.

I sat behind my desk and started reading and making notes when I heard someone knocking on my door. I furrowed my eyebrows and quickly went to my door. When the door flew open, I was faced with a very, very angry Jacob Frye.

He strode past me into my flat and put his hat on the kitchen table.

‘Sure, come on in,’ I mumbled while closing the door.

He turned to me and pointed in my direction with his index finger.

‘You!’ he snarled.

‘What?’ I cocked my head to the side.

‘Don’t play innocent here, love. You seriously thought that I won’t find out about your little stunt that pulled there? How could you be so reckless? So fucking reckless! I thought I taught well, but damn was I wrong.’

‘I don’t see anything wrong about what I did. If anything, you should be thanking me for all the information I brought to you! Yes, it was a reckless, stupid idea, but I couldn’t let the opportunity to pass by!’ I shouted back at him.

‘Oh, please!’ He groaned. ‘Just because you got the documents doesn’t make you any good. You snooped around Crawford Starrick’s house! I don’t know how you did it, but you could have been killed!’

‘If you’re done with your morals, please, leave. We’ll talk tomorrow. I’m tired and I want to go to bed.’ I pointed at the door.

‘No, love. I’m not leaving until you learn your lesson.’ He smirked.

I stood confused in front of the most handsome man I’ve ever seen and watched him slowly taking his coat, jacked, blades, gun and putting them on the kitchen counter.

‘What are you going to do to me?’

‘You’ll see.’ He licked his lips.

I shuddered and instantly many ideas started to pop in my head. All sexual. Damn him and his sexiness.

He walked closer to me and before I knew it, I was pushed against the kitchen table. He laid me down and looked at me with a look that made my breath hitch. I felt myself becoming more and more wet within a second and that made me embarrassed. He didn’t even do anything, yet.

‘You know, bad girls are punished,’ he purred into my ear.

I breathed in his minty and spicy scent. I whimpered when I felt his lips on my neck. His lips were soft against my skin. He slowly opened his lips a bit and licked down my neck; shuddering, I gripped the table beneath me. He parted my legs with his hands and put his body in between my legs. His lips were now on the other side of my neck and I lowly moaned.

‘That’s right, baby, moan for me. Let me hear those beautiful sounds.’

I moaned louder when he grinded his erection into my groin. My hands flew to his clothed back and I gripped his shirt tightly. I bucked against him and he grinded against me. I could feel my wetness flowing down my thigh with every thrust. My moans were increasing.

‘Shit, Jacob,’ I gasped at a hard thrust.

He groaned against my neck. Suddenly I felt a pair of lips on my own. Jacob licked my bottom lip and gently bit it. I parted my lips and our tongues started to fight for dominance. The thrusts were getting harder and harder, my mind was spinning. I broke the kiss and gasped loudly. I started to feel that wonderful feeling inside of me. I arched my back into his chest.

‘I-I’m close…’ I said through my gasps and moans.

Jacob retrieved himself from me and I felt cold without his touch and body on mine. I looked at him with pure confusion and opened my mouth to ask him, when he interrupted me, like he read my mind.

‘Bad girls don’t get to come.’ He smirked evily.

I banged my head against the hard surface and closed my eyes. He knew what he was doing to me. He wanted to see me vulnerable, begging for him. My throbbing centre was craving for his touch, for a release.

‘Please, Jacob. I’ll be a good girl, please, just let me come!’

‘Mmmm, baby girl, I don’t think so, yet.’

He unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the ground. I pushed myself on my elbows and watched his little strip show. He was teasing me. He undid his pants oh so slowly. I licked my lips when I saw he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock sprung freely and stood proudly pointing at me. My mouth watered. I felt my clit throbbing and I had to clench my thighs. Jacob saw the movement and bit his lip.

‘Let’s see if you can put your smart little mouth to the better use. What do you say?’ I eagerly nodded my head and slipped from the table. ‘If you’ll do good, I’ll give you your reward, love. Deal?’

‘Deal,’ I whispered against his cock.

He moaned a little. I took his hard dick in my hand and started to stroke it. I slowly let my tongue slide on the side of it. From the bottom to the top. Jacob shuddered and took a shaky breath. I kissed the tip and started to kitten lick it.

‘Jesus, love.’

He put my hair in a ponytail. I slowly slid the tip into my mouth and looked at his face. And boy, was I greeted with the most amazing view. Jacob’s head was tilted a little to the side, his eyelids closed, cheeks tainted with a rosy shade, teeth clenched, just like his whole body from preventing face fucking me. The sight gave me some kind of motivation and I started to suck on his tip, never taking my eyes of him. He moaned louder this time, which encouraged me to go deeper. I pulled him out of my mouth and started to stroke. He threw his head back and moaned so loud I thought I would come right then and there. I quickly put him in my mouth and went as deep as I could, before his head hit my throat. I moaned around his cock and he sharply thrusted in my mouth. I took a deep breath through my nose and continued sucking. The rest of his cock was in my hand, I was stroking it in time with sucking, lapping. I hollowed my cheeks, grabbed his balls with my other hand and played with them. Soon enough, I relaxed my throat and Jacob started fucking my mouth. I looked up to be met with him looking at me.

‘Fuck! You look so good on your knees, taking my cock like a good girl you should be. Fuck, I’m gonna come soon, love!’

I gripped his dick harder and squeezed his balls. He moaned my name over and over again. I felt his dick twitch and prepared myself. He shot his load in my mouth and I started to lick it off. His entire body was shaking and I felt proud to know that it’s because of me. I licked my hand, his cock never breaking eye contact with me.

‘So, did I do a good job, sir?’ I asked in my most innocent voice.

‘Yes. Now you’ll get your reward.’

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