Nothing has gone right.

"What's wrong, love?" he calls out, seated on an armchair. "Nothing," you sigh. He gives you a look, like he knows you better than that.

"Alright. It's just I hate being underestimated. Simply because I'm a woman."

He stands up, crosses over to you, and takes your hands in his. "Who underestimated you?"

You smirk and flex your wrist. Your hidden blade shoots out, smeared in dried blood. "Doesn't matter. This would haven't happened, however, if the damn fool had just listened to me when I said I was serious."

He gives you a supportive smile, and you turn around to look for a cloth to clean your blade. "I just feel like I have to prove to people that even though I'm a woman, I mean business. They act as if I can't think or fend for myself. I don't have control over anything. Not even my own life," you angrily mutter as you wipe your blade. The blood comes off quickly, staining the cloth. Concerned about Jacob's silence about the whole thing, you spin around.

You give a gasp.

Jacob has removed his coat, and stands nose to nose with you, haughtily placing his hands on his waist, and a very suggestive smile on his face. "I think you need some cheering up," he says. You smile, and a devious gleam appears in your eye. "Wait right there and don't move," you demand. The lid of a trunk flips open as you kick it, and then you grab a bundle of rope from it. You turn back to Jacob, and push him against the wall of the train car. With swift motions, you get to work.

You love the sight of Jacob like this. His ankles tied to the wall, his wrists bound next to his waist by ropes. Completely helpless, unable to do anything. It excites you.

You walk towards him slowly and his eyes stare at you eagerly, waiting for you next move. You place a hand on his shoulder and flick open your hidden blade. The blade catches on the fabric of his shirt, and you tear the entire thing off. Your eyes roam his naked torso and lowers to the sight of the crotch of his pants tightening. You sheathe your blade and step forward, pressing a hand onto his chest, while pressing a kiss to his lips. Your lips travel lower, pressing kisses down his jawline, and down his neck. He leans back against the wall, giving you more access to his neck and you gently nibble the skin there. He groans, his muscles relaxing underneath you. Your kisses travel all the way down his hard abdomen, right to his belt. You undo it bit by bit, and slide his pants and boxers off of him.

His erect cock causes arousal to pool in your belly. Your eyes sear a trail onto his body as you straighten and draw his lips into your mouth again. You press your fully clothed self against him and can feel his cock pressing into your aching pussy through your trousers. He groans and strains to break free.

"Please," he begs. "Soon. Be a good boy and maybe I'll be remorseful," you tease. You wrap a gentle hand around his cock and give it a tug. His hips jerk. He groans your name, his head leaning back on the wall as his eyes close. You kneel and lick the sensitive tip, loving the way he reacts in your hand. Jacob cries out, pulling on the ropes until they're stretched taut.

"Bad boy," you murmur. You place your lips on his shaft, and kiss your way down to the base, and then up his pelvis. He can't help himself and moans, "Your lips feel so good." Your lips continue kissing back up his abdomen, while your hand remains still on his dick. You kiss up his chest, his neck, along his jawline, and you get to his ear. "Open your eyes and look at me," you whisper in his ear, your voice husky. His eyes snap open, and you back up so he can get a full view of you.

You remove your simple gauntlet, and after it drops to the floor, you undress slowly until you're left in only a bra and panties. Jacob's eyes darken with lust as he drinks the sight of you in.

You walk up to him and turn around, grinding your ass into his front. His hard cock rubs against your ass through your panties and both of you moan.

You turn to pick up your gauntlet and take the blade to slice the ropes restraining his wrists. You spring back as he lunges forward, but his ankles are still restrained and he ends up on his knees. You sit on the floor just out of his reach and spread your legs apart. You slowly pull your panties off your legs, making him wait for it, but his eyes stay fixated on you the entire time.

He growls as he sees your glistening, wet pussy, and you ache for him to enter you. To ease the throbbing, you insert three fingers and Jacob keeps his focus on you. You throw your head back and moan as you continue playing with yourself, rubbing your clit.

"How long are you going to make me wait?" he asks.

Since his hands are free, he starts to wrap his hand around his cock. "No, Jacob, bad boy," you tease. "Don't touch your cock. That's my job." You smirk and scoot forward just far enough for him to reach you with his hands, and you turn around, so instead of sitting, you're on your hands and knees with your wet pussy facing him. "Feel what you've done to me, love," you tell him. He plunges two fingers in and you automatically moan. Your juices run down your thighs as his hand pumps inside you, and you can feel the pressure between your legs building.

He then removes his hand, his fingers completely soaked and he sticks them in his mouth, tasting your wetness. "You taste wonderful, love. I'd love another taste," he says. You turn your head back and cast him a sly smile. "Fine."

You back up even more and this time, Jacob tilts his head forward, and draws you into his mouth. His tongue delves into you and he swirls it around. Your moans get louder and louder. You can feel the pressure rise higher and higher as you near the edge. His tongue swirls around your clit when suddenly, its movements stop.

You snap your head back angrily, only to see him reach forward and grab your bra strap with his teeth. He pulls on it until it snaps and falls off. The sharp sting of the bra strap snapping only excites you more. "Jacob, you're a naughty boy," you say. "Then punish me," he replies back. You smirk and pull away, before standing up. Jacob stands up as well, and you grab the blade off the floor. You press him against the wall, and then you align your body right up to his.

You kiss him firmly, and grip his hair with your left hand. His hard dick presses right up on your folds, and you almost come from the pressure. You can feel Jacob trembling beneath you, wanting to thrust himself into you so badly, but your firm kisses are telling him that you're not allowing it. Your right hand lightly runs your blade down his bare shoulders, down his arm, his stomach, and his thigh while your lips join with his.

You pull away from the kiss, stoop down, and slice the ropes on his ankles.

"Even though you've been a little naughty today, you still deserve your treat," you chuckle. Finally free, Jacob growls and grabs tightly onto your waist, spinning you around, onto the wall. He holds onto your hips as he thrusts forward, his cock entering you suddenly, slamming through the tension of your pussy, and you give a gasp. You lift your leg and he enters you in an angle that hits your sweet spot each time. He thrusts harder, faster, and deeper, grunting, riled on by the frustration of your teasing. Each thrust makes you moan loudly, until you can feel yourself nearing the edge.

You can feel the walls of your pussy tightening and the volume of your moans escalate.

"Jacob," you gasp. One last thrust shatters you into a million pieces and you come around his dick. As you come, you can feel Jacob's body shudder as he lets out a loud groan, coming with you. Both of your combined breaths are loud and heavy, and the sound fills the train car. You both collapse onto the floor, exhausted.

Your body rocks to the motion of the train car chugging along, and you look over at Jacob, who is giving you an ear to ear grin. "What?" you ask, can't helping but to smile along with him. "All your complaining earlier about nothing being under your control, well, I believe that's false now, isn't it?" He leans over, gently caresses your face, and then pecks you on the lips. "Because I am completely under your control, lass."

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