Encounter At Sundown

Walking the streets of Venice, I stopped a moment to admire the golden sunrise. Or, at least, I would have, were it not for the people and buildings in the way. Frowning, irritated, I considered a way around them. Being a woman in Venice, there was no way I could push my way through to a clear enough space with a view of the sky. I decided there was but one route I could take to gain the proper altitude before the sunset vanished.

I sighed, and turned around, heading into a back alley. It was empty, which was a relief. What I was about to do would be scandalous beyond all reason. Which is why I was doing it, anyways. Using my foot, I pushed an empty crate in front of a window ledge. Standing precariously on top of the crate, which creaked with age and rot, I held on to the top of the window frame. Stepping onto the ledge of the window, I reached, on my toes, for the edge of the red roof of the building.

I managed to get a grip, but it was precarious, and I could feel my hand beginning to slip slightly. With a slight grunt of effort, I got one foot up on the top of the frame. Extending my leg, I grabbed onto the edge of the roof with my other hand, gripping it tightly. Unfortunately, I had been standing on my dress, which made my feet fall out from beneath me. I was left hanging from the roof by my finger, the only thing below that would break my fall would most certainly break itself, and cause me great injury and embarrassment.

Naturally, I did the first thing that came to mind. I panicked. I could feel my hands getting slippery, and my heart raced. The tension was broken by a male voice, somewhere behind me and below me

Curses. I knew that voice, knew the man. While I had never spoken with him of important (to me, at least) matters, nor gotten to know him well, I could not help a strong attraction to him.

"Hello, Ezio. I was simply trying to catch a sunset, but I think I've caught myself in a poor place to talk." I couldn't see him, but I could hear his laugh, so strong, so low... so sensual. I choked out a little cough. "Erm, if you would..."

I heard him kick the crate out of the way, and I heard it break as it hit a wall. "Just let go, I'll catch you." His words were open, inviting, and made me want to let go of so much more than the roof. But, priorities first. I let go.

I fell into his arms, those strong arms, and felt graceful doing so. He held on to me, however, and I felt my face redden. He had caught me from behind, and his arms were wrapped around my waist, pinning my own arms to my sides. For the first time, I felt a bit afraid.

"Thank you, Signore Audi-" He cut me off, turning me around and placing a gloved finger on my lips. He was dressed in mostly white, with well-placed dashes of a flamboyant scarlet. He was wearing a hood, but it was down. His intense hazel eyes traversed my face, my hair, and glanced down at my breasts, snug against the material of my dress. Some of his hair had escaped from its queue, and fell around his face. Up close, he was better looking than I had originally known.

"You are welcome, Signora, as the pleasure... is entirely mine." I found myself drowning in his eyes. They had seen so much, yet longed for more. And I was willing to give more. He released me, but his hands traveled down my arms to hold mine.

"You have my thanks, and I believe I shall owe you a favour... of anything you please." I was begging, inside, for him to say that what he wanted was me, and to teach me delight.

I don't know if it showed in my eyes, but his never lost contact with mine. "I shall collect," he murmured, softly. Leaning in, he kissed me, full on the lips. Rippling arcs of pleasure shot through my body as he teased my lips with his tongue, and I submitted to his kiss, answering in kind. I tried to hold in a moan of pure ecstasy, but it escaped anyways.

It was inevitable that the kiss had to break, but I felt I couldn't breathe. If one kiss was like this, then what would happen if we became one? What unspeakable feeling would envelop me if I allowed myself to become his?

"You tempt me, Signora. I want you... but it would seem that you are more than willing to dodge all the customs of courtship." His breath tickled my ear as he embraced me, and I felt the immediate dissolution of my inhibitions.

"I would give, but what we both have in mind would give us both what we desire, Ezio." I was ready to tear off my clothes right then and there, to give and give and give again. However, a dirty alley in the streets of Venice was no place to do it. "We should meet... here there is risk, elsewhere better fortunes await us." As I finished those hushed words, the sun finished setting, and we were cast into darkness.

Silently, Ezio bent down and picked me up, holding me with one arm under my bent knees and the other pressing my breast to him. He trod silently, taking routes that I had never known existed. Where exactly we ended up and how was a mystery to me by the time we arrived, as night had fallen completely. He set me down, gently, and opened a door. Holding out his hand, he led me into the residence, and up a flight of stairs to a bedroom.

There was a fireplace burning on one side, and a curtained window cut from the wall adjacent. The rest of the room was dominated by an ornate four-postered double bed. Taking off his jacket, Ezio cast it to the floor. After another half a minute, he was shirtless, wearing only pants and solid muscle.

Without hesitation, he pressed me down into the bed, kneeling with one leg between my knees and the other to one side. He produced from somewhere a small dagger, more of a dart. My heart raced and blood pumped for a single second of fear as he brought it down, tearing apart my dress but leaving my skin intact.

I responded by helping him tear it, leaving my bare flesh exposed. It was cast aside, and somewhere in the fracas, Ezio had stripped bare. I pulled him down on top of me, and began stroking his manhood. Feeling it transform sent a surge of pleasure and pride throughout the whole of my body, and I began aching for him to enter me, to join the two of us as one.

He started to tease me, his warm fingers exploring the hot wet mess of my womanhood as I moaned and begged for him to take me. He stroked me, and it was as if I was above the clouds, soaring higher and higher on ecstasy, nothing more. We kissed, and I felt him grow larger and larger as I stroked him in kind, and I could practically feel the virile pressure within him. And it happened.

He entered me, and we were truly one. I clenched tight around him and he pulsed within me, pulling out and ramming hard into me, the both of us moaning in ecstasy. He pulled out, still hard, and began teasing me with his mouth, his teeth, his tongue. In between nibbles, Ezio murmured softly, his voice sending a tingling sensation down my spine.

"Signora... the roof... what was it you were climbing up for?" He ran a hand along my thigh, resting it in the small of my back.

I made a mewling sound, and Ezio looked up from under my hips with a wicked smile. He thrust himself into me hard, and I screamed his name. His lips met mine, and I started gyrating my hips in time with the passionate kiss.

The kiss, like all others, had to break. "It was... ahhhh.... the sunset... I.... ahhhh! I saw it a year ag--- ahhhhh! It reminded me of you... and I wanted you... AAHHHH!" My words were interrupted by the bliss, the pleasure, the numbing surge of feeling that accompanied Ezio's climax within me.

He withdrew, limp and no longer hard, but he knew that I hadn't climaxed yet. He stuck his fingers inside me, searching for that one little spot. He found it, and began teasing and stroking mercilessly, bringing me to a climax all over his hand. He pulled my face to his and kissed me, deeply, ardently, and with it made an unspoken promise that this would not be our only encounter at sundown.

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