Forgive Me, Father

I sighed as I entered the church and bit my lip. I had come here to pray that Jack the Ripper would get caught and Jacob Frye would have his peace. His Rooks had turned against him and joined with the Ripper, and that had broken his heart.

I know that he was thinking about my best as he sent me away from both him and Whitechapel, after the news about Mary Ann Nichols and Anne Chapman.

"Please be safe," I whispered, but immediately after I blushed as I began to think about the reason I had come here.

Lately I had been having fantasies about Jacob, his voice and how he would pleasure me, but these past months have been haunting him, making him more afraid and sad.

After I had gathered my courage I slowly walked towards the confessional.

The hair on the nape of my neck rose, as if I was being watched. Quickly, I turned around but I didn't see anyone. I don't like this, I thought and entered to the confessional.

"What is troubling your mind my child? Why have you come here?" I heard a faint voice from the other side of the confessional and I gulped. I pulled my skirts around me, trying to make myself smaller.

"I have sinned,” I whispered. “Forgive me, Father." I licked my dry lower lip, feeling uncomfortable. This was not a place I often found myself.

"Confess your sins to me, my child," the voice replied, his tone cold and somehow familiar. I shivered as I touched the necklace Jacob had given to me.

"I keep having these fantasies about my beloved," I said bravely and I looked at my engagement ring. The voice remained silent so I decided to continue.

"He's away for a moment and he's busy,” I explained. “These past nights which I have spent alone I have been thinking how he would hug me from behind, whisper dirty things using his voice and make love to me after he has returned."

I sighed deeply as my mind was trying to recognize the owner of the voice. He sounded so familiar.

"Why is this man away?" the mysterious man asked and I shivered, remembering my last moments with Jacob, before he sent me away.

"I have to catch him, love,” Jacob said, and I startled in the booth. “If I fail, then Evie will finish my work. I love you forever with all my heart."

I heard Jacob's last words in my mind. Oh, even thinking about him made me wet, and I squeezed my thighs together.

"He's catching for Jack the Ripper,” I said. “Oh God, if he finds out that I have left our home I would be in big trouble." I gasped and the voice fell completely silent.

I gulped and after few seconds I realized to whom I had confessed my fantasies.


Everything happened in few seconds. The door was opened and I froze in my place. There he was standing front of me, breathing roughly looking same time furious but also tired and slightly sad.

"I've told you that you shouldn't leave the house," Jacob growled and I looked away as I stood. Jacob pushed me back inside the booth as he entered.

"So you have been fantasizing about me?" Jacob growled lower and there was his trademark smirk on his lips. "No..." I whimpered quickly as I blushed fiercely.

"You told me otherwise," Jacob crowded in on my personal space and I yelped as I remembered where we were.

"Jacob we can't in here..." I protested, but Jacob began to move his fingers on captured breasts and I moaned softly.

"Oh, how I have missed your voice, lass," Jacob purred in my ear and I pulled him closer to me, kissing him passionately. I felt his tongue moving against my lower lip.

You sneaky bastard, I decided to annoy him by refusing his request.

"Oh, I think you're the sneaky one," Jacob growled and moved away. I whined faintly, missing his warmth against my chest.

"Jacob..." I whispered and he smirked widely as he was unbuckling his trousers.

"Naughty girls should be punished,” Jacob said. “I was afraid when one of my recruits told me you had left."

I cupped his cheek as I slid my hand into his open trousers, wrapping my fingers around his length.

"I'm not going anywhere, darling," I purred and knelt in front of him. I turned my eyes up to his and slowly kissed the tip of his cock.

"Oh God, kitten," Jacob moaned and I smirked proudly. I circled my tongue around his head while I cupped his balls. He always had tasted like Earl Grey tea to me. Quickly, I pulled his length into my mouth. Being incautious, I pulled him in too far, and gagged. He was so hard.

"Easy there, kitten," Jacob gasped and grabbed at my hair. I grabbed at his hips and pinned him against the wall with a loud thump.

"Oh God..." Jacob whimpered, and moaned as I moved my head faster, stroking my tongue around his massive hardness.

"S-stop..." Jacob mumbled and pulled me up to stand before him.

"I want to cum inside you," he hissed into my ear, causing me to blush red again.

"In here?" I pretended to be in shock and he pushed me back against the wall, my skirts quickly above my waist. With little fanfare, and with ease as I was so wet, Jacob slid his throbbing hard sex into mine.

"I'll punish you some other time," he purred in my ear, and I moaned. I was seeing stars. His pace was quick and rough as we both tried to get my skirts, which kept falling down, away.

"J-Jacob..." I whined and I grabbed from his hair as he groaned pushing into me harder. "G-G-God..."

I whimpered as I felt my orgasm rushing through me and I wrapped my arms around Jacob's neck; he grunted several growling times, sinking his seed deep into me.

"That was amazing," Jacob panted, nibbling my earlobe. I couldn't help but giggle.

"Promise you come back to me safely. For me and for our son," I asked quietly and I stroked Jacob's hair, feeling sad to let him go.

"I always come back for you," Jacob whispered and cupped my face as he leaned to kiss me softly.

After I left the cathedral I couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable. What was this feeling? I sighed and made my way towards my carriage as I shed few tears.

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