Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

For my first date with Jacob, I definitely want to make a good impression, and so I wear something that’s demure, but still sexy at the same time - something vintage-inspired like a slinky red calf-length pencil dress with shiny black heels and seamed stockings, with a shiny black chunky belt to cinch in my waist. Jacob is unable to take his eyes off me all night, from the moment he picks me up to the moment he walks me to my door.

“You look absolutely sensational tonight,” he purrs into my ear, as he wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me tightly against him. “I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you wear on our next date.”

Biting my lower lip, I gently brush along his jawline with the tips of my fingers. “Oh, I’m certain you will love it…there’s plenty more where this came from!”

Jacob gives a loud hum of pleasure as our lips touch, finding ourselves indulging in a lusciously passionate kiss, and I can feel myself getting all flustered as a delicious sensation stirs up deep inside of me. He certainly knows how to use that voice to drive me wild with desire!

But I also know that Mr. Frye is a gentleman who respects me, and whilst a little teasing is certainly a lot of fun, it won’t go any further than that until we get to know each other - something we’re both very much looking forward to in the coming weeks…

When our lips finally part, I leave an imprint of my ruby red lipstick upon his glorious mouth, giving him a taste of what’s to come, if he plays his cards right…

A few dates later, and Jacob and I have got to know each other pretty well. One evening we are at a restaurant enjoying a relaxing drink when suddenly he leans into my ear and whispers, “So, seeing as you like to wear all of these sexy vintage outfits… do you also wear the sexy vintage lingerie to go with it? Because I could definitely imagine you in something like that… pink or white or peach maybe…you certainly have the figure for it…”

Without saying a word, I take his hand under the tablecloth, touching it upon my thigh, guiding it down towards the hem of my skirt.

“Mmmmm…!” Jacob’s hazel eyes light up with excitement. “Are you wearing stockings?”

“Why don’t you feel for yourself?” I reply with a smouldering gaze.

Jacob’s hand slides up my skirt and finds the top of my stocking and the suspender strap. It tickles like mad and I bite my lip as I try to control my breathing, my heart pounding furiously as he softly strokes my inner thigh. “Oh god…” he murmurs in that deliciously deep growl. “Yes, you are definitely wearing stockings…”

Suddenly I can feel myself getting very moist ‘down there’, and I’m certain that my face is bright red, judging by the smirk on Jacob’s face. We drink up, and soon we find ourselves outside my front door again.

“Would you like to come in for coffee, or, perhaps something stronger?” I ask with a seductive smile.

Jacob nods. “It would be a pleasure, ma’am!”

Once inside, I motion for him to follow me into the lounge. “Make yourself comfortable, Mr. Frye, and I’ll fetch us something to drink.” I return minutes later uncorking a bottle of Prosecco and I pour two glasses, and set them upon the table next to the couch. But Jacob isn’t thirsty for alcohol…

His eyes are fixated on me as I sit down next to him, his tongue slowly moving across slightly parted lips. I move closer, pressing my body against his, swinging my legs over his lap. Jacob’s hand instantly finds my thigh and he hums softly to himself as he caresses it.

“Another delectable outfit, as always…” Jacob’s fingers slowly travel up my body towards the buttons of my pretty white blouse. “Classy, demure, but showing off that delightful hourglass figure perfectly. You certainly fill your clothes beautifully, my love.”

My breathing deepens as his lips graze the crook of my neck, taking in the scent of my perfume. “Mmmm…delicious…”

The velvety tones of his voice send shivers over my entire body, and I can feel myself getting very hot and bothered, and - shall I say - very sticky....

Leaning towards his ear, I gently clench my teeth on his earlobe and suck it, making erotic lip smacking sounds in his ear. “So, how would you like to see what’s underneath this delectable outfit, Mr. Frye?” I purr, toying with a tendril of soft brown hair peeking from beneath his tatty little flat cap, my lips still grazing his earlobe.

Jacob turns his head towards me, gazing at me with half-lidded eyes. “Oh, I would like that very much…”

I place my hand on his and slowly coax it up towards my chest, cupping his palm around my breast and pressing it against it.

“Well, hello!” he murmurs, his voice deeper than I’ve ever heard it before. My stomach churns and suddenly my juices really begin to flo… the longing for this man is getting too much to bear, but I want to take my own sweet time with him and work him up into a frenzy - make him really beg for me…

“You know what I would like even more…” Jacob moves his hand away and traces it down the side of my face. “I’d really like it if you would strip for me… I just want to watch the way you move as you sensually undress in front of me…”

Now is my chance to really tease him…

Standing before him, I begin to trace the outline of my body with my hands, stroking the slinky fabric of my figure-hugging skirt and even tighter blouse. Jacob’s hazel eyes watch me attentively, not once looking away… he doesn’t want to miss a single moment of my little display.

My fingers run down the buttons of my blouse, then up them, hovering at the very top one, deliberating on whether to undo it…

Jacob shifts in his seat, parting his legs a little more, waiting…

I bite my lower lip as I pop open the button, then the next one, and the next one, smiling impishly as Jacob’s eyes follow my every move.

“Oh, yes…” he growls, licking his lips hungrily. “Tease me, you naughty little minx!”

My hands move down to my waist and the thick white belt cinching it - my fingers trickling across the buckle before unfastening it and throwing it to one side, then I start undoing the rest of my blouse.

Jacob gasps as he catches a glimpse of peach-coloured satin, and I glance down towards the very obvious bulge in his trousers.

“I take it you like what you’re seeing, Mr. Frye?” I wink suggestively, as I undo the last button and slide the blouse off my shoulders so it drops to the floor.

Jacob can only respond with a loud gulp and a nod of the head, perspiration dripping down his handsome face as he gets more aroused with every passing minute. As I reach around behind me for the zip on the back of my skirt, I am overcome with the most delicious sensation I have ever felt - the fact that I am standing before this gorgeous man and reducing him to a sweaty mess at the very sight of me turns me on in a way I never imagined.

I ease down the zip and slide the waistband of the skirt over my hips, and it drops to the ground, revealing my ensemble of a 1950s-style peach satin bra and matching French panties trimmed with delicate ivory lace, peach underbust corset and seamed stockings held up with a matching garter belt. I can feel butterflies in my stomach as Jacob’s eyes widen as he dramatically looks me up and down.

“Well, well,” he whistles approvingly. “Now that is what I call lingerie…”

I saunter towards him and straddle his lap, my face just inches from his. “So, Mr. Frye,” I ask huskily, taking his hands and slipping them around my tightly-cinched waist. “Does this answer your question about what I wear underneath my vintage outfits?”

Jacob is momentarily lost for words, his breathing deepening at the touch of my fingertips against his neck and jawline. “Mmm, it certainly does…” he murmurs, running his hands all over every inch of the glossy peach fabric, his eyes all over every curve and contour of my body…

Feeling his crotch pulsating beneath me, I begin to grind firmly into it, prompting a loud moan as he utters my name. “O-oh god,” he stammers. “It’s so h-hot in here!”

Now I want more - I want him… beneath me, I want him so badly, and I know he wants me too.

“Oh, yes,” I purr, placing a finger under his chin and gently tilting his head back up so that his eyes make contact with mine. “It’s very, very hot isn’t it?”

Trailing my hand downwards, I undo the top button of his shirt, revealing more of his glistening chest- twirling his little shilling necklace between my fingers before bringing it up towards my moist mouth and brushing it against my lips.

“Mmm, I know something else you can get your mouth around,” Jacob smirks mischievously, shifting around so that he is laid out on the couch and pulling me down on top of him, his hands gripping my hips. He doesn’t get a chance to say anything else as I begin to rub my clit against his groin again, my lips pressed to his, tongues thrashing together in a deep, passionate kiss.

I work my way down his body, loosening up the buttons on his shirt and waistcoat as I descend towards the fly of his trousers. Unbuckling his belt, I pull it away and toss it aside and it lands on the floor with a thud.

Jacob breathlessly moans my name, urging my hands towards the zip. He gives a loud groan as I finally release his throbbing manhood, and I take it into my mouth, sliding it in and out slowly and deliberately, teasing the shaft with my hot tongue.

“Oh… oh yes… right there… that’s the spot, right there…” Jacob arches his back, thoroughly immersing himself in pure pleasure. “Oh… yes, keep it going…” He grabs onto the side of the couch, steadying himself as pants and gasps.

Unable to resist him any longer, I straddle his cock, pushing my panties to one side and lower myself onto him, sighing as I feel his girth slide into my soaking wet entrance.

“Mmmm… oh yes… fuck me…” Jacob’s growly voice is barely above a whisper. “Fuck me, you voluptuous little goddess!” His hands take a firm grip on my hips as he rocks me back and forth, and the sensation of him contracting inside of me sends shivers down my whole body. He licks his thumb and begins massaging my clit as I continue to ride him, leaning over him with my hands on his broad, muscular shoulders.

Shuddering as that divine sensation rushes through me, my clit swells as Jacob works his magic, my juices oozing all over him as I feel myself come.

“Enjoying that, are you?” smirks Jacob with a suggestive waggle of the eyebrows.

“Mm-hmm,” I sigh, closing my eyes blissfully.

“Now, it’s my turn to have some fun… but first…” he indicates the laces of my corset. “Let’s get this off so you can be more…comfortable…”

I loosen the laces and unhook the busks and toss the corset onto the floor. Jacob pushes me back onto the couch, leaning over me.

“Lift up your legs.”

I raise my legs so that they’re over his shoulders, and grabbing me by the ankles, he enters me again, grinning as he slides in with ease. He brings himself in as close as he can, our noses touching and his eyes burning into mine with unrestrained lust.

“Mmm, now that’s better, isn’t it my love?”

My stomach churns again and my core aches for him - but I know that Jacob wants to get his own back on me and that he will go really slowly… at first…

“Faster,” I groan, as he gyrates against me. “Fuck me harder, Jacob.”

But Jacob just gives me another saucy smirk and carries on grinding oh so slowly…


“Yes, my love?”

“I said fuck me harder.”

“Now, now… patience my love…” Jacob’s lips plant a wet, sultry kiss on mine. The cheeky bastard is having way too much fun!

Jacob! Please!” I plead, my voice trembling. “Fuck me as hard as you can!”

“Oh?” Jacob raises his eyebrows. “Well, if you insist ma’am.” He thrusts into me with such force that it takes my breath away, and I tilt my head back further into the cushion as he pounds into me faster and faster, teeth clenched as sweat drips down his face.

I sink my fingernails into the couch, clinging on for dear life, moaning and gasping as that wonderful sensation burns deep within the pit of my stomach. I know it’s not going to be long before I cannot hold on any longer.

“Oh Jacob… oh Jacob!”

I hear him moan my name as he utters the words: “I’m coming…”

My body goes weak as we both climax, his warm seed filling me up in several bursts, his wet lips covering my face in kisses as we both drift back down to earth.

“Oh, that was amazing!” he sighs, as he scoops me up into his arms and cuddles into me. “And definitely well worth waiting for!”

“And so goes the saying, my darling Jacob,” I reply, tenderly stroking his neck and planting a kiss on the tip of his nose. “Always remember: good things come to those who wait!”

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