Happy Birthday, Master

I’ve volunteered myself as Arno’s personal whore a few months ago after obsessing in having him fuck me everyday. Today is his birthday and I had been told to be extra obedient. “Be a good slut and be rewarded. Make me proud,” he says while I remain kneeled in front of him with my head down but I swear he had a joyous smirk when he said that.

“Yes, master,” is all I can say, anxious to know what he’s planned for the night. He had once told me that some day he wishes to show his comrades and novices how good his pet follows orders. He’d organised a birthday sex party and invited his Creed brothers.

“Now boys, I want you to meet my little pet. Do not be deceived by her petite figure,” he announces with a half-chuckle, gesturing at my form. It makes my stomach churn for all I’m wearing is a lingerie that is not supposed to cover anything but merely make me wary of my nudity. My nipples are getting perky from the pressure of the garment against my breasts and leaving them exposed; my g-string only emphasising my vagina with all those eyes on me, making my pussy so wet and obvious for them to see.

“But if you don’t take my word for it, I will be pleased to give you a show. Take it as a brithday treat from me.” He earns a chorus of “Ooo…” Some start adjusting their breaches to accommodate their growing manhood. Before he walks away to sit on the armchair he leans in and whispers, “Just obey,” and lands a kiss on my lips, lifting my face. One of the guests wearing a green cloak announces, “Give us a show monsieur,” with a grin.

Arno walks backwards to his chair, leaving me where I am. “Pet, come here.” I have been trained to crawl when I’m asked to move around, so I crawl to him like a stealthy cat, although I am horny and desperate and want to hurry to him. My breasts jiggle with each step. He takes my hand and lay it on his bulge, guiding me to feel its warmth. “Good… now unzip my breaches.” I hear pride in his voice. As I do, his manhood springs out. “What would a good slut do to please her master on his birthday? Especially when he has guests eagerly watching…”

“If it pleases you, master, I want to suck it for you.”

He leans in to give me a kiss of approval. I hope he is proud of me. I slowly work on his length sitting between his legs, holding his stretched out legs for support. His head tilts backwards in pleasure. I could have sworn I heard one of the assassins quietly working on themselves watching us. The vibration from my throat as I moan on his dick elevates Arno’s pleasure and he comes hard in ribbons, spraying all over my face and breasts all the way to my stomach.

Exhausted, he looks at me. “That was good work, pet, I shall let you be rewarded. Turn around, head facing to the ground and lift your cute ass.”

From the bent position, I see my master relaxing on the armchair with his champagne, watching me with his legs wide open, pants nearly done but his dick still visible. He winks at me. The other assassins come closer by his side. “I’d like to watch you guys work her out. I’m sure she wants it too, don’t you, pet?” Before Arno finishes his sentence, a warm hand comes in contact with my butt cheeks, caressing me teasingly and moving the fine string for better access to my pussy.

Before I can get used to it, there is a sudden slap on my butt cheeks. I gasp at it. Instantly, I feel another foreign hand fondling on my breasts, soothing me, only to give it a slap that makes it jiggle. My knees buckle at that. Another slap on my pussy. “Keep it steady,” says my master.

It takes some time for me to register the stinging pain. More blows come towards my ass, pussy, and my hanging boobs in patterns of caress and slaps to make me maintain my posture and it soon turns from pain to pleasure. Master can’t hold back anymore so he snaps off the string holding the little fabric and runs his fingers along the crack of my butt, stopping at my tiny asshole, circling his thumb over it. I let out a moan.

“You like it, pet?” a deep voice.

“Yes, master,” my voice hoarse.

He inserts a digit into the hole and another into my vagina, both fingers slowly pumping in and out. “Dripping…” one of the guests says with a voice that sounds horny, noticing my pussy oozing with each paddle and thrusts.

“May I?” says an another lustful voice, asking Arno’s permission and a third finger fondles my clit. Supporting my body with only my palm and elbow to give the man lying underneath my body some room, while he is sucking and licking at one breast, giving a hard squeeze and clenching my other swollen breast, his hand like a fist.

I can’t stand any more and I come so hard, squirting on the hands of the men, earning deep moans from the attentive guests. Knees buckling and the weight of my breasts completely on the Assassin’s face. He doesn’t seem to care, stopping and sucked off hungrily. Which eventually kickstarts for another round.

With so many compliments to Arno in owning me, I’m such a proud slut and I’ve made my master’s birthday his best day ever. Of course, I’ve made sure all his guests are served well…

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