By sazula

It was so hot, hot enough that even Satan himself would have commented on the temperature. You could feel sweat trickling down your spine as you sat on the front porch of Davenport Manor, desperate for a cool breeze to ease your discomfort.

No such luck.

You looked up at the night sky, guessing it must have been at least midnight, if not slightly later, and your thoughts turned to the whereabouts of a certain Assassin. You had expected Connor to be aboard the Aquila when it had docked in the bay after returning from New York, but he wasn’t; according to Mr Faulkner, Connor had asked to be dropped off in Boston to take care of some business, saying he would make his own way back to the homestead for that evening. That was two days ago, and there was still no sign of him. Even though you knew full well Connor could take care of himself you couldn’t help but grow a little concerned.

Connor. Your attraction to him had began as soon as you'd moved onto the homestead a few months ago; a giant bear of a man who looked like he could snap you in two should he so desire, yet he’d the purest heart you'd ever come across, letting you stay in the manor with him in return for managing the homestead whilst he concentrated on rebuilding the Assassin Brotherhood. You had tried to see if he was interested in more than a friendship between the two of you with little hints and gentle flirtation, but he had never responded to your actions. So instead you'd tried to forget your desire for him and focus on the close friendship the two of you now shared, but it was proving difficult; you could only try and convince yourself so much that your reason for being awake at this time of night was because the heat was making it difficult to sleep, and that it had nothing to do with worrying about Connor or wanting to see him as soon as he returned, should that be tonight. Nope. Nothing at all.

“Ugh,” you groaned, tugging at the front of your dress and grimacing as the fabric clung to you. “Damn heat.” You leaned against the column closest to you and closed your eyes, deciding on waiting a little more before you would head back inside and attempt sleep.

Moments later, you heard movement coming from the stables. Could it be Connor? You stood, hurrying towards the building hopefully and there he was, his back to you as he settled his horse for the night. Instantly you felt as if a weight was lifted from your shoulders and you couldn’t help but run down to the stables, calling Connor’s name as you did. He turned just in time to catch you as you jumped into his arms and wrapped your own around his neck.

“Where have you been?!” you cried, your voice somewhat muffled on account of your face being buried in Connor’s shoulder. So much for not being worried. “Mr Faulkner said you’d be back from Boston two evenings ago!”

Connor set you down and looked at you, his hands gently holding your own, a small smile on his lips. “I am pleased to see you, too,” he said, his smile never faltering. “Turns out my business in Boston was more complicated than I had first thought. I’m sorry to have worried you.”

“I wasn’t worried,” you huffed, rolling your eyes. “I’m just...glad you’re back to help me with running this place, that’s all.”

“Of course, and nearly tackling me to the ground whilst scolding me for being delayed shows that.” He gave your hands a squeeze before letting go and heading towards the manor. “Why are you awake so late?”

“This heat is keeping me from sleeping so I came outside to see if it was any cooler,” you replied, walking beside him and feeling disappointed at the loss of his hands around yours.

“And is it?”

“No, not really.”

Connor chuckled. “It is very warm, I agree,” he hummed, rolling his shoulders back (and wasn’t that just one of the sexiest things you’d ever seen?) and adjusting his tunic slightly. “Warmer here than in Boston.” He came to a stop as you both reached the door to the manor. “I remember as a child going to the nearby creek when the heat was like this to cool off in the water. It usually worked very well, maybe you could try that at some point?”

Of course! Why didn’t you think of this earlier? “Connor, that’s a brilliant idea!” you cried gleefully, excited at the prospect of actually having a way to cool down, and started to walk quickly in the direction of the bay behind the manor.

“Wait!” Connor called after you. “I wasn’t suggesting you should do it now! It’s well past midnight!”

“I’ll be fine!” you shot back over your shoulder, not stopping in your stride. “Actually, why don’t you come with me? I’m sure you could do with a relaxing swim after your ride home.”

Connor called your name once more in an effort to make you stop, but once he realised that you were determined in your plan he jogged over to your side. “I still think you are mad but...a swim would be nice,” he hummed, rolling your eyes at your smug grin.

The bay was picturesque in the daytime, but at night there was something especially beautiful about it, the Aquila rising above the water underneath the clear sky lit only by the moonlight. Sometimes you would spend part of your nights standing on the balcony of the manor just gazing out to it, enjoying the calming feeling it gave you.

Walking down to the bank you kept moving until you reached a small area that was almost behind the ship; even though you were fairly certain Mr Faulkner and the rest of the crew were sound asleep in their cabins you didn’t really want any of them seeing you undressed, should any of them wake up and step out onto the dock.

Connor wasted no time in removing his tunic, carefully laying it down on the ground, his back to you. You tried not to stare as more of him was revealed with the removal of his boots and trousers, but it was so very difficult. Luckily he didn’t seem to notice, and once he was fully undressed he waded into the water.

“Are you coming?” His voice snapped you out of your daydream. “Doing this now was your idea.”

“I...yes, give me a moment,” you stammered, willing your heart to stop pounding so hard against your ribs. You began to undress, laying your clothing next to Connor’s and being very thankful he was paying more attention to diving under the water than to yourself, especially as you removed your undergarments.

The first few steps into the water were like heaven; instantly you felt cooler and refreshed. A small sigh of satisfaction escaped your throat as you moved further into the deepening water, stopping once the water covered your breasts.

“Connor?” You realised he wasn’t anywhere to be seen; probably still under the water, you thought, but it was difficult make out his figure underneath the surface. “Where are you?”

Suddenly he burst out of the water in front of you, catching you completely off guard and causing you to shriek in shock and stumble.

“Sorry!” Connor gasped, gripping your elbows to steady you. “I didn’t realise how close by you were.”

“God...it’s fine. I’m fine,” you said, voice slightly quivering as your heart pounded in your chest. It took a moment for you to realise where your hands were; pressed firmly against Connor’s muscular, toned chest, as were your breasts. Oh…

He looked down at you, breathing heavily and still holding onto your elbows, keeping you from moving away. You were unable to do anything but meet his intense gaze as he dipped his head closer, closer, until his lips softly met your own.

It was a delicate kiss, the simple pressing together of two pairs of lips, but it still sent sparks shooting down your spine. A small moan sounded in your throat as your eyes slipped closed; this seemed to encourage Connor and he kissed you a little harder, his hands gliding upwards from your elbows to cup your face gently. A small part of your mind wondered if this was Connor’s first kiss. It was certainly an unpracticed kiss, but definitely not unpleasant, and with each movement of your lips against his own he became more confident.

Tentatively you slipped your tongue out to lick at his bottom lip; this time he was the one who moaned, his lips parting at the touch and letting you slide your tongue into his mouth against his own. He responded almost instantly, hands moving from your face to grip at your waist and hold you firmly against him as he mirrored the movement of your tongue with his own.

You pulled back once breathing became an issue, giggling slightly as Connor’s mouth chased yours, eager to keep going. He settled with pressing his lips to your neck, leaving open-mouthed kisses along your heated skin as your hands tangled in his damp hair.

“I want you,” he whispered, voice hoarse with lust, “but I...I have never been with a woman before.”

Hearing that he wanted his first time to be with you sent a pleasurable jolting sensation between your legs. “Are you sure?”

He lifted his head to meet your gaze. “I have been sure for a while now,” he admitted, “but I did not think you would be interested in someone who was so...inexperienced.”

“What made you think that?” you asked, your breath hitching as you felt his erection brushing against your hip.

“I heard Norris once mention that women like a man who knows what he is doing,” Connor admitted, looking away as a faint blush crept upon his face. He looked so adorable you couldn't resist kissing him again, something he very eagerly returned as he wound his arms around your waist, hands resting at the small of your back.

“Oh, Connor, I want you too,” you whispered against his lips. “I have wanted you for so long.”

Connor gave a small growl at your admission and suddenly you were scooped up out of the water and into his arms. He carried you easily back to the bay where your clothes were, gently laying you down on his discarded robe. He joined you on the ground, supporting himself on one arm and leaning over you to continue your kiss whilst his free hand caressed your stomach, and your own hands came up to gently cup his face.

“I really like kissing you,” Connor said with a small smile after pulling away to catch his breath.

“I really like kissing you,” you echoed, chuckling softly.

Connor's smile widened, and the sight made your heart flutter. It was hard to believe that this man above you, who was treating you with such care and gentleness, was the fearsome Assassin responsible for severely weakening the Templar hold on the Colonies.

His hand on your stomach stilled in its movements as his expression turned to one more serious. “Can I...can I touch you?” he asked hesitantly.

“You’re already touching me.”

“No, I mean…” He bit his lip and looked pointedly at your breasts and down to your groin, and you caught his meaning.

“Oh!” you exclaimed in realisation. “Yes! Yes, of course you can. I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”

The smile returned to Connor’s face and he resumed kissing you with fervour, stealing the very breath from your lungs and making you feel a little light-headed. His hand slowly crept upwards from your stomach towards one of your breasts, gently cupping the heavy flesh and using his thumb to tease the nipple until you were writhing beneath him and moaning against his mouth. Your other breast was given the same treatment and you felt as if all of your nerve endings were on fire, your cunt throbbing and desperate for some attention, just something to ease the ache.

As if he had read your thoughts, Connor skimmed his hand down your body towards your centre. He hesitated for the briefest moment, fingers hovering above your most intimate place for barely a second but to you it felt like an eternity, your entire body crying out for him.

You could have sobbed with relief when he finally slipped two of his fingers between your wet folds. Despite him being completely new to what he was doing it still felt heavenly, his fingers gently stroking up and down and brushing against your clit.

With a flick of his tongue against your lips Connor moved back slightly to kiss along your jaw, then down to your neck. “Is this okay?” His voice was barely above a whisper. “Show me how you want to be touched.”

With a shaky breath you slid one of your hands out of Connor’s hair and down his arm until your hand was between your legs and resting upon his own, guiding his two fingers to your swollen bud and moving them in a circular motion.

“Move your fingers like...like that,” you murmured, breath hitching in your throat. “Oh, fuck…

Connor continued to kiss your neck as his fingers moved with yours. His own desire was pressing against your thigh and, along with the movement of his nimble fingers, it increased your need for him. Soon, his fingers on your clit were no longer enough; you needed more. Gently, you moved his fingers down towards your slick entrance and encouraged him to carefully slide them inside of you. Connor lifted his head to look at you upon feeling just how excited you were, his eyes wide.

“Oh. You’re very...um…that’s good, isn’t it?”

Despite the mood you couldn’t help but chuckle softly. “Yes,” you said, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth, “that’s very good.”

His smile returned at your reassurance, and he kissed you with such an intensity that it made your head swim. “What would you have me do now?” he asked once his lips left yours, voice hoarse with lust.

It took a moment for you to to reply. “S-slowly slide your fingers in and out of me,” you croaked, moving your hand away from his to rub at your clit. “Mmm, just like that,” you hissed as Connor obeyed your instructions and watched the movements of your fingers intently. “Now a little faster...yes...” Your release was building; just a few more touches from Connor and you’d be falling apart.

You started moving your fingers faster against your clit, only to have them pushed out of the way and replaced with Connors thumb. “Let...let me,” he moaned, pupils blown wide as his eyes locked with yours, his intimate gaze intensifying the pleasure coursing through your veins.

It was only moments before you felt a white-hot heat explode from your core. “Oh…!” you cried, unable to hold Connor’s gaze any longer, eyes slipping closed as you lost yourself to pleasure. “Connor!

He buried his face into your neck as your orgasm rolled over you, pressing his lips against your skin and gently sliding his fingers out of you.

It took a moment for you to get your breath back. “Oh my...are you sure you’ve never done that before?” you asked with a soft chuckle.

Connor lifted his head to look at you, a curious expression on his face that morphed into a smirk once he realised you were joking. “I must be a quick learner,” he said, moving himself up into a kneeling position.

You sat up on your knees to match him and cupped his face in your hands, pressing your lips to his in a soft kiss. Connor’s own hands wandered down to your hips as your kiss became more heated, gently kneading your flesh and sending jolts of electricity to your core once again.

“Connor...can I touch you?” you asked him once the two of you broke apart for air, trailing your hands down from his face to his chest and scratching your nails across his pectorals.

By way of an answer, Connor took one of your hands in his own and placed it onto his straining erection, inhaling sharply as you wrapped your fingers around him.

Holding Connor’s cock in your hand was so much better than you could have ever imagined; it was thick and heavy, and you wanted, no, you needed it inside of you, needed it filling you up and stretching you.

You placed your other hand on Connor’s cheek, coaxing him to meet your gaze. “Are you sure you still want to do this?”

He smiled at you. “I’ve never been more sure of anything, but maybe it's best if you take the lead,” he murmured before kissing you deeply.

You moaned softly into the kiss. “Oh, I can definitely do that,” you purred, your cunt jumping excitedly at Connor's hiss of pleasure as you slowly stroked his cock. “Sit back for me.”

He did as you asked and you took a moment to admire him as he leaned back on his hands; his mouth was slightly open, his chest heaving with ragged breaths of lust, and his eyes were fixed on you as he waited for your next move. You could feel the heat that had pooled in your centre getting more and more intense; you had to have Connor inside you now.

Straddling his hips, you slowly rubbed his cock between your folds, coating him in your arousal before positioning the tip at your entrance. You held onto his shoulders and sank down onto him easily until your backside was resting against his thighs, and you released the breath you didn’t realise you had been holding. The feeling of Connor finally being inside you was heavenly; his hard length was stretching your walls beautifully, not enough to be painful but enough to let you know you’d still be feeling it the next day.

Connor’s hands were on your hips, gripping them tightly, and his eyes had fluttered shut. His breathing was ragged and coming in short pants.

“Are you okay?” you asked him, fighting the urge to start moving.

Connor opened his eyes and looked at you. “Y-yes,” he said, his voice shaking slightly, “this is...good. Really good.”

You couldn’t help the bubble of laughter that escaped you. “It’s about you get better,” you said in a low voice, and began to move your hips slowly, rocking them back and forth; the throaty moan that came from Connor alone was almost enough to bring about another orgasm.

Connor’s own hips began thrust upwards, his body moving of its own accord to seek its own release as he leaned forward to press kisses against your neck, teeth occasionally nipping at your skin and sending jolts across your body.

“That’s…oh yes, that feels so...” you babbled, your mouth close to his ear. “Yes...oh, Connor…”

Connor’s moans got louder and more intense as you moved faster, pleasure shooting through you; you were so close, your release building in your centre. Snaking your hand down between your bodies, you rubbed at your swollen clit and it wasn’t long until your walls were contracting around him, your orgasm washing over you. You cried out, fingernails digging into Connor's shoulders and leaving indents in his skin. He followed you soon after, panting hard as his thrusts lost their rhythm and his cum spilled inside you.

Neither of you were in a hurry to move, still locked in an embrace. You ran a hand through Connor’s hair, enjoying his arms around you.

“That was...wow.” Connor’s voice cut through the comfortable silence that had settled between you, shifting slightly to let his softening cock slip out of you.

You giggled, running your fingers across his back in no particular pattern. “I don’t think the swim helped cool me down...not that I’m complaining,” you commented, grinning as Connor hummed his agreement and kissed your forehead.

“Can we...can we do this again?” he asked shyly. “I’ve heard of...other ways to pleasure one’s partner and I am eager to try them.”

You lifted your head to look at him, eyebrow raised. “Oh, really? Well in that case, why don’t we head back to the manor and you can make a start?”

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