Hidden Place

By Liya

She's a female assassin. She arrived in the homestead months ago, long before the death of Haytham. Long before the death of her own father: Charles Lee.

She could have tried to stay anonymous: Her mother, an assassin from India, trained her well. Connor would probably have fallen for it but Achilles…

Achilles looked at her like he knew all her secrets before her lips even moved. How ironic considering she was afraid of telling the truth.

She traveled to the homestead to join them because she failed to reason with Lee. They weren't very close. She was mostly raised on another continent, unfamiliar with this country. A dirty little secret of her father.

Maybe that's the reason why she fell for him, the child of a manipulative and dangerous man. Born from two cultures. They were so alike yet so different. It was difficult for her to understand that the attraction was mutual, mostly because Connor was usually so kind and patient to anyone living around the manor.

The day Haytham was buried she was alone with a dark Connor. She tried to fill the embarrassing silence.

“So now there is nobody. No Haytham, no Charles... not even Achilles. I don't know what I should do next. This is so strange.”

His expression looked even darker. Hesitant, she gently put her hand in his to comfort him. He shivered and blushed. She didn't attribute his reaction to her touch. Connor tried to cover it by talking himself.

“Does it mean that you plan on leaving Davenport?”

She felt his piercing eyes staring at her. Her heart skipped a beat: Was he angry with her? It seemed like at first he lost his spiritual father, then his biological one, and his archenemies. And now, it was his fellow assassin, wasn’t it?

“I've never had options before,” she mumbled.

Their fingers were still intertwined. She felt a sudden push, stumbled against him and landed against his chest. Short of breath, the next thing she knew was Connor's lips against hers. It was an awkward kiss, neither overbearing nor too passionate. It was just someone who never learnt to speak this language. And here she thought her past attempts to flirt were ineffective…

“Please stay.”

He said nothing else this day. Back in the homestead, his mood was still dark and he was obviously surprised and uncomfortable with his own confession. She saw him chopping wood from a window of her little house. He was alone, raging against himself, frustrated. He was already on her mind before, but now it was worse. She realized how she loved him. She wanted to go to him. All she needed was his skin against hers, his arms around her. She decided to let him be.

Days passed. Today she's scouting the verdant border. She never took the time to do it before, too much work in cities. She remembered Connor advising her a good place to hunt quarries; he even put it on her map.

She is an excellent archer. The place is beautiful, green, distant from rural areas, and close to a waterfall. A good place to make someone disappear, she jokes to herself. Charmed by the view, she decides to take off her boots then her weapons. Like someone who finally surrendered herself to a guilty pleasure, she's now removing her coat, her top then her belt…

Suddenly, she blanches. She hears something. She’s afraid of some ferocious wolves who would come here to drink but no – it’s just Connor with some carcasses on his shoulder. He's so surprised that he probably took her for an elk. He's staring at her, looking at the round curves in her corset. He's obviously enjoying the view. He's repressing some tormented smile and here she is, thinking that she doesn’t mind bathing in front of him. But there is nothing funny to be the only one naked.

“So you remembered this place?” he asks while she smiles.

“I do. I was not expecting this kind of quarry.”

He's laughing genuinely. That is unexpected, as if they are close again. She can never tell if he's angry, worried or happy.

“Actually I was hoping to see you but you were already gone,” he admits.

“What about?”

“I think you know what about.”

Despite being shy she's still smiling kindly. She approaches him slowly and thinks he looks like someone who needs a hug. Probably a kiss, to be fair.

“I have to apologize,” he says suddenly. “I was thinking about all the things I could tell you but now all of it seems plain…”

“If you need some time I'll understand.”

“I thought I did but now that you're here I need… something more.”

He stretches his fingers towards her. She takes his hand and lets him hold her against him. He kisses her slowly.

“I've never had the time for it before,” he admits temperately. “Also, I'd say I've never met anyone I really desired before.”

“Well, me neither,” she answers. “Though I had many interesting ideas since I met you.”

He smiles then kisses her again. It is more passionate this time; she can tell he wants her. His hands reach for her waist and they lie unto the grass.

They both concentrate on taking his coat off. She feels his weight on her body, his impatience and his strange lack of shyness. He kisses her neck while her fingers explores his scars and muscles. Happy, she tastes his dark skin and her hand runs through his hair.

He puts her on her belly and caresses her hair too, then unlaces her black corset. She feels his lips going down her spine until he reaches her waist. A strange wave runs through her stomach. Still behind her, he takes her hands in his and affectionately he kisses her again. They smile.

She faces him as he takes her on his body. As he greedily contemplates her breasts, she puts his hands on them and closes her eyes. This is better than she thought. She realizes that she is moaning and now he's the one smiling. His hands become a little too harsh for her swollen breasts. She retaliates with her hand in his underwear.

It's not difficult to see that Connor is obviously enjoying her curves but he's a bit reluctant to explore her more intimately, probably afraid of doing something wrong. He's asking her if he hurt her, if she likes what he's doing, what she needs. Her body is feverish, aching for some pleasure she's never experimented before. She asks him to get on top of her again. Now it's not his lips but his tongue she feels going down her belly. She is already ready for him.

She's encouraging him to remove his underwear. She is afraid and can tell she's not the only one but he is so dedicated she doesn’t want to distract his clumsy but efficient attempts to arouse her. She embraces his body; his skin is burning and he reaches for her lips while his hand wanders between her legs. He is very silent while she asks for him.

Connor slowly enters inside her. Her legs wrap naturally around his body. She's not exactly in pain but her head is spinning. She can’t tell if he's large or if she's tight - maybe both, but he's moving carefully. He seems to enjoy her as he grunts to her ear; the sound really excites her. He suddenly grabs her buttocks while she's moaning louder and louder. She screams his name, his real name and this is it: They both lose all inhibitions.

Connor looks more serene now, more than he’s ever had since she’s known him. He's floating naked in the river, cuddling in gallant company.

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