Hunting for an Assassin

The alarm bells were ringing in the city, and the door of your throne room opened. "My lord!" one of your guards shouted as he came into your throne room. You put down your cup of tea and looked to the guard that was kneeled before your throne. "Yes, Yamal, what is it?" you asked.

"My lord, we have received several reports from guards and citizens," Yamal spoke. "Some guards have been murdered, but the witnesses couldn't tell who it was."

A little smirk appeared on your face. "He is here," you whispered. You stood up and walked to one of the high windows of your throne room. You could see a large part of Jerusalem from your palace. "Close all the gates, separate the districts, double the guards on the streets and triple them on the rooftops. Question all citizens, arrest anybody who is suspicious of cooperating with him, send spies to search for the bureau and don’t forget to set the ambushes and traps," you demanded to Yamal.

"Yes, my lord" Yamal said. He bowed one last time and then left the room to fulfill your orders.

You walked to your desk. There was a map of Jerusalem present, you inspected it carefully, making sure that everything was in place. This time you would catch him, you know you would. Sultan Saladin had promoted you to Emir for Jerusalem for a reason; you were strict and cunning. But the past months the city was terrorised by an assassin.

You inspected the map; you checked all the streets, all the positions, even the little dark alleys. Every time this assassin escaped of your sight, a few days later he was back. No matter how well everything was organised, he always outsmarted you, but not this time. This time you had taken all the preparations you could think of; even a whole army of them would have trouble escaping this time.

Apparently you were wrong. You sat on your throne with your hands in your hair, hearing the stories of your guards:

"He managed to escape from our ambushes, my lord."

"On the rooftops is no one to be found."

"And we have interrogated every suspect, my lord, no one works with him."

You sighed as you stood up from your throne. "Go back to your posts," you demanded. As soon as your guards were gone you walked out of your throne room and into your garden. The sun was almost setting, the air was turning a beautiful color of pink. Despite that it was almost night, the weather was still pretty warm. You looked at the sundial in your garden; almost seven o'clock. At this time you could think of only one place he could have gone to.

You walked inside your palace, up a few stairs and followed the way to your bedroom. There were two guards at the door. "I am in my room," you said to them. "Don’t let anyone disturb me until further notice, understood?"

"Yes, sir," the guards both said as they opened they door for you. You walked into your room and locked the door behind you. You walked to your bed; it’s a pile of comfy velvet pillows and blankets. You saw that someone was lying in your bed. Your calculations were correct. There he was - the assassin, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, laying naked in your bed, smirking to you.

"Altaïr said as he looked at you and rubbed his hand over his bare, muscled chest.

"Just shut it," you said as you came closer. You inspected Altaïr better as you took off your shoes, turban and tunic. He was completely undressed, only a small piece of blanket was covering his private parts. You took your last piece of clothing off, crawled onto the pillows, placed your naked body on Altaïr’s naked chest, and the two of you started kissing.

Altaïr wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer. While you were kissing you let your hands explore his chest; it was still hot as fire from the running and fighting. You brought your face down his chin; you slid the tip of your tongue over his throat and Adam's apple. You sensed Altaïr’s smell as you listened to his moans. He smelled so good, a delicious mixture of sweat, sun and pure lust.

"How did you get passed my guards this time?" you asked as you kissed and sucked Altaïr’s masculine chest. You heard him chuckle above you.

"It wasn't easy," he replied while he rubbed through your hair and enjoyed the feeling of your tongue playing with his nipples. "I don’t know how you did it, but in every street were guards, there were tons of archers on the rooftops. You thought of every opportunity I had."

You smiled. It was actually a compliment to you, and to be very honest somehow you liked it when Altaïr was in the city. Since you were Emir there were little exciting things going on in the city. Altaïr gave you such a challenge, such a thrill, and you knew you gave him the same feeling.

Your whole love game started when Altaïr looked for a place to hide in your palace. You were just in your room at that time. Altaïr jumped through the window and as soon as he saw you he ran towards you, grabbed your throat and threatened you with his hidden blade. You tried to remain calm when the blade was touching your throat, but it was frightening, and for some funny reason, really arousing.

Altaïr had noticed you were horny, though. Well, you could easily see the huge bulge in your Emir pants. He smirked and brought his face closer. "You like this, don’t you, you sick little bitch," he whispered in your ear. You had stuttered to say anything, but you broke as the older men started kissing your neck, and instead of calling the guards, you had hot sex with your mysterious assassin lover that day.

Since then, always when Altaïr was in Jerusalem, he snuck into your palace after his mission to remind you that you failed to catch him, and for some hot action. It actually had become some kind of a game only you two knew about: You tried to catch him, Altaïr tried to escape, and afterwards you two were losing all your lust and frustrations in the bedroom.

You crawled up to Altaïr’s face and kissed him again as you rubbed his brown hair. "And still you managed to escape," you said as you kissed his throat, it made him gasp. "You killed all my guards when they tried to ambush you. Reports said that you tortured one of them," you said as you looked into his golden eyes. You laid your hand on his strong jaw, and looked at the assassin shining with pride. "You are such a cruel, coldhearted man you know that," you said and kissed him.

Altaïr grabbed you and turned you on your back, claiming the place on top as he placed his whole strong body on you. "You start playing pretty dirty as well." He smirked as he kissed you and rubbed his hard dick against yours. "Those fake civilians in trouble are one thing, but bear traps in the haystacks is just low," he said and bit you in your neck.

"Whatever it takes to catch you, tiger," you moaned as Altaïr planted his teeth in your neck.

You turned Altaïr around again, and made your way down his long body when you were on top of him. You slid your tongue over his chest, six pack, and hips. You brought your face to his crotch, sliding your nose over his balls and onto his shaft followed by a trail of kisses. You kept kissing until you reached his top. You took Altaïr’s cock in your hand, gave it a few strokes and started sucking it.

Altaïr’s 8-inch cock was just delicious. You went further and further down while listening to Altaïr’s moans. Every time you and him had sex you managed to get further down. You reached 7 inches by now until you gagged. You wanted to pull back but Altaïr pressed your face down. "Just a little longer," he moaned.

You stayed there gagging for a second or five until Altaïr pulled his hand away. You came up coughing and it made Altaïr chuckle. "Son of a bitch," you said to him while you wiped the saliva from your chin.

Altaïr went on his knees and hugged you tight while he kissed you. "Don’t tell me you didn’t like that," he said in his most innocent tone.

You chuckled a little and kissed him back. You guys kept kissing, chests pressed together and your cocks rubbing against each other. Altaïr explored your back with his hands and you squeezed his cute ass with your hands. Altaïr pulled you away while you still had your lips on his. You set your teeth in his lower lip and pulled it with you for a bit. As soon as you released it Altaïr spanked you.

"On all fours, now!" he demanded. You did as you were told; you turned your ass to Altaïr and your head was facing the closed door. Altaïr didn’t go easy on you. As soon as he had his cock well aimed, he thrust it in without mercy. You felt the tears in your eyes and you squeezed your hands in the sheets. This was not the first time you and Altaïr had anal sex, and it would definitely not be the last, but still you always were overwhelmed by his aggression and size.

Altaïr pounded in your ass doggy style for a while as both your moans filled the room. "Don’t do it too loud," you whispered to him.

Altaïr laid his body on your back and licked your ear as he kept fucking you. "I can’t help it, babe," he growled. "You feel amazing."

You had a little grin on your face "Likewise," you moaned, "but if the guards hear us we will be in big trouble."

Altaïr grabbed your head and pulled you towards him. "If that happens then I will fight all of them and fuck you at the same time," he hissed in your ear. These few words turned your muscles into jelly; you fell down on the bed and allowed Altaïr to fuck you further. You couldn’t help it; you always had a weakness for his voice, particularly when he made threats. As the sex continued you felt the blankets and pillows underneath you get moist from your sweat, but that didn’t bother you. You focused on the pleasure Altaïr was giving you.

"Turn around," your assassin lover said.

You did as you were told. You turned on your back, facing Altaïr now, who was laying with his whole strong body upon you. Altaïr continued fucking you while he jerked off your own dick with his hand and looked into your eyes.

"You feel so good" he moaned. "We have fucked for like 100 times and you still didn’t loose shape," he said as he smiled to you; he just looked adorable when he smiled.

"You’re in pretty good shape as well," you moaned in a slutty tone as Altaïr destroyed your ass. "Every day you last longer, I don’t know how you do it but I love it," you said. Altaïr bent over you, and both of you started kissing. You moaned as you felt Altaïr’s abs rubbing over your dick.

After a few minutes Altaïr quickened his fucking rhythm considerably as you jerked your cock while looking at him. "Ahhh… babe, you drive me so close," he moaned in a husky tone.

You smiled from those words. "Please cum in my face," you moaned.

Altaïr smirked because of your slutty attitude. He pulled back and placed himself on your chest as he jerked his dick and you kept jerking yours. Altaïr growled like a tiger and with a few hard strokes he cummed all over your face, in your hair and in your mouth. As soon as the first cum rope hit your face, you felt a warm shiver down your spine and you had a full release as well.

Both of you were tired, sweaty, covered in semen and recovering for a while. Altaïr fell on the pillows next to you, and with his tongue he started to lick your cum up, while you cleaned your face with your tongue. Your hot session ended with hugs and kisses were you shared the flavour of each others’ juices.

You were still lying on the pillows like a mess while Altaïr was dressing. "Please stay a little longer," you sobbed as you watched him pull on his tunic.

"I can’t," he said. "Still much to do." And then he looked a bit confused to you. "Let me ask you something," he said. "If you are always so eager to catch me, why don’t you arrest me after we made love?" he asked.

You smiled and stood up. You walked towards him and placed your still naked body on his dressed one. "I played dirty many times, true," you said as you took his hand and brought it up to your face. "But I want to keep it somewhat fair," you started to nibble on Altaïr’s fingers. "Let’s say you have two safe places in Jerusalem: Your bureau - that is, until I find out where it is - and my bedroom, our little secret place. In the other parts of the city I will hunt you down." You smirked at him as you sucked on Altaïr’s finger.

The two of you kissed for a while to say goodbye to each other. "Bet I could outsmart your guards with ease again," he said.

"Good luck." You smirked. "It will be hard for you to leave my palace, let alone leave the city."

Altaïr walked to the open window with you and kissed your cheek. "If I escape I will bring something kinky for you to wear next time," he smirked.

"Just go already," you said as you smacked his ass one more time before he climbed out of the window and onto the rooftop.

You were placing yourself on the pillows again, still sensing Altaïr’s sexy smell when you heard the guards outside shouting the words, "Assassin! Kill him!!"

Good luck, you son of a bitch, you thought as you closed your eyes and fell asleep.

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