I'm A Hurricane

I'm having a drink by myself in a pub in Havana. Sitting near me is one of the most dangerous and desirable pirates in all of the West Indies, Edward Kenway. I can see him eyeing me and he soon starts a conversation with me. Next thing I know he's leading me towards a secluded area by the beach. I've heard many stories of him being a womanizer, but to my advantage he hasn’t heard of me. He lays me down on the soft sand and we begin to kiss. He knows exactly what spots to touch and rub.

I let out quiet moan as he gets on top of me. He kisses my neck and I pull up my skirt. He pulls off my undergarments and starts to tease my moist slit. I see his face disappear under my skirt; soon after I feel his experienced tongue at work. My breath becomes hot and heavy, and as I soon can’t take it anymore, I pull his face up and whisper angrily in his ear, “Will you just fuck me already?” He smirks and whispers back, “Thought you’d never ask.” He unbuttons his pants and reveals a thick 7 inches of manhood. He lifts my legs up, gets into the anvil position, inserts himself and each minute I can feel him increase speed.

We kiss as he pounds me into oblivion underneath the stars. By now both of us are completely naked and my arms are wrapped around his neck.

“E-Edward,” I say, gasping for breath.

“What is it lass?” he says, slowing his thrusts.

“Let me get on top of you!” I say, trying to push him off of me.

Now he’s underneath me, he’s in my control. I slowly sit on him, feeling every inch get deeper and deeper. He helps hold me up as well as feeling me up whilst I ride him. I can feel his calloused hands on my warm, soft breasts while I feel his muscles move with every motion I make on his cock. I look up to see the stars surround us and I hear to sound of waves crashing into the docks nearby. With each hump I get closer to climaxing. “I don’t think I can take much more of this,” he says holding my hips. I reply, “Me neither.”

I can feel him coming closer with me, I speed up and he says, “My lady, if you keep this up I’ll—” I cut him off and say, “I want to feel your warmth in me.”

Not long after we peak at the same time, he pulls out in time and he covers me. I get off of him and we cuddle naked for hours. After some time has passed I awake to see the sun rising over the horizon. I begin to get dressed and as I stand he wakes up and asks, “What are you doing up so early, lass?” I reply, “Last night was fun, but I don’t belong to no city, don’t belong to no man.” He can barely keep his eyes open. “Sleep it off,” I say kissing him on the lips and begin to walk back to the city. I stop and turn back to him. “Oh, but if you ever come to visit Havana again, make sure you pay me a visit as well.” I smile and he gives me a smirk. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he says before laying back down, resting his head on his arms.

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