In The Forest

I can feel his hands on my waist, fingers digging into the flesh of my supple rear. His rough lips on the skin of my neck, sucking and biting while marking it with light hickies. I know I would have to find a way to hide them tomorrow.

“Connor..” I gasp as his hand grasps my ass gently, pulling away from my neck. “Say my real name,” he whispers, finding the waistband of my trousers and tugging them down along with the panties I wore that day. A chuckle leaves his lips when he sees the wetness that stained them which makes me blush.

He leans up and captures my lips with his, his fingers working to get my shirt undone. I always bind my breasts with bandages in order to fit them under my shirts that are particularly tight around my chest. Somehow a knife is in his hands and he’s working to cut through the bandages. My breasts practically spill out when the bandages drop.

He has this hunger in his eyes as he gets to ravaging them, squeezing one and sucking on the other while his tongue swirls around my nipple. He repeats this back and forth until I am dripping down my legs and my cheeks are flushed.

His hand trails down, between my legs as his fingertips brush up against my outer folds and I nearly collapse just from his simple touches. “Ratonhnhaké:ton…” I cry as he pushes in a thick finger into my entrance, waiting a little before adding another to which I whimper out of the slight pain, but much more out of pleasure.

He works slowly, pumping in and out with shallow thrusts as I moan out softly for him, my hands rest on his broad shoulders. His name becomes my mantra as his pace picks up until I am gripping his shoulder, my nails digging in as my back rubs against the bark of the tree.

At this point, all I want is his cock inside me and him fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. It’s almost like he read my mind that he pulls his fingers out of me and licks off the juices that cover them. It is so arousing how he did it that I bite my lip, and then he begins to undo his pants, his hard length pitching a tent beneath the thin fabric.

Once he pulls them down, his cock springs up as he walks forward until he is almost over me. I stare into those dark eyes that lust has glazed over, his hand grabs my thighs and lifting them up, positioning his cock at my sopping entrance. He is very well endowed and I sometimes fear that it’d hurt too much, but he is always the gentle type.

He slowly pushes in as I feel my walls being deliciously stretched with his cock; I know I could be as loud as I wish in the middle of the forest but I still feel the risk of being caught with him. He would start slow and shallow as I adjust to his size. I stare deeply into his eyes as he slowly begins to pick up his pace until he is at a merciless and quick pace, thrusting into me with vigor. My voice screams his true name over and over again in some sort of mantra as my back rubs against the rough bark. I feel no pain at all, only the sweet pleasure as he thrusts in and out of me.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton! Ratonhnhaké:ton!”

I hear him grunt and moan quietly above me as I hold fast onto his shirt, screaming at the top of my lungs for the whole forest to hear. He is unrelenting in his thrusts as he silences me with his lips on mine, hungrily and forcing his tongue into my mouth which I wrestle with for dominance but I know I will never win.

“I’m close!” I force to say to him as I feel my orgasm creeping up quickly, the coil in my stomach twisting. “Me too..” He groans out as his thrusts gets more erratic.

My end comes when he gives a hard thrust which is also his undoing as I come on his cock and his warm cum shoots into me, ribbons after ribbons. My mind slowly traveling down after my high as he caresses my cheek softly with one hand, “Are you okay?”

I nod slowly as he pulls out, helping me redress as I relax against the tree, trying to regain myself after that.

“Was I being too rough?” he asks as he applies a kind of ointment on my back after he notices the blood that seeps through my thin cotton shirt. I shook my head as I wince at the stinging sensation.

“Maybe we should do it in the bed~” I coo after he finishes and turns around, tackling him down onto the bed as I press my lips against his.

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