It’s A Dangerous Game

My body aches deliciously as I wake from my sleep, fully aware that I am not alone, but there’s one less in the bed than there should be. There’s a warm arm draped over my waist and a body pressed against me, sheets and pillows in disarray around us. I look over my shoulder at the sleeping form of Shay Cormac against me, snoring lightly into the pillow. He is precious when he sleeps; it seems to take years off him. I look around the room for any other sign of life besides Shay and I, only to notice the balcony doors open, a soft breeze filtering through the room. I edge out from under Shay’s arm, careful not to wake him, not that he will anyway. Shay sleeps like the dead most of the time. I pick up a shirt from the floor and quickly pull it on before moving over to the door and to the occupant of the balcony.

“It’s early. What are you doing awake?” I ask, wrapping my arms around his naked torso, his trousers the only piece of clothing he had put back on. “Are Shay and I bad company?” He takes my hand and pulls me to his front, pressing me against the balcony rails. Haytham Kenway is just everything a man should be; confident, charismatic, handsome, passionate. He takes me by the waist and kisses me gently, my fingers running up into his hair, which is loosely tied with his red ribbon.

“Not at all, my dear,” he says once he pulls back. “I thought some fresh air would do me some good. Might I say that you look rather beautiful in my shirt? I might have to let you keep it. I do have plenty more.” I giggle and lean in for another kiss, the Grand Master’s hands sliding up the back of my thighs to my naked buttocks under the long shirt, kneading my flesh with his fingertips. “Hmm, no underclothes this morning? That is just asking for trouble.” I smile slyly and run my hands over his chest, biting at his bottom lip.

“Oi, am I invisible in here?” comes that unmistakable Irish lilt as Shay walks towards the balcony in all his naked glory. I feel myself getting wet just looking at him. They both have that effect on me. “We fucking out here on the balcony? Little bit kinky, no?” He presses himself up against Haytham’s back, hands on his hips, pressing his lips into the crook of the Grand Master’s neck, kissing him there before taking his earlobe between his teeth gently. He grinds his hips into Haytham’s backside, making the other man moan gently before Shay reaches out for me and presses a passionate kiss to my lips, which I welcome without hesitation. “I was quite surprised to wake up alone. Thought you’d gone and deserted me.”

“Not a chance, Cormac,” Haytham says. “Our lovely lady here was wondering why I was up so early. I was merely taking in some fresh air.”

“Well, I’m awake because two of the warmest bodies I’ve ever had the pleasure of holding had left me,” he says. “Come back to bed, will you? Sun’s not even up properly yet.” Shay pushes against Haytham a little harder which makes Haytham press against me. I can feel Haytham’s half hard cock against me and I raise my eyebrow.

“Hmm, maybe this could be taken back to bed,” I agree and slip out of Haytham’s grasp and move back into the bedroom, sprawling across the large bed leisurely. I wait on them to join me, Haytham closing the balcony doors behind us as Shay comes to join me on the bed, cock stading proudly to attention. “Ooh, someone’s ready to go again.”

“Damn right I am, lass,” Shay says. “How do you want to do this, m’lady?” I sit up and proceed to push Shay down onto his back before I climb on top of him. I look up to see Haytham watching us from where he stands over by the doors before he sits down in the armchair nearby.

“Haytham?” I say gently.

“I want to watch you both. I want to see how beautiful you are together,” he says, unlacing his trousers and pulling out his cock, which is already very interested in what is about to happen. I watch his hands, stroking steady and firm. “I didn’t really get a good look at you last night when I had a face full of Shay’s arse.” The Irishman laughs.

“You loved it,” Shay comments before I steal a kiss from his lips. I watch Haytham the best I can, eyes fixed on his hand, which is bringing him to full hardness. Shay pushes at the shirt I am wearing, helping me get it off and leaving me naked in front of my two favourite men. Shay runs his fingers over my breasts, thumbing my nipples as he does so. I moan, pushing my breasts into his hands and rocking my lower half against his hard cock before I take hold of him, sinking down onto his slowly. He groans deep in his throat as I take him all the way in before I steal yet another kiss.

“You’re beautiful, lass,” Shay says when I pull away from his lips.

“Hmm, indeed you are,” Haytham agrees, his voice a little strained. I bit my lip as I begin to ride Shay slowly, pressing my hands down on his chest to keep myself upright. I look over at Haytham once more, the Grand Master still touching himself. Shay groans beneath me and I can’t help but let out one of my own.

“Haytham...” I breathe and his eyes meet mine. I hold out my hand to him. “Touch me.” He stares for a moment, his hand stilling, before he stands, dropping his trousers to the floor completely, his cock standing proudly to attention. He comes to stand next to the bed, one hand stroking over Shay’s chest as he leans in to kiss me, his tongue meeting mine. His kiss is intoxicating, Shay’s too. I can’t get enough of either of them. Haytham slides onto the bed behind me, kneeling between Shay’s calves. He wraps his arms around me, his hands cupping my breasts as he kisses the back of my neck and shoulders. I lean back into his embrace as my hips rock against Shay’s, the sensation of both of their bodies touching mine something I never want to forget. Shay reaches for Haytham’s hand and drags it down my body and between my legs, two fingers rubbing firmly against my clit. I swallow back a gasp as he touches me, my eyes falling closed and my head back in the crook of his neck as he leaves little bites all over my shoulders.

“You should see her face, Haytham,” Shay says, breathlessly. His hips move with mine, moving inside me at a glorious pace. Haytham cups my cheek and turns me to face him the best I can in our position. He smiles quite proudly. I can only imagine how I looked. My cheeks are hot, I am panting for breath and my muscles are twitching under the dual torture.

“Hmm, beautiful,” he says and captures my lips in a kiss, making Shay groan at the display in front of him.

“Damn, where can I get some of that?” he asks and Haytham chuckles when he pulls back from my lips.

“You only need ask, Shay,” Haytham says before all the warmth surrounding me from behind is gone and Haytham is at Shay’s side, his lips finding the other Templar’s and kissing him senseless. He brings one of his hands away from my hip to cup the back of Haytham’s head. I am mesmerized by them, the feeling of my orgasm building within me just watching them. My hand moves to my own clit, touching myself furiously to bring on the inevitable as Haytham kisses down Shay’s chest, taking a hard nipple in his mouth and biting gently. Shay groans and gives a particularly sharp thrust and I am over the edge, crying out loud as my whole body shudders through my orgasm. I feel their eyes on me as I try to refocus my vision.

“That was a beautiful sight to witness, lass,” Shay says. I giggle and climb off him, his cock still painfully hard and leaking. I take him in hand and stroke him a couple of times as Haytham repositions himself, kneeling behind me once more before he pushes me down on all fours, arse in the air for his eyes only. He kneads his fingers into my buttocks again, holding me tightly, before he pushes into me. I shudder gently, still sensitive from orgasm. Shay’s eyes are on Haytham for a moment. “How does she feel, Haytham?” he asks and the Grand Master makes a ‘hmm’ sound in the back of his throat.

“Soft,” he says, his fingertips pressing harder into my hips. “Warm, pliant under my touch, such a good girl.” I blush gently at the praise before Haytham starts moving within me. Shay just stays where he is, my hand gripping the base of his cock before my mouth takes him in, circling the head with my tongue. Shay reaches down and quickly ties up my hair, holding it up and away from my face, his breath coming harder as I tease his cock with my tongue. Haytham is gentle with me but I long to feel every thrust he gives me. I meet one of his thrusts, pressing myself back harder against him when he thrusts forward. He moans and so do I. “You want it harder?” he asks me.

“Yes, Grand Master,” I say in an innocent voice and before I know it he begins to pound into my body, skin slapping on skin as I moan around Shay’s cock, sucking him like there is no tomorrow. The room is soon full of our moans and cries and Shay’s occasional swear word. It is hot and my skin is starting to sweat. Shay reaches back and grabs the sheets in his fists, turning his face into his arm, biting down on his own skin as I bring him closer to the edge. His skin stretches out over his abdominal muscles as he arches his back, the silver scars standing out more. “Shay, you’re beautiful.” I lick a stripe up the side of his cock then throw my head back as Haytham hits that wonderful spot inside me that is almost making me see stars. I feel his thighs tremble against the back of mine as his rhythm appears to stutter.

“Fuck...” Shay moans from beneath me. “I’m going to... aah, shit...” he moans and I let him go, stroking him as he comes hard all over his own stomach and chest, body heaving for breath as his orgasm rippled through him. My own end is near and by the sound of Haytham’s laboured breaths, so is his. “Haytham, you’re fucking perfection. Let go,” Shay says and Haytham thrusts once more and he is spilling hotly inside me, his body jerking and twitching through it as he gasped for breath. He continues to move until he’s ridden it out, my own orgasm crashing over me and I collapse on top of Shay. Haytham pulls out and crawls up to lie next to Shay before I slot myself in at Shay’s other side, the Irishman holding me close. Shay grabs the shirt we had discarded earlier and cleans off his chest before throwing it to the floor, Haytham leaning in to kiss him as I bite his chest gently.

“Sun’s not even up yet,” Shay says when we are all settled in companionable silence. “And no one needs to be doing anything so early, right?”

“Right...?” Haytham says before Shay grabs the sheets and pulled them up over us.

“Some more sleep then,” he says and I chuckle.

“Okay then, we can sleep a little longer,” Haytham agrees, the three of us curling under the sheets together. I don’t want to think about the mission the two of them are leaving me for later that day. I only hope to God they’ll both come back to me in one piece.

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