Just Give In

Oh, are you awake, darling?” I cooed softly, passing my finger over Frye’s cheek. He slowly opened his eyes and twitched as he spotted me – only to find out that his hands were chained to the wall. “Good, because I was thinking that my men hit you head hard enough, although I asked them to be more delicate.”

“What do you want from me, Templar?” the leader of the Rooks growled, giving me a scathing glance. This is exactly what I liked about him. I was turned on by his anger, by his reckless and rebellious nature, by that passion he felt every time he got down to business. I remembered how I saw him for the first time during the fight, when Frye dealt with the Blighters, going on killing spree without mercy, hardened to fatigue. At that moment my eyes ignited with burning desire like the rest of my body. Desire to have this man. No, that he would have me. If he was so passionate in battle then how it would be to have him in bed? We may be on different sides of the trenches, but I could swear that Jacob wanted me as much as I wanted him. Though, he was too proud to admit it, that’s why I need to push him a little.

“Don’t you understand? It’s you. I want you, love.” I playfully ran the tip of my tongue over his cheekbone, feeling a slight pricking when I touched his stubble. The man twitched again, but I heard how he began to breathe very quickly.

“Go fuck yourself, you little bitch!” He hissed, trying to break free, but it was useless. Didn’t I mention that I took his clothes off beforehand? And now nothing could stop me from enjoying the look of his beautiful muscular body. My nail scratched his nipple, making the assassin grit his teeth as Frye continued to watch me with some arrogance in his eyes.

“I won’t force you against your will, sweet Jacob,” I purred, smiling, while almost touching his earlobe with my lips, “You will take me yourself, with pleasure.” I caressed his shoulders and arms, unable to let go of that beloved body.

Frye was watching me silently like he was curious about how far I could go. I fondled him everywhere except the place where he wanted to feel my hands the most. I smirked and pressed my back to his chest. Needless to say that I was naked too. The warm breath of the man was burning my skin. I was gently rubbing my buttocks against his crotch, gradually making his cock become hard and ready.

“I like everything about you - from your choice of weapons to your sweet voice. Tell me what you want to do with me,” I asked, giving him a smile.

“I want to cut your throat and throw you into the Thames!” the hollow roar escaped his mouth before Frye roughly bit my neck with his teeth. I gasped, pressing my ass into man’s abdomen which made him groan. Another indication of the fact that we both loved dangerous situations; that we wanted to know how was it to sleep with the person you suppose to hate.

“You know it’s not true, Jacob,” I grinned, when his member was squeezed between my butt cheeks. “But I like when you are so aggressive. It makes me want to tame you like a wild animal.”

“You can try,” assassin babbled. Nevertheless, he did not hasten to move away from my body.

“Is this an offer, Mr. Frye?” I closed my eyes, wrapping my hands behind my back so now they were around Jacob’s neck.

“Set me free and you’ll see,” he said calmly, suddenly pushing forward his hips thus the head of his cock slipped inside me. I cried out and shrank back.

“So you wouldn’t mind, huh? But not so fast, my love,” I palmed his cheek. “I need to be sure.” I walked away from the man, lying on the bed that was standing right in front of him. Then I spread my legs widely in order to demonstrate him how wet he made me.

“It happens every time I look at you. Maybe you should stop pretending, Jacob? The fact that I am a Templar doesn’t mean that we can’t be together. At least when we are talking about sex.” I playfully raised my eyebrow, while my hand was sliding between my thighs. “All this time I imagined how you will take me with that kind of passion which you experience during the fight. I’m sure you know how to pleasure a woman.” I smiled and touched my clitoris. “I have been waiting for this for so long. I even avoided any kind of relationships, being aware that I will have my biggest reward in the end.” I took a look at Frye who was watching me back.

“Could you leave a girl in a state like this, knowing that you are the cause of it?” I mumbled, throwing my head on the pillow, aroused by the fact he was looking at me.

“Damn wench,” the assassin hissed, making another attempt to break the shackles.

“Take me. I want you,” I whispered, ignoring his words. “And you?” My fingers were now inside my slick folds, when I began to stretch myself.

“YES, I WANT YOU, FUCK! Let me go at last! I hope you understand what you got yourself into,” Frye roared.

I approached him, taking the key and getting rid of the shackles, when the assassin attacked me, biting my lips and then possessively penetrating my mouth with his tongue. He held me tight and my pubis was rubbing against his dick. I moaned into his mouth, ruffling the man’s hair until he picked me up and threw me on the bed. I had no time to think as Jacob’s head was now between my thighs and he started to lick my pussy, doing it loudly and shamelessly.

“Mmhh, that’s it. I always knew this tongue is good not only for talking,” I laughed, moving my hips. The assassin bit my clit and I screamed. He knew that I liked it rough.

I was shaking, feeling my orgasm approaching. But no matter how much I wanted to come, I decided that I do it while his cock inside me. That’s why I had to push Frye away as he fell on the sheet.

“Come here,” I grinned, instantly grasping the man’s dick. Jacob groaned and twitched when my nails pierced his gentle member.


“Maybe, but you like it that way,” I smiled and began to suck his hard throbbing cock. Jacob growled wildly, instinctively pushing his hips towards my mouth in order to sink deeper.

“I’m going to unbrace my throat, so go on,” I said around his dick. With every thrust he moaned even more and louder. Before Frye could climax I pulled away, leaving him unsatisfied.

“Don’t worry, you won’t stay like this for long,” I sent him a sly smile, spreading my saliva and his pre-cum across the member. After that I just straddled his thighs and put his dick inside my moist pussy. At the moment when Jacob entered me completely we both groaned in unison.

I bent over to the assassin’s face so I could leave a hot kiss on his lips, while he was ramming inside me with his whole length, picking up a fast pace.

“Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn’t dream of that.”

“Shit,” he hissed, digging his nails into the skin of my hips. “I wanted to do it since I saw that cocky smile on your face. I was thinking could you smile like that if my tongue was between your wet folds.”

“You are a naughty boy,” I closed my eyes, smirking, feeling how deep the assassin was penetrating me. “Show me how you would fuck a Templar,” I demanded as Jacob put me on all fours and rushed into me from behind with more force than before. He brushed against all of my weak spots, making me gasp and scream. Frye also coiled my hair around his fist, pulling my head back and now I was driving my thighs into his groin, taking his cock to the brim.

“Yes, Jacob, fuck me harder!” I begged, squeezing the sheet. He slapped my ass and I cried out again. It seemed he liked the way my skin became pink after his actions so the assassin decided not to stop until my buttocks were quite red as he finished slapping me.

Suddenly Jacob licked his fingers and then pressed them to my other hole, pushing one inside my tight ass. I gasped loudly, turning around to face him.

“What are you doing? I didn’t agree to that,” I moaned, ashamed to admit that I have never had anal sex.

“I warned you that you should be ready for everything, Even this. However today I’m going to use only my fingers in order to tease you. You will love it, I’m sure.” The assassin smiled devilishly, inserting the whole finger.

“Ah! Damn!” I bit my lip to suppress a cry, when he added a second finger.

“That’s enough,” Frye said, continuing to fuck my pussy with his cock and my ass with his long fingers. “I bet you like it already.”

I mumbled something incomprehensible when the man took off his hand from my butt, pressing me closer to him, massaging my breasts, and didn’t fling up a chance to tease my hard nipples. My walls tightened around his member, making it easier for me to cum and bring my lover to orgasm. My hand went down to my swollen clit and I began to fondle it. Jacob’s lips found mine, giving me a rough kiss while man’s dick was mercilessly slamming into my vagina.

In a minute I was already shaking due to the sweet agony washing through my body. I yelled, repeating Frye’s name before I collapsed on the mattress. Jacob did a few more thrusts and then pulled out, splashing his semen over my ass and waist, falling on top of me.

I lazily pushed man away, turning around and trying to focus my eyes on something particular.

“Fuck me, it was the best orgasm in my life,” my voice was husky after all that screaming, so I was barely heard, trying to calm down my heart that was beating fast. I turned my head to the assassin who was looking at the ceiling.

“I can not but agree,” he whispered.

“See? It’s not so difficult to admit,” I grinned and wrapped my leg around his hip, bringing Jacob closer.

“Where is my blade?” he asked all of a sudden, taking me by surprise.

“Do you want to kill me?” I confusedly questioned him.

“No. I just wanted to use it with more…intimate purpose,” the playful smile appeared on man’s face as he pulled my lower lip with his teeth.

“Mmmh, I will gladly listen if you tell me more about these purposes of yours,” I chuckled, caressing his back with my fingertips.

“Give me ten minutes and I will show you EXACTLY what I intent to do with it.” Frye giggled, possessively grabbing my buttock and kissing me greedily.

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