When the time Jacob usually came back home neared, you scrambled to put on the lacy set. The corset was a pretty eggshell blue, lace of a lighter shade covering the material. A small crystal hung down from the valley of your chest, reflecting the dying sunlight seeping in from the bathroom window. The matching panties barely covered your ass- you could see why Jacob liked this set.

Footsteps echoed as Jacob’s voice sounded. “I’m home,” he said. Just the sound of his throaty purr sent shockwaves down to your clit, and you wanted nothing more than to touch yourself, to orgasm to just the sound of his voice.

But Jacob was nearing, so you hurriedly grabbed the black silk cloth hanging on the doorknob of your bedroom, finishing tying it and settling into position just before he came in.

“Fuck,” you could hear his voice hissing loudly. You bit your lip, unsure of his current location.

Your arms were held behind your back, your generous breasts lifted into the air, presenting the newest corset he bought for you. You legs were spread slightly, just enough for Jacob to notice the wet spot on the middle of your panties, and your eyes were covered by the sloppily tied blindfold.

Without your eyesight, everything suddenly seemed a lot more intimate as sounds of clothes being taken off were heard. You could feel his eyes scrunitizing you. You have never felt as aroused as in this moment.

His first touch startled you, a feather-light stroke down the smooth column of your neck. His hands moved to the sides of your head, you skin prickling and on hyper alert. He gently took off the blindfold and tied it on again more securely.

His mouth moved down to your neck after he finished tying your blindfold, alternating between quick nips and slow sucking. “Fuck, love. You look amazing.”

You had no doubt that there would be hickies tomorrow.

Suddenly, wet warmth enveloped your left nipple through the fabric of your corset, making you thrust your breasts up in surprise. One of his hands pulled the top of your corset down, tweaking your right nipple lightly, the twin sensations causing a moan to jump out of your throat.

“Jacob, please,” you gasped, wanting more, so much more.

His low chuckle rumbled against your chest. “Patience, love.” His hands left your tits, nimbly unclasping your constricting corset. He drew his mouth away, the coldness chilling your pert nipples.

Jacob noticed your subtle shifting as pins and needles started attacking your legs. He silently lifted you from your position into his arms, laying you gently down on the mattress. His fingers trailed down your bare stomach, drawing swirling patterns on your skin lightly before moving down towards your pussy.

You breathing quickened as his fingers started applying the lightest of pressure onto your clit, moving his thumb down firmly along your covered slit.

Then your panties were slowly pulled down, and you shoved the blindfold off roughly to watch his motions.

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