Long Day of Work

It was the most exhausting day I ever had at work. Making deliveries all day wasn't the idea I had in mind when I started working for a restaurant. I am now sitting on a bench, at the bus stop, when I felt my phone vibrate. Maybe it was just another notification from a random social media I have?

It was Arno.

"Hey Babe. When are you coming over? Shay's with me and we're waiting for you to watch a movie together.”

Shay…Didn't see him since he moved back to Boston a year ago. I remember the gift Arno and I gave him: a final threesome. Yeah, I can still hear his screams along with Arno’s.

"I'm on my way Beauty."

I sent him the message. Five minutes hadn’t passed when I realized that our TV hasn’t been working for two weeks now.

Arno…what are you planning, you precious fool?

Ten minutes after, I finally arrived home and walked towards the door. When I entered, it was dark.

"Arno? Shay? Is this some kind of joke? Y’all know I’m sensitive when it comes to scaring me, right?"

I spoke, hoping they could hear and give me mercy.

"We're on the second-floor Babe! Come!"

I heard Arno's voice from above. I took off my jacket and started to walk towards the bedroom I share with Arno. When I arrived at our room, I opened the door without a second thought.

"Hey Honey. How was your-... oh".

There laid Shay and Arno naked on our bed, legs spread wide open for me and with toys deep inside their ass.

"Hello Baby. ~"

I could feel my cock growing hard and hot with the view I have in front of me.

"C'mere lad. We were waiting for you for so long."

Spoke Shay, swinging his ass a bit, trying to provoke me. It was something that always worked successfully. Arno then did the same thing.

"S'il-te-plait Babe. Fuck me hard. I need it so badly."

I started touching my balls, feeling how hard they were. Oh yes, this was the best gift I could receive after a long day of work.

"I'm going to fuck y’all until y’all can't remember your names, you fuckin' sluts."

My hands were cold, so when I touched a leg from both men, they froze. I smirked naughtily as I slid my hands up to their balls and grabbed them hard. I heard a little moan escape from Arno’s mouth.

I started with massaging them slowly, Shay letting out some sighs. Yeah, just as the last time. I knew I would really love this night. I teased them for a while, playing a bit with their hard dicks and moving the toys they had in their ass.

"Damn it! Just fuckin take us already, you bastard!! Fuck us hard!!"

Demanded Shay without patience. I then slapped his ass hard, making him moan.

"Shh precious, the fun is just going to start."

I slapped his ass one more time. Aah, I was the luckiest guy to have the two best, juiciest of asses in all the world just for me.

I couldn't resist anymore, and I bit softly on that beautiful ass of Arno’s, making him moan.

"Eat my ass Daddy, do whatever you want with it."

Oh baby, believe I will do a lot of things with your butt. I took off all my clothes, staying equally naked as the two men in my bed. Then, I took out the toys they had, and I couldn't do anything more than just watch their entrances: so wet, so beautiful... so delicious. I introduced one finger in Arno's entrance while I started licking and kissing all over Shay's, making him moan louder. Arno couldn't stop moaning and letting out some sighs as I moved my finger inside him.

"That's it Bae. Eat me. Eat all of me."

I heard Shay moaning. Oh god, he tastes so good, I couldn't resist introducing my tongue in his entrance.

"Aah! fuck!"

I took myself away to switch with Arno, introducing a finger in Shay's entrance, and eating wildly at Arno's.

"Oh oui!! Putain! Yes, Babe that's it. Take it all!"

Hmm, Arno's butt tastes sooo good, so great. Oh gosh, I wish I could have him every day for breakfast. But then, I felt myself being pushed away towards the floor with Shay on top of me.

"Enough teasing pretty boy. Now, let's start the best part."

He said, Arno standing up in front of me while biting his lower lip.

Madafakin' yes.

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