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(Recommended listening: Principles Of Lust by Enigma)

Try to sleep dear,” Mum yelled at me and I sighed as I cracked my neck loudly as I placed my Ezio-portrait on my table. Did I just waste almost a whole Autumn to do that? I thought hard as I crawled under the sheet and fell asleep breathing calmly and peacefully.

Mia cara,” a velvet and deep male voice was purring in my ear and I groaned. No, I didn't have any boyfriends and that was pretty much scary. “Who-?” I mumbled and opened my eyes seeing Ezio Auditore lying top of me and, god, his face. His lips, his scar and his beard. “Don't tell me this is a dream,” I whispered shyly and blushed fiercely as I looked away while I felt Ezio leaning close to my ear.

“Of course it is mia cara,” Ezio growled against my lips and began to tease me by licking my lower lip gracefully. I gasped and bit my lip to cover my moans. I'm screwed, I thought and covered my face but Ezio didn't want any of that. “Let me see your beautiful face, mia bella,” Ezio purred and I looked at him as he was grinning widely.

“What are you going to do to me?”

Isn't that obvious mia bella?” Ezio chuckled as he grabbed my hand and began to kiss my knuckles while I moaned quietly and covered my mouth. “I'll get you sing for me belladonna,” the silverfox said hoarsely and began to undress himself slowly as I grabbed every bit of the satin sheet which was covering my already-naked-body.

“E-E-Ezio...” I stuttered and my gaze roamed his chest as I shyly reached to touch his collarbone and moving my fingers towards his abs. “Your gift mia signorina.” Ezio grabbed my hand again and he was looking at my fingers interested as I remembered what they had been doing. Magic on his details, on his skin and on his lips.

My thoughts drift back on the moment as I watched how Ezio slowly began to lick my fingers like he was worshipping my right hand. I moaned softly and looked at him shyly under my eyelashes as the Italian Stallion was looking at me hungrily. Like I was his prey and that I was.

“Is this your first time mia bella?” Ezio whispered silkily as he crawled top of me a predatory gaze on his eyes. “W-with a man. I had had sex many years ago but that was with a girl,” I mumbled embarrassed. “Why? You're so beautiful.” Ezio was surprised at this and I licked my lips. “I have been harrassed countless times by men,” I whispered and Ezio cupped my chin to force me to look at him.

“No one will harm you. I won't allow it mia bella,” Ezio growled loudly and then he kissed me hungrily. I was extremely inexperienced and Ezio might have seen that as he cupping my face to calm me. “Your body is like pure silk. I bet you taste even better mia cara.” I moaned at that and Ezio just chuckled. “Not funny Ezio,” I hissed and Ezio bit my neck as his response which made me gasp.

“You don't need this,” Ezio practically growled hoarsely and dropped the satin sheet right next to us. I was vulnerable. My full breasts were eagerly waiting for his mouth, my nipples extremely hard and I whimpered under his hungry stare. He's not a silver fox at all.Buon appetito.” Ezio winked at me and began to lick my nipples as he pushed my breasts front of his eyes. “So soft.” I yelped as I felt Ezio's teeth on my both nipples and I grinded against him.

“T-tease...” I whispered and Ezio laughed warmly as he kissed his way on my belly. I whimpered and moaned now louder as Ezio's large hands were stroking my wide hips and pushing my legs wide open for him. “Look at me, mia bella,” Ezio said hoarsely and I closed my eyes as his beard was tickling my skin. The bastard was nuzzling against my thigh, kissing, licking and biting every single part of my body except my clit.

“Look at me,” Ezio said lower, more powerfully and I had no choice but to obey him. “What do you need, mia bella?” Ezio growled as he placed my legs on his shoulders and I gulped. “You. You pleasuring me, you fucking me, you giving me the release I need. Please, Ezio. Please,” I whimpered and pushed my hips towards his face.

“You naughty girl,” Ezio said deeply and kissed his way towards my pussy making me scream. Jesus have I always been this vocal? I thought and looked at Ezio who was now focused on eating me out and dear God he was good at that. He parted my outer lips and began to lick my clit hungrily. I couldn't stop from being noisy. He was torturing me and he pulled away as I was feeling my climax coming.

“You traitor,” I hissed icily and cupped his groin making him moan and of course to give him a taste his own medicine. How dare he but then my victory was too short for me to celebrate. “Like a true fruit. I would love to eat you up,” Ezio growled and licked his fingers as I watched him in shock.

“Don't tease me anymore Ezio,” I moaned and looked at him right under my eyelashes which caused him to enter in me one, rough and quick action. I screamed and began to scratch on his shoulders as Ezio moaned deeply and began to thrust in me slowly.

“You keep surprising me, mia cara. So tight. Am I the first one to fuck you?” Ezio winked and I slapped his arse wanting him to move faster but he didn't buy that. “Tell me, mia bella,” Ezio said forcefully again and I nodded as I moaned.

“Yes,” I whispered and Ezio froze. “What did you say?” he purred innocently and I rolled my eyes as I grabbed his arse. “Yes, you are. Now fuck me! Ezio!” I screamed and that made Ezio realize how we were craving for our release. “A-a-aaaah,” I whimpered and Ezio began to suck my earlobe as he was moving in me with animalistic need. “You're mine,” he groaned as he began to mark my neck with hickeys and all I could do was nod, try to answer to him and feel how my climax was coming.

“I-I-I'm going to cum Ezio!” I moaned and cupped his face as he smirked his famous smirk. “Ladies first, belladonna,” Ezio grunted and with that I came hard feeling his orgasm exploding in me.

“Round two will come soon, mia cara. Will you draw more of me?” Ezio whispered as he kept kissing my face and I bit my lip guiltily. I have to draw Jacob Frye next, I thought and I could swear a deep laugh echoing next to my ear. “I can't promise yet,” I whispered and stroked Ezio's beard as I felt his seed fill me perfectly. “I want you to,” my silver fox growled again and on that I closed my eyes falling asleep. Me lying next to Ezio Auditore.

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