Office Mates

By vvvici

I knock twice on my boss' door, hardly waiting for his irritated “come in” before slipping past the doorway. I know Haytham hates having his work interrupted, but ever since he became Abstergo's new CEO he does nothing but work.

“Good afternoon, Mister Kenway.”

A long-suffering sigh. “I'm very busy today.”

As always. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” I tease, swinging my hips playfully as I walk closer. Steely-blue eyes finally glance up, apparently enticed by the motion.

For about two seconds, anyway; his eyes quit roaming my figure and instead go back to his computer screen.

“I have a meeting here in a few minutes,” he says.

I roll my eyes and step behind his chair to rub his tense shoulders, peering at the screen around his head.

“Super-secret important Templar business?” I was recently inducted into the Order at my lover's recommendation, but without enough rank to be let in on all meetings. Even so, I know what an honor it is to be in the Order at all. Almost as much of an honor as it feels to be Haytham Kenway's lover.

“If only. Some budget review for the Entertainment branch. Tedious, but necessary.” He lets out a low hum of approval as I work a knot from his shoulders, leaning back into my hands.

“Hmm, it sounds dull,” I purr.

“But necessary,” Haytham insists, velvet voice mulled from my massage.

I lean closer to him, lips next to his ear and breasts just brushing his suit-clad back. “You know, I think it's necessary you take a break and enjoy yourself.” I press a kiss to his jaw, sliding my hands from his shoulders and down his chest. The sharply defined muscles tense under my touch. I slide back up just enough to loosen his tie and unbutton the top of his shirt, leaving kisses intermittently on the smooth expanse of skin.

He groans in the back of his throat and I shiver at the way his voice sounds, low and husky, as he speaks.

“We don't have time for this,” he warns.

I ignore my lover and walk around his chair, feeling his intense gaze watch my every motion as I straddle him. Despite his protest, Haytham's hands come to rest on my hips as I settle and begin kissing his jaw and throat, feeling his pulse speed up. “I mean it.” His conviction is a little weak in light of how his hands trail down over my backside as he speaks. I grin against his skin and press my hips forward against his.

“No more complaining,” I tell him sternly. My stomach flutters with excitement at saying such a thing—usually he gives the orders, even in the bedroom—until I'm pulled back and forced to meet his eyes.

“Only this once,” he says lowly, “because I like your initiative.” Then he kisses me firmly.

I grin and return to lavishing attention on Haytham's neck. I'll happily take advantage of this chance to take charge. I grind my hips against his again, feeling his arousal press against me as I do, and moan at the sensation. He starts to make a sound as well before suddenly cutting off and stiffening as we hear voices outside. I scramble out of his lap as he quickly redoes his shirt and tries to straighten his tie.

“Under the desk,” he recommends and I try not to roll my eyes. How cliché, it's like a bad porno! But the door clicks open and I drop to my knees, thankful the desk covers both me and Haytham's unflagging erection.

There's some chatter as everyone settles in for the meeting that I drown out, hardly even listening to Haytham's opening remarks even though I love hearing his silken voice. It's not exactly uncomfortable under the desk, but I'm not having a great time either. Ugh, I should've just listened and left, come back after the meeting when he'd be free and we could really get into it. After all, I'd always kind of wanted to be bent over a desk—a weird, naughty secretary fantasy kind of thing. Or there's all those big windows… I know they're tinted but there's something kind of hot about imagining Haytham holding me against them completely naked as he fucks me into the glass, wondering if anyone outside can see what we're doing.

I can't help wondering what Haytham's thinking about, if he's fantasizing somewhere in the back of his mind. About me? I notice that despite talking about something incredibly dull he's still hard as a rock, sporting a pretty impressive tent in his trousers. Maybe I should help…

I lick my lips. Well, being under the desk… it is the kind of thing I'd find in bad porno, but maybe there's a reason the trope is so popular.

Slowly, as to not make any sound, I crawl forward just a bit, spreading my lover's thighs apart slightly. I feel him stiffen and bite my lip so I don't laugh. Apparently, he didn't expect this when he told me to go under the desk. He doesn't struggle, though, which I take as a sign to slowly undo his belt. I wait a few seconds before licking a stripe over his clothed erection. I delicately bite the zipper, taking my time to drag it down to keep volume to a minimum, my hands following to move the rest of his clothes aside.

His cock springs free of its confines when I do, standing proud and rigid despite how little I've done. I feel myself grow even damper than my fantasies before made me. Damn, I am one lucky girl. I take it in my hands, stroking slowly. The slow motions coax a bit of precum out, his cock throbbing and leaking already. Just seeing it turns me on and I realize I need that cock in me right now.

I blow gently over the head before pressing a small kiss to it. My tongue follows, swirling over the tip and flicking his slit, tasting his precum, before I slowly begin to take him in, bit by bit. Haytham shifts above me, powerful thighs twitching under my hands. I try to smile around his girth. I pull off then back down a few times to get used to the motion before picking up speed. It's obvious Haytham's trying to keep his breathing under control as I work, and we should both be thankful he has an amazing poker face.

I suck harder the next time I pull back, so just the tip is in my mouth. My tongue washes over the head, feeling how swollen it is. I bring one hand up to wrap around his cock and the other slips under my skirt and into my panties to touch myself. I'm so wet the cloth is soaked and my sensitive inner thighs are slick as well. My fingers circle my engorged clit, the motions of my fingers mirrored by my tongue as it presses and flicks over the sensitive spot just below the head of Haytham's cock.

I shift a little to slip a finger inside myself, rolling my hips into my hand so the heel of my palm still rubs my clit. I begin to move slowly down Haytham's cock again, cheeks hollowed and tongue tracing the vein along the bottom, until I deepthroat him. I feel him twitch in my mouth, and am dimly aware of his breath hitching and being covered by a fake cough. Someone asks what's wrong, I think.

I don't really care so long as I get that delicious reaction from my usually composed lover again. I pull off and do it once more, holding down longer despite urges not to. Now Haytham's squirming, muscles taut. His fingers twitch down for a second to grip the armrest before he begins another bout of fake-coughing and I pull off with a grin.

I use my hands for a little bit again to give my throat (and Haytham's admirable restraint) a break. He's swollen and I can feel his pulse under my fingers, which are slick now with spit and precum. It's a little gross if I think too long about it but in the moment I couldn't care less, turned on as we both are. One of my hands moves back to my cunt and I smother a sigh of pleasure as I touch the engorged nub by bringing the tip of his cock back into my mouth. I keep stroking him in time to the rapid motions of my fingers on my clit.

Someone calls for the end of the meeting and I'm dimly aware of the door clicking closed, then Haytham pushes his chair back and grips the back of my head. His cock pushes in deeper into my mouth and I realize what he's about immediately. I brace my hands against his hips in the seconds he gives me before thrusting into the slick heat with a growl and a curse. His pace is rough, desperate, animalistic, and I try to match it with my fingers inside me, moaning as I do.

It doesn't take much longer at all before he hits his peak with a muffled snarl, his grip on the back of my head not loosening so I have to swallow convulsively around him, cum shooting down my throat.

He's breathing heavily as he pulls out and drags me to him for a harsh kiss. “On the desk,” he demands, in that tone I could never disobey even if I wanted to.

I lean over his desk, gripping the other side and watching him over my shoulder as he tucks himself away. I feel my skirt and panties get pulled off roughly. And then he's leaning over me, breath tickling the shell of my ear. “Never again, understand?”

“You seemed to like it—ah!” My insubordinate reply drifts into a pleasured cry when two fingers slip inside me and start thrusting into my sensitive depths. His other hand grips my hip hard enough to bruise. I'm close to cumming and we both know it as he works my body the way he knows I like. I writhe against the desk and back into his hand. “Shit, I'm close—“

Haytham pulls his fingers out, leaving me wanting. I moan unhappily, rolling my hips to try to get the sensation back. “Understand?”

I whimper desperately, still dripping with desire and clenching around nothing. I press my thighs together, rubbing them, fruitlessly hoping it'll generate some friction that will help until his thigh insinuates itself between them, preventing it. “Understand?”

A high-pitched moan. “Yes, sir, please—”

“Please what?”

“Please let me cum,” I beg. It seems good enough for today and I shudder in delight to feel his fingers on my clit, rubbing small, quick circles while he presses his crotch to my backside and nips my neck. I tense up under the onslaught before the tension in my loins snaps and I topple over the edge with a shout, knees buckling.

He draws it out with his fingers until I'm panting and lying heavily on top of his desk. I hear him rearranging his clothes behind me and take it as a sign to put mine back on as well. I catch sight of myself—cheeks flushed, hair disheveled, lips plump and reddened, throat sore, eyes bright with mirth—and can't regret a single thing. I never do with him, anyway.

I'm startled from my thoughts by strong arms tugging me into a firm hold and lips crushing against mine in a passionate kiss. Teeth gently nip my lower lip before we break apart, breathless. “You ought to head back to work.”

I nod, smiling. “Good day, Mister Kenway.”

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