One More Round

He seemed so worn down, but by a simple bartending job? Not to mention in a run-down bar that had mostly regulars and the occasional tourist. I had asked him many times before what was bugging him, he gave the same answer, ‘Family problems.’ Trouble with that was, he said he ran away from an abusive home. So why keep in contact with family?

A few more days went on, his condition worsened. He grew jaded and slow. I figured it was tension. Tension that needed release in some form. “Des. Come on. We are clocking out early.” I called over to him as he poured a draft for a regular.

“We still have three hours.” He called back.

Shaking my head, I marched over to him, “We are going, now. Come on, it’s a Tuesday night. Dave can handle things for one night.”

Sighing in defeat, he set the glass down and bid farewell to his regulars. Grabbing his jacket, he followed right behind me. “Alright so what is the point of me missing out on money?”

“Listen, Miles. You are tense over something and working all week isn’t going to help so I figured we could go somewhere else, have a few drinks and loosen you up a bit.” A flirtatious grin covered my face as I lay a teasing touch on his shoulder. I felt him shudder under my touch like he was aching for more.

He scoffed, “Alright, you little monster, I’ll go with you this one time.” He fought a smile that crept over his wind-bitten face.

Ending up at another bar, we sat far away from the crowd that gathered around the front. Ordering his favorite, I made sure he wasn’t going to deny me at least treating him once. A toast to our health and the first shot was downed. Three more followed, his flushed cheeks were a good sign that his tensions were being relieved. The noise level rose with the arrival of what looked like a birthday group, causing us to have to lean into each other to hear what one was saying. Not missing an opportunity, I brushed my cheeks against his, my hand would lay on his thigh every time I spoke to him, it seemed to inch its way higher and higher each time. He didn’t fight, if anything, he went with it.

After about eleven or so rounds, I paid the bill and we stumbled out. He seemed much more offset than I. “Des. You sure you can walk alone?” I laughed as he leaned against the wall. He nodded as he stood upright and walked down the sidewalk. I looked up to him as he concentrated on the ground in front of him.

“Feeling better?”

“A tad bit. Still feeling frustrated. But not the same kind of frustration as earlier.” He smirked as he looked over to me. His face appeared sober as his eyes felt like they were devouring me.

Acting as if that look didn’t shake me, I bolded up, “Oh? Is that so? Anything I can do to help?” I asked, taking the opportunity to graze my hand over his side.

He growled animalistically as he spun me on my heels into his chest, he wasted no time before his lips were on mine. Biting, sucking on my bottom lip, extracting moans and whimpers from me.

I pulled away, gasping for a breath, “Des. Isn’t it a little too public here?”

“Not at all.” He growled again moving from my mouth to my neck. His hands were locked on my waist, making it difficult for me to escape, not that I wanted to. His teeth sunk onto my neck, making me gasp loudly, catching people’s attention for sure.

“Desmond, please, we are going to get caught here.” I pleaded in between gasps and moans as he ravaged my neck and collarbone.

He sighed and panted as he took a brief moment to get us to a more secluded alleyway. “Better?” He barely gave me time to answer before he had me pinned against the wall, enjoying the taste of my neck again. His hand snaked their way up my blouse, tracing every curve along the small of my back and the meeting of my stomach and hips.

I moaned eagerly as I began to feel a knot grow in my stomach, the thought of him taking me along with the possibility of getting caught pushed me to the very edge. My hands found their way to his back, massaging him lightly.

His breathing became hot and heavy, his hips bucking against me; moans escaped us again and again as he teased me and worked himself up further. “This was your plan all night wasn’t it?” He chuckled as if he couldn’t believe the two of us were in an alleyway about to fuck.

“You bet your sweet little ass it was.” I barely had time to giggle before his hands were pulling at the button of my jeans. In his drunken haze, it took him a moment to get them undone. Wiggling my hips and giving a slight push, I let them slide to the ground.

With little hesitation, Desmond sunk down, letting his tongue roll out of his mouth and glide over already soaked fabric. A raspy gasp was all I could manage, my toes curled with in my shoes as my fingers curled around the back of his head.

Knowing he had me in the palm of his hand, he ran his fingers over my folds; his other hand pulled my leg over his shoulder, allowing him better access. Again he gave a heavy lick, enjoying what taste who could get from it. With practiced precision, Desmond grabbed the hem of my lace underwear with his teeth and pulled down. He stopped halfway down my thighs before rising again, placing soft kisses on my inner thighs along the way. A teasing smirk crossed his face, he knew how to play a girl and he took full advantage of that. Kissing the outers of my lips and the lining of my cunt, he teased everywhere but the one spot I desperately wanted his mouth.

“Fuck, Des. You are such a damn tease.” A throaty groan made its way to my mouth as he continued his game. I threw my head back as I felt his fingers prodding at my entrance.

With a force that could only be expressed by saying he was tired of playing around himself, he clasped his mouth around my clit, sucking hard and flicking his tongue over it rapidly. God, he was so sweetly rough with that tongue. He wasted little time in letting his fingers in on the fun. Pumping two in and out of me, he pushed me further and further.

The knot in my stomach tightened as my groans turned into audible moans that echoed in the empty alleyway. Not being able to handle it any longer, I orgasmed, my legs twitched heavily as his fingers became coated with me.

Looking pleased with himself, he rose back up, while undoing his own jeans. A hunger could be seen in his eyes, one that almost made me want to regret this idea. In a swift motion, he flipped me around placing my face against the brick wall and pulling my ass out towards him. Hovering over me, he rubbed his hard dick over my entrance, teasing my still sensitive clit. Rocking his hips a few more times, he growled like he was holding back his own finish. He pulled back before leaning over me, letting his hand curl around my throat softly. With a hard thrust, he rammed into me, a small scream ran from me as he did it again.

I placed my hand between my face and the brick, the other kept me from toppling over under his pressure. He stopped with the hard thrusts, reverting to slower ones, trying to draw out the time before he climaxed. Despite the slower speed, his thrusts still hit deeply, teasing my G-Spot and earning him whimpers of pleasure from me. With each pump, he picked up his speed. He straightened himself up and grabbed my hips, with each buck of his hips, he pushed and pulled me. Each impact felt like lightening as he grew more aggressive, moaning loudly and gripping my hips tighter and tighter.

His thrusts became rapid and sloppy as with each thrust he pumped his seed into me. With a final thrust, he leaned over my back, the white substance leaking out onto the pavement below. We stood for a second longer, panting and struggling to keep upright.

I turned around to face him, “Still feeling tense?”

“One more round ought to be enough to help me get fully relaxed.” He chuckled as he placed a soft kiss on my lips.

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