You are on your way home from the grocery store, bags of groceries in your arms. You have just barely ascended your steps to your front door when suddenly pain explodes across your skull and your world goes dark.

Your food rolls across your tiny porch as the bags breaks open upon contact with the ground.

The man standing above you sighs; he didn’t want to have to hit you over the head, but he is being pursued and doesn't want the people following acquiring the trinket he is hiding.

Bending down over your prone form, the mysterious man places the pendant around your neck and tucks it safely down your shirt before vanishing into the night.

When you come to, you can feel your world rocking gently. It is a pleasant feeling so you keep your eyes closed, enjoying the gentle motion.

Wait just a minute! Since when did my bed sway?

Eyes flying open, you sit up quickly; the movement upsetting the hammock you are sleeping in which resulted you being dumped onto the floor.

“Ouch,” you moan, sitting up slowly.

The door to the small cabin you are currently occupying opens at the crash.

“Miss, are you alright?” a man asks.

“No, I am not alright! I woke up in a strange place after getting hit on the head, and then I get tossed onto the floor!” you snap at the person who has entered your room.

Turning around to see who it is in your room, your mouth falls open in shock.

“Holy mother of—” you comment rather vaguely. “I know you!”

The man starts at your loud exclamation.

“You know me?” he inquires. “How is this possible? I have never met you.”

“You’re—you’re Edward Kenway! Pirate assassin!” you inform him rather obviously.

“Yes… my name is Edward Kenway… And I am an assassin… Again I ask, how do you know all of this?” Edward prods.

“Uhm, well…”

How exactly do you tell someone you didn’t think they were real? That they only existed in something called a video game?

“I’m waiting.” Edward prompts.

“Err… I have no idea how to explain it. But I know you,” you again state obviously.

Edward stares at you strangely. What a funny woman.

“So what brings you aboard my ship, miss?” Edward inquires.

“I have no idea. The last thing I can remember is getting hit really hard on the back of my head and then my world going black.”

“Well, you are welcome to stay as long as you’d like,” Edward replies before turning to leave.

“Wait!” you nearly yell. “Are you leaving?”

“Of course. I have things I need to attend to.”

“Oh. Well… can I come with you?” you ask, hopeful.

Edward nods as he heads out the door, you following behind.

Six months have passed by and you still have no idea how to return home. The pendant around your neck sits silently no matter what you do, so you figure it is just a one-time use kind of thing. Thankfully, Edward has allowed you to remain on his ship. To be honest, you are no longer interested in returning home anyways.

You and Edward have grown close during your time together. You have been able to give him little hints about situations that would have otherwise gone badly.

After a few narrow escapes with his life (and yours) Edward started to take your tips seriously. At first, he had simply thought you were crazy and had no idea what you were talking about. After all, he was the one with the skill and knowledge of running a ship.

Drawing upon your knowledge of Pirates of the Caribbean, you swaggered about the ship, doing your part to help. Edward often watched you in amusement, your confidence in your skills (or lack thereof) provided excellent entertainment. And since your mishaps were only ever minor, he never bothered to correct you.

The ship’s crew watched you with slight contempt as you made their jobs harder since Edward told them to let you be; you were doing your best to help and anything you did was minor anyways.

However, your pirate speak did make them crack up laughing, much to your consternation. It even made Edward chuckle whenever you used it around him, but he would never tell you why he was chuckling.

After a particularly narrow escape with some other pirates, you and Edward are celebrating your good fortune in his cabin.

Feeling emboldened by the spiced rum you are drinking, you lean forward over the table and kiss Edward on his lips. You have been imagining what they would feel like for quite some time now, but never could work up the courage.

Surprised at first, Edward simply sits there while you press your lips against his. Realizing that your advance is unwelcome, you begin to draw back when Edward stops you.

Placing a hand on the back of your head, he brings your face back to his, kissing you with tenderness.

Happy that he is returning your advances, you climb over the table and place yourself in his lap.

Edward, tangling his fingers in your hair, pulls you closer, roughly. He aggressively forces his tongue into your mouth, exploring every inch.

You find yourself enjoying his sudden dominant behavior; it turns you on and makes you feel bold. Bold enough to begin unbuttoning his shirt.

“Nuh uh,” Edward mumbles against your mouth.

Pausing in his exploration of your mouth, Edward pulls away to pull your shirt over your head; leaning back, he openly admires your black lace bra.

“Very nice lass” he says with a sly smile.

You blush slightly at his openly appraisal and compliment.

“Thank you.”

Leaning forward again, Edward begins to plant gentle kisses on your now exposed flesh.

Your tip your head back as a soft moan escapes your lips. That man has some talent with that mouth of his and is working wonders on your chest.

Threading your fingers through his blond hair, you tug on his head, pulling it up so you can kiss his lips again.

“My turn,” you purr.

Pushing aside his shirt, you lean forward and begin leaving wet kisses across his skin, pausing to give a sucking kiss to one of his nipples.

Gasping, Edward’s heard rolls back as his eyes flutter close.

Grinning, you begin to kiss a trail down his torso, stopping at his waist. Pulling back slightly, you bring your hands to pants and undo the button so you have access to more skin.

Just as you’re about to continue your trail of kisses, Edward stops you yet again.

Puzzled, you wait to see what he plans to do. Gently, he picks you up, wrapping your legs around his waist as he carries you to his bed.

Placing you onto his bed, Edward kisses a trail down your chest and stomach until he reaches your waistband.

Smirking, he pushes your skirt up around your waist and divests himself of his pants.

Guiding his hardened member, he guides it to your entrance, carefully moving your underwear to the side. With a gentle thrust, he’s inside.

Licking your thumbs, you reach up and begin to gently stroke his nipples. Eyes closing shut at the pleasure, Edward instinctively thrusts harder and faster.

You close your eyes in enjoyment, opening your legs even wider so he can have better access.

Humming in approval, Edward roughly grabs your hair and tips your head back. Leaning forward, he aggressively captures your lips with his own, nipping your bottom lip almost painfully.

Opening your mouth at his unspoken request, you grant his tongue unrestricted access.

His pace increasing, you can feel him getting close to his climax. Smirking mischievously, you break the kiss and wet your thumbs again. You begin to stroke his nipples again, rubbing slow circles around them. Rather unexpectedly, you gently pinch his nipples.

A throaty moan escapes his lips as he thrusts roughly into you, spilling his seed inside.

With a satisfied grin, you kiss his lips once more before he rolls off of you, exhausted. Lying next to you, he pulls you close, sleepily kissing your neck.

Walking his fingers down your stomach, he pushes first one finger inside and then another.

You gasp in pleasant surprise, moaning at the feeling of his fingers thrusting inside. With his thumb, Edward begins to rub you clit in slow circles.

You instinctively spread your legs a little wider, giving him better access.

Feeling your own climax building as he thrusts his fingers faster, stroking your g spot, you reach an arm up and wrap it around the back of his neck, digging your nails in.

With one final thrust of his fingers, you feel yourself tumbling over a cliff of bliss; unconsciously, you dig your nails into his flesh as your body convulses with waves of pleasure.

Sated, you roll over into his embrace, kissing his lips before you nestle your face into his chest, closing your eyes.

Smiling to himself, Edward wraps his arms around you just a little bit tighter as he too closes his eyes.

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