Put to the Test

A/N: This is a fictional continuation from my confession where I claim that I was practising jerking Jacob off! XD

We can go home now. Why not we test your stamina while we are at it?” I heard Jacob’s voice from behind me.

Oh, crap! Me and my big mouth. I turned to him and grinned.

“I leave you to it. Bye!” my BFF said, leaving us.

We got home and he leant against the sofa. But I pretended to conveniently forget about what I had told my BFF. Maybe he realised my intentions to forget about what I said and did the one thing that was able to make me remember.

He began undressing, down to his underwear. Damn, that bulge!

“I do believe you want to give me the best - what was it?” he teased, taking my hand bringing it to his lips. “So, why not we put it to the test?” he smirked. I slipped my hand under the band of his underwear and felt his ready and hard manhood. His eyes met mine and I could feel my cheeks turn hot. Next thing I was doing, I pulled his underwear off him and undressed. Instead of jerking the man off, I made the decision to lower myself onto him. His girth stretched my walls, causing me to moan his name softly. His hands were at my waist as mine was holding onto his stomach. “Oh shit, you’re tight!” he groaned. I threw my head to the back, riding the man. His hands aiding my movement, adding the pleasure. His hands shifted from my waist to my breasts, squeezing them gently.

Our moans filled the room, I clung to him and did not want the moment to end. “Oh, Jacob…” I called out, but he stopped rocking me. Instead, he held me in his arms. “What’s the matter?” I asked. His eyes sparkled when he gazed deeply into mine, before kissing me.

“Let’s take this session somewhere more comfortable for the two of us, eh?” he suggested. Still tucked inside me, he picked me up. “You’re beautiful, you know that?” he asked me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and continued studying his hazel eyes. He brought me into the bedroom and pulled himself out of me to place me onto the bed. His hand massaged the inner part of my thigh and spread my legs open. He looked at me, eyes filled with lustful hunger. “I need to finish what you started!”

I beckoned him towards him, with a quick finger motion with the intention to tease him to make him hungrier. He plunged himself into me again and took me. This time, his movements were rough and forceful. It got to the point it became quite uncomfortable. Luckily for me, he noticed the discomfort on my face and leant in towards me. “Jacob?”

“Are you all right?” he asked his tone ringing with worry and concerned filled his face. All I could do was nod and pant at the same time. He rested his forehead against mine and nuzzled my nose. “We will take it slowly then…” he whispered, a smile carved on his face. He did take it slowly, and it felt nice. “I don’t come easily, eh?” he giggled. And I won’t deny that. We had been at it for almost, what… 30 minutes? He began rocking faster, this time his thumb at my clit, stimulating it.

I tried not to scream when he did, clutching the sheets underneath me as I arched my back. “Just come already!” I cried, getting impatient.

“Giving up already?” he smirked, moving faster and deeper until he reached his peak. He pulled himself out and laid down beside me, watching my chest rise and fall as I catch my breath. “So… How is that for stamina?” he grinned.

Instead of protesting or agreeing he had won that little (unintentional) wager, I crawled into his arms and kept myself snuggly and close to his body. “Maybe, feeling tired and sleeping within your arms is the best thing a girl can get, even if she did lose a bet.”

The last thing I felt was his lips pressing against my forehead.

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