Coming home from work, you felt exhausted. Working a 10-hour shift was not something you're used to, but it would grow on you eventually. You took a deep breath, looking down to the floor, hands on your hips, glad the day was over. You could hear footsteps coming down the hall and stop in the doorway. With your back turned, you already knew who’s come to greet you.

“Long day, I take it?” Connor said with a smile as he leaned against the doorframe, arms folded with a relaxed posture.

“Sure was,” you sighed. “But I’ll get used to it.”

He could tell you were a little exhausted by the way you were standing, but he knew that you got used to long workdays very quickly. “I do not doubt it.” He grinned. “Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine. Just need to rest for a bit,” you said as you made your way towards the bed.

“Would you like some help with that?” Connor said as a smirk slowly appeared across his face.

You could feel yourself blush a bit after listening to the question. “...Not really.” You hesitated as you turned to face him. “I don’t need anything right now.”

For some reason, he could tell you were not being sincere. He probably thought that if you asked for something, it would be a bother to him. But knowing Connor, he would do anything to please his woman, anything to keep her happy.

He stood up straight and began walking towards you, slowly and swaying. His arm began to reach out and around your waist, closing the space between you both, his forehead leaning on yours. He held you in a firm embrace and let out a soft sigh, closing his eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked again.

You let out a sigh as well, closing your eyes and placing your hands over his chest during the embrace. At that moment, you felt so safe with him – you still could not believe as big as this man was in posture and stance he could be such a gentle and caring one. You even gave him the nickname ‘the gentle giant’ on many occasions. The thought of this made you smile a little.

Your thoughts were briefly interrupted when you heard him say softly, “What would you have me do?”

You raised an eyebrow at the thought, thinking why would he ask such a thing now when you said you were fine, but you had a hint he saw right through you, but again, you softly replied, “I told you, you don’t have to do anything.”

Connor rebutted, “I want to. Whatever helps you to relax.”

You stayed silent for a minute, slightly grateful that he would be willing to make you feel better after a long day’s work, but you were secretly hoping that he wouldn’t push himself to do so. After all, he had had a long day of work himself, so he should be as tired as you are, maybe more.

You slightly opened your eyes in time to see a slight smirk on his face. Lifting your chin softly, he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on your lips, causing you to close your eyes again slowly. The kiss gradually became passionate as he started to kiss you deeply, his tongue slowly and softly prodding at your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You shyly complied and your tongues intertwined with each other, releasing soft gasps for breath during each break of the kiss. You released a soft moan when he bit and sucked on your bottom lip.

All of a sudden, you could feel him tighten his grip on you and he slightly lifted you from the floor. He began to turn around until you had your back turned to the door and slowly started walking backwards towards the bed. When the back of his legs hit the edge of the bed, he held onto you as he started to fall back, making you fall on top of him.

The fall broke the kiss long enough for him to give a soft chuckle and you couldn’t help but smile back along with a nervous laugh. He lifted his hand to your face and caressed your cheek, looking softly into your eyes before resuming your long kiss. You could feel him shifting beneath you and he’s switched positions to where you were the one on your back and he was towering on top.

Just what are you up to, Connor? you said to yourself nervously.

A part of you wanted him to keep going, but the other part said you should stop here. You had never really been intimate with each other and the natural state of being afraid was starting to show itself. But you wonder if you could really trust this man with what he was doing or what he wanted to do? Did he even know what to do?

Still deep in thought, he could feel him move from your lips to trailing kisses along your cheeks to your neck, sucking on it slightly. The act caused you to make a slight moan afterwards as you started to feel his hot breath in your ear.

“Do you trust me?” he asked softly, as if he were reading your thoughts all along. He then looked up at you, head tilted slightly with a curious look, waiting for an answer as he casually interlaced his fingers with yours and placed them above your head.

You couldn’t help but smile and feel relieved that he would actually ask such a question you were hoping he had asked in the first place. It’s just the way the question sounded made it feel like he really cared about how you felt. Maybe he did read your thoughts after all, because that was all you needed to hear to know that you CAN be safe with this man as well as trust him completely.

“…Yes,” you replied. “I do trust you, Connor.”

He smiled back, grateful that you do, and resumed kissing your neck. He then moved down and placed his hand under your shirt and started kissing in between your breasts, firmly fondling one with his other hand. You let out a sigh of content, but he didn’t stay there long. He started kissing down your stomach to your hips, hiked up your dress, and nibbled slightly at your pelvis bone. You bit your lip at the sensations flowing through your body as Connor continued his kisses to the top of your thigh and stopped. He was now kneeling on the floor near the bedside and your groin is directly in front of him. You felt his hands grip your sides and they slowly moved down to your underwear, whimpering as he did.

“You are either really eager for this or very sensitive,” he said with a seductive grin on his face.

You blushed at him and moved your arm to cover your bright red face.

“I'm not. D-don’t say that,” you breathed.

He gave a soft chuckle. “I only tease.”

He hooked his fingers into the side of your noticeably moist underwear and slowly started pulling them down. You instinctively closed your legs, which caused him to slightly force-spread them open with his shoulders, and you could almost hear him say in a whisper, “Shhh, relax. Just trust me.”

Your breathing started to become more heavily audible as he finally removed the underwear from your legs and tossed it aside. Connor paused slightly to admire the sight in front of him; the amount of wetness occurring in between your legs was enough to drive him to his own climax, but Connor had control, and to him, this was your moment, not his.

Connor used his fingers to slowly stroke your outer folds, causing you to breathe heavily and push your head back into the bed. He placed a little nibble on the inside of your thigh, directly next to your pussy and you couldn’t help but release a sharp moan which felt like it came out of nowhere.

He chuckled softly and then moved directly over your pussy and you could feel his hot breath over it, causing shivers to crawl up your spine. Using his fingers to slowly open your folds, he then darted out his tongue and very quickly, but softly, licked your already swollen clit, causing you to gasp and slightly jerk your hips upwards towards his face. He rewarded your response by giving slow firmer licks on your clit and stuck a finger inside your soaking pussy, setting a slow but steady pace. Loud moans escaped your lips and you were literally writhing against him, gripping the sheets above and to the side of you. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you started to let go of your inhibitions and give into the pleasure coming from his actions.

“…C… Connor…” you finally managed to say in between breaths, biting your lip.

“No,” he said softly. “Say my real name.”

Really? That long name? you secretly scolded to him. Your brain couldn’t process anything right now and he wanted you to say that long name of his? And yet, you couldn’t help but comply and tried your best to make the words while your brain was thoroughly drowning in ecstasy.

“R… Ah… Raton…Ratonhnhaké:ton…” you softly responded.

Ultimately pleased with your response, he gently bit his lip and slightly moaned, and rewarded you by adding another finger as well as quicker thrusts in and out of your slick pussy.

“Mmm… again,” he requested as he started to use his thumb to continue stroking your sensitive clit.

Your body already became undone and your brain was really struggling to make any sense of what was going on at this moment, not to mention almost forgetting how to form words.

“Ra-Ratonhnhaké:ton…Ratonhnhaké:ton!” you cried in between your moaning breaths. Once again, he quickened the pace as your reward.

Your hips were now gyrating faster up and down against him. Connor used his free hand to hold your hips down firmly and brought his mouth onto your pussy once more, lapping in between the wet folds while his curved fingers continued pumping and stroking those bundle of nerves inside you.

Where did he learn to do such things?! you screamed to yourself. All these movements of his—the licking, the pumping, the stroking, the caressing—all at one time was too much, causing your body to reach a breaking point and couldn’t hold out much longer.

Gripping the sheets tightly, you closed your eyes tight and screamed loudly as you came, tensing and tightly clenching around him. You sharply arched your back as your body felt wave after wave of your orgasmic pleasure flood into you. Meanwhile, Connor didn’t stop and continued his movements on you, riding out your orgasm until you came down from your high, a firm smile of content on his face.

As you come down from your peak, you finally started to relax against the bed as your breathing slowly started to become more normal, releasing your grip on the sheets. Connor slowly but hesitantly withdrew his fingers from you and gave your body a few more caresses before placing a trail of kisses while moving up your body, eventually coming face to face with you.

“Looks like someone enjoyed herself,” he said with a pleased look on his face.

You turned your already blushing face from him and used your hand to cover your eyes, still breathing heavily.

“You tease too much,” you said shyly.

He gave a soft chuckle and grinned before placing a soft kiss on your lips. “Perhaps, but at least you feel more relaxed now.”

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