Rooftop With A View

Ezio brought you up on the rooftops overlooking the city. It was his birthday, and he wanted to share something beautiful with you. You had no idea how Monteriggioni looked from the rooftops, in the setting sunlight. It was magnificent.

Sitting down behind you, Ezio wraps his arms around your waist as he rests his chin on your shoulder.

“It’s my favorite place to be,” Ezio rumbles softly into your ear.

Ezio begins to nibble on your earlobe, kissing and nipping his way down your neck. You tilt your head, allowing him better access to your neck.

Carefully leaning you backwards, Ezio gently lays you on the rooftop.

Climbing on top of you, Ezio kisses you with a passionate, fiery kiss. You feel his hardening member pressing into your thigh.

Grinning wickedly into the kiss, you lift your hips, grinding into Ezio’s erection, eliciting a moan from the Italian Stallion.

“Mmm… bella mia…”

Tugging on the hem of his tunic, you pull the offending article over Ezio’s head.

“Much better,” you purr, running your hands over the rippling muscles of his torso.

Adjusting your position slightly, you place both hands on his ribs and pull him closer to your mouth. Tongue flicking out, you tease his nipple with the lightest of flicks.

Ezio’s eyes roll close at the sensation. “Bella mia, please. No more teasing,” Ezio begs.

“Heh,” you grunt, ignoring Ezio’s plea.

Applying more pressure, you continue to lick his left nipple with your tongue while you massage the right nipple with your thumb.

You roll your hips into his groin. With a growl, Ezio grabs both of your wrists in one of his hands and pins them above your head. It’s his birthday today, and he’ll be doing his way.

Grabbing for his sash, Ezio ties your wrists together. “Leave them above your head,” he commands.

You nod, watching the Italian Stallion remove his breeches and then yours. Parting your legs, Ezio places rough, wet, biting kisses on your inner thigh. With a smirk, he places a kiss on your lace clad heat before moving up your body, leaving a trail of kisses.

Kissing your lips with a desperate need, Ezio roughly grinds his hips into yours. You can’t help but moan at his ministrations.

Lining himself up to your entrance, Ezio enters slowly, giving you time to adjust to his large size. Impatient, you roll your hips into his. With a wicked grin, Ezio firmly places a large hand on your stomach.

“Naughty, naughty girl,” Ezio purrs. “Not this time, bella mia.”

With a pout, you consent yourself to allowing Ezio to fuck you how he pleases. Pulling out nearly completely, Ezio begins thrusting in short, shallow thrusts, teasing. Whimpering, you close your eyes, enjoying the shallow thrusts, but wishing he would penetrate deeper.

Snapping his hips forward, Ezio buries himself to the hilt. You let out a pleased sigh at the deep penetration. Noticing the sigh, Ezio continues to thrust deeply. Ezio sets a measured pace, thrusting deeply and watching the pleasure flit across your face.

Ezio grabs pinches both of your nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Rolling and pinching, he brings them both to a hardened nub. You grind your hips into his and let out a breathy moan.

“Fuck me harder,” you whisper huskily.

Ezio silently complies by picking up his pace. You spread your legs wider, enabling him to thrust deeper, massaging a g-spot. Your eyes flutter closed as your pleasure builds towards your climax. As you tumble off the edge of bliss, you sink your nails into the Italian Stallion’s muscular ass, pulling him closer.

The sudden feeling of pain mixed with the pleasure of your vaginal walls squeezing his cock sends Ezio over. He gives two sharp, deep thrusts, spilling his hot seed inside.

Panting, Ezio pulls out and collapses on the rooftop next to you. Pulling you close, Ezio drifts off to sleep just as the stars begin to appear in the sky. You watch the tiny points of light in the sky until you too, fall asleep in your assassin’s arms.

“Happy birthday,” you whisper sleepily.

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