Spanish 101

I can’t fucking stand this! When we started at the university foreign language was not a requirement to graduate!” You pouted as you rolled up your skirt, the last bell of the day just minutes away from ringing, dress code be damned.

“At least it’s just one year for us. The others have to take it for four,” Connor looked at you with sympathetic eyes. Nobody was particularly enthusiastic about the academic program the Brotherhood had instituted for new recruits. The young adults would rather spend their time training and learning the finer points of espionage and combat, but in this day and age the Brotherhood saw the need to step up their academic training as well. “And you know what they say,” Connor added, “Cs get degrees.”

“But I’ve never gotten anything worse than an –A!” you huffed.

“Don’t worry it’s molto bene, as we say,” Ezio jumped up from behind, hugging you dramatically.

“What do you care? You tested out of Italian, dumbass.”

“What can I say? It’s a romance language!”

“Go home Ezio, you’re drunk.”

When you reached the university’s quad, the boys waved goodbye and you were greeted by Evie and Elise, your confidantes and best friends.

“Let me guess, de Nehra’s got you down?” Evie said when she saw the anxious look on your face.

“He’s absolutely the worst teacher I have ever had,” Elise said, rolling her eyes. “He never speaks English in class, ever! Even in 101! How are you supposed to learn anything?”

And yet other students had. Knowing you had one of the worst marks in class was humiliating. It was certainly not for lack of effort. You just didn’t understand. Elise, like Ezio, had the luck to have been raised speaking French, another romance language, so Spanish came easily for her and Evie had opted for French with Professor Dorian, who about as laid back as they came. Your schedule had left you no choice but to take de Nerha’s class.

When you bid farewell to your girlfriends and met your Spanish tutor at the library, she couldn’t hide her look of worry.

“I think you should speak to Profesor de Nerha,” Maria said, resigned as she put down the essay you knew was terrible. “You’ve tried your best… but I don’t think you and Spanish will ever get along. He’ll be in his office for another hour.”

You stood before the door to his office, the last room at the end of the hall, almost too scared to knock. Your knuckles made contact with the thick oak before you began playing with the hem of your skirt that was still riding much higher than regulation. What was wrong with wearing the robes of a novice? You hated the schoolgirl look; you were 22 for god’s sake! There was no answer at the door and for a second, you thought he’d left.

Puedes entrar.”

Fuck, what did that mean!? Entrar—enter, okay. You opened the door and stepped inside to see the serious man sitting as his desk grading something, probably one of your horrible essays, a pencil twisted in his hair to keep it out of his face. You couldn’t decide if he was a hippie or a hipster or just a nasty trashy asshole with long, stupid hair.

Ah, hola. Sientate. ¿Estás aquí sobre tus marcas? ¿Tienes miedo que no puedes graduar?

You wanted to pick up one of the books on his desk and throw it at his head. You understood maybe two words. And with his stupid Spanish accent, you understood even less.

Um… Yo necesitas hablo… my grados.” He looked at you with contempt, expecting better than you could give. “Professor de Nerha, I need to talk to you about my grades!”

Aquí solamente hablamos español. Lo sabes.

“I can’t! I can’t speak Spanish! It’s not fair—Elise knows French and it works the same, Ezio tested out or foreign language, Connor already knew some French and Maria is your teaching assistant… and I-I just grew up speaking English, American English to boot, not even the queen’s finest as Evie and Jacob are so fond of reminding me! You know I don’t understand you, but you refuse to speak even a word of English. You refuse to help me, even in the smallest of ways!” You moved behind him towards his hidden blades. In a poorly thought out move, you slapped them on and extended the blades from behind, one stabbing the papers he was grading, the other pointed inches from his neck. “I don’t know why I must learn to speak Spanish to graduate and become an Assassin! This says ‘fuck off’ in every language!”

De Nerha was shocked for a moment, but with an expert hand he grabbed your hand away from his neck and took his blade out of the essays, pulling you against him, back to back, your wrists held tightly in his hands. He retracted his blades and with a mighty push, leaned down and flipped you over his head so you landed squarely on his lap.

“Eh, you have more to learn than Spanish.”

You stared at him, eyes wide, your hatred of the man even stronger than before. Now he was simply mocking you. It wasn’t as if you were actually going to hurt him… your move was more a way of literally getting your point across.

“I wasn’t serious—”

Nunca sea orgulloso. Pides Altaïr como este.

“I have no fucking idea what you just said.”

His hands were still tightly gripping yours, although he’d brought them closer to his chest perhaps as a sign he actually cared about your future as an Assassin.

“How do you say… to think too much of you? I do not know word.”

“What?” You looked at him, confusion showing in the way you crinkled your nose. “You can’t really speak English, can you?”

De Nerha looked down and for once in the year you’d spent in his class, he looked embarrassed and might have even been blushing.

No... no Ingles. Not much. So only Spanish in class. I-I don’t like to be teacher. Me-I am Assassin.”

You leaned back and laughed. And laughed. How ridiculous was this situation? “So how does it feel to be in my situation? I don’t want to learn Spanish. I just want to be an Assassin, too. So, can we come to an… uh understanding about this situation? Maybe private lessons?” You were sitting on his lap, your skirt pushed up enough for him to see your underwear. He had to take a moment to process what you’d said. It seemed that he wasn’t as hopeless as you were with his second language. He seemed to understand it better than he could speak.

Sí, claro que sí.

“Good. Where do we begin?”

“The words most important.” He smiled at you and nodded his head. Moving his thumbs down his gauntlets, he pressed the release mechanism for his blades. “Espadas encubiertas. Decirle conmigo.

“Hidden blades, espadas encubiertas, espadas encubiertas. ¿Bueno?

Si.” Moving so you were a bit more comfortable in his lap, you suddenly felt something beneath you. You looked down and then up at him. “¿Espada encubierta?” you said with a raised brow.

One side of his mouth rose in a wicked smile. “Se podría decir… Hay algun nombre diferente. Esperame… Words most important, no?”

“Of course, Professor de Nerha.”

He took his blades off your wrists and laid them in between the two of you. He took your hand. “¿Que es esto?


Si.” He kissed your palm. “That is un beso.” His lips moved up your arms. “¿Que es?

“Um… No, um conocer.

Una vez más. Mano, beso, brazo. Brazo, arm. What goes on brazos?”

¿Espada encubierto?

Si.” De Nerha put his bracer on and extended the blade. “¿Que es esto?” He touched your lips gently with the blade.


“What goes on labios?” You had four choices, hand, arm, hidden blade, kiss. You weren’t going to deny you had a knife kink.

Espada encubierto first, then besos.”

He raised an eyebrow. Kinky girl. Pressing the tip against your lip, he drew the tiniest drop of blood and then pressed his lips to yours, sucking and biting at the tiny cut. You shivered as he moved the blade carefully down your neck, the earlier anger and his willingness to satisfy your dark desires turning you on. Your breath quickened and heat rose where your body touched his.

¿Que es esto?

Your shirt. Think, camisole—ah, camisa! “Es mi camisa.

He ran the blade between the buttons. He kept it so sharp he hardly had to exert any effort in order to cut them off. He pushed your shirt open, letting the knife graze your skin. He pointed at your bra.

“That’s a bra, yes, uh-huh that’s my bra, Senor de Nerha!” you said breathlessly and fast.

Dice ‘sostén’ en español.

Sostén. Usted… tome… mi… sostén…” you whispered breathlessly, your face extremely close to his. “Por favor.

De Nerha looked at the lacey undergarment, made a face then expertly unhooked the center clasp with his blade. It was too pretty to cut. How could he move so gently and yet make such powerful kills? You had so much to learn. Perhaps he’d teach you…

Estos son sus senos,” he said tapping his blade against each of your breasts. “Me encanta sus senos. Son bellezas. What do you do with them?”

You considered your choices and only one stood out. “Besos.

“Yes, to kiss, besar. How to say kiss me?”

You thought for a moment. You really wanted to impress him. “Besa… mis senos.

He leaned down and kissed each of your nipples, finishing the movement with a swirl of tongue and a little bite. Oh god, it felt so good to be right! You moaned a little and reached down to keep your balance, knocking the gauntlet to the floor. Your hand missed his leg and instead ended on top of his very erect cock.

¿Que es?” you asked as he leaned up.

Esta es mi verga. ¿Te gusta?” He moved your hand up and down his length as he smiled flirtatiously.

Si, si, si.” It was overwhelming—hard, huge and throbbing. You rubbed it some more, your own sex moistening in response. “Verga… si. Verga…

“Now phrase. Quita tu ropa.” He pushed your shirt open with the blade so you understood.

“Take my clothes off?” Staring into his dark brown eyes, you pushed off your bra and shirt.

Quita mi ropa.

“Yours?” He nodded and you unbuttoned his shirt, hands trembling with anticipation that he might actually fuck you good and hard with his amazing hidden blade.

Besa mis pezones,” he said pointing the blade at his nipples. You took note. So many new and wonderful words.

Pezones…” you repeated as you followed his orders. He sighed and cocked his head back. Seeing how you were making him feel, you went further putting your hand on his verga and rubbing away.

¡No!” he said and you jumped back. “Lo siento. More to learn.” He withdrew his blade and his fingers reached under your skirt and panties to squeeze your ass. You grabbed his shoulders so you could give him a better grip and he began kneading your muscular behind. He couldn’t fault you on neglecting your training. “Esto es tu culo. Me gusta… que bueno… Que fuerte.” His fingers slipped in between your legs to get a tiny taste of your wet sex before they withdrew. You frowned. But his hands returned to your ass and in one swift movement, he lifted you and sat you down on the desk.

¡Levántanos, belleza!

“Stand up.”

Si.” His hand moved over your breast, down your abdomen to rest on top of your underwear, their cotton fabric hot and moist. “Estas son las bragas.” He pushed them aside to touch your pulsing cunt. “Esto es tu concha,” he whispered as he leaned close to your ear. His fingers began to rub your lips and graze your clit and soon they were covered in your juices. You breathed heavily against the side of his face as he removed his fingers, licking and sucking on them before he pressed them against your mouth. You sucked on them as if they were his large verga. He grunted and pulled away. “¡Chupa mis dedos, chupa bien!” He presented you with his fingers again and you sucked so enthusiastically he moaned softly. But you wanted to chupa that verga.

You grasped his cock. “¡Quiero… quiero uh chupo tu verga!” You were trying so hard. God, you wished you could just fuck him; he was driving you crazy with his lessons!

¡Que bien!” He unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the ground. Jumping down you went straight to his underwear, but thought you better show some initiative.

¿Que es?” You correctly named his cock and ass to show him you meant his underwear.

Ah, es ropa interior.” He smiled. You fell to your knees and pulled down his ropa interior and his large, beautiful verga jumped out. “Ah a lesson… how to say ‘long’?” You laughed. Was he really going to have you measure his dick? “Pulgadas de largo. Tengo muchas pulgadas de largo. ¿Si?

You giggled, nodding your head and rubbing your hands up and down his shaft. Why did such an asshole have such a wonderful cock? Life was not fair. You licked his length up and down before taking him in your mouth. You began moving slowly, but he grabbed your hair and urged you to go faster, harder until he was slamming nearly all of his monster member down your throat.

¡Quiero joder tu cara, uuuhhh ooohhh!” he moaned a few times. It was great he was getting off, but you really wanted him to slam his throbbing cock inside your wet-beyond-imagination cunt.

He pulled out suddenly, probably realizing he was going to come. “Lessons,” he panted. He was really taking this more seriously than you thought. “Lessons first.”

Throwing off his shoes, pants and underwear, he lifted you up, spun you around and pinned your hands down on the desk with one hand. “Esto es el escritorio. Voy a chingarte en este escritorio. Pero primero cosas primero...” You heard him release his blade and you shivered, a new wave of heat passing through your core. He pushed your skirt up with the blade and then you felt it slip under your panties. He cut one side open and then the other and a rush of cool air added new feelings to your already heightened sensations.

“How you say this… hmmm… play before sex… preliminar para el sexo. ¿Comprendes?

Si profesor. Um… Me gusta very much!”

He ran his blade up and down your back until you were panting. “Que peculiar como te gustas los espadas…

Oh god, what was that? Oh yes—lesson one, blades. “I love it so much! I have a knife kink okay? I don’t know why it turns me on so much… Please don’t stop!”

“Hmm…” He pressed a little harder leaving a small scratch as a gift before recalling the blade back into its sheath. Pushing your legs open with his, he reached down and felt that you had become even wetter than before. He stroked your clit and your nipples throbbed. Sticking two fingers inside you he chuckled as your body throbbed against his touch.

“It is time for lesson. Vamos a joder. We going to fuck. Voy a joderle. I’m going to fuck you. You want me to?”

¡Oh por favor Profesor de Nerha! ¡Por favor!” He released your wrists and his hand moved to pinch your nipples, both a relief and a tease. “Me pellízco tus pezones.” He did it again so you knew it meant pinch.

¡Por favor Profesor de Nerha, tu verga! Por favor!” You were begging, almost crying he had you so turned on. You couldn’t remember a time when you had been more aroused. Your sex quivered in anticipation of his cock and getting a good hard fucking that would leave you walking funny the next day.

¡Claro, que si!” he said as he leaned down to kiss then bite the nape of your neck. Fast as a hidden blade he slammed himself inside you. You had to bite down to keep from screaming, both out of pleasure and a little pain. He pulled out, rubbed your lips and clit with the head of his cock and slammed back in. You whimpered as he repeated the move, each time giving you more pleasure and just a little bit of pain. His long fingers held your hips tightly and he was sure to leave a bruise but you hardly cared. He continued, pulling farther away with every thrust, but not out entirely ensuring that he hit your g-spot every time his cock pushed back in. Fuck, it was like your body was made for his. De Nerha filled you completely. His height put his cock perfectly in line with your cunt. When he leaned over you, he covered your back and his arms were the perfect length to hold yours down against the escritorio. But he wasn’t doing that now. Instead he was focused intensely on the way your ass moved with each thrust of his hips and how his cock looked sliding in and out of your body. He moved closer to you, no longer pulling out but staying completely inside and going faster and harder. Your senos bounced against the escritorio. You moaned.

¡Dios mio!” you cried. “¡Dios mio de Nerha!

¡Dice me nobre! !Decirlo!

¡Profesor… Aguilar… de… Nerha!” It was so hard to focus on getting the accents right with said man’s length impaling you.

¡Otra vez!

¡Aguilar de Nerha! Ah-ah-Aguilar de-de-de Nerha-ha-ha!” He was going so fast and hard that your voice bounced in time with his thrusting.

¡Bueno, muy bien! ¡Voy a azotarle!” His big hand hit your ass and you bit down on your arm. “¡Azotarle!” He spanked you again and you whimpered. “¡Azotarle!” Spanked again. You could feel an orgasm coming on and you wanted to scream out loud. You were a vocal girl. He must have been close too because his lessons had been put on pause and he was grunting and moaning in a way that told you he was probably a vocal lover too. His cock filled you completely. His balls slapped your ass. All you could think about were your immediate sensations—the giant cock stretching and pumping inside you, the insane arousal he’s brought out in you that had completely wet your inner thighs, his crushing hands, your sweaty body and the drops that occasionally fell from his brow, your nipples chaffing as they slid across the desk. His musky odor and the smell of your combined sex added to your arousal.

And then it happened—he pumped so hard you yelped and he buckled against you, pulling you closer towards him, scrambling for your breasts. His breathing was heavy and he moaned loudly as he climaxed so hard you felt his release sliding hot inside you. He came fast, hard and loud. And you? You were so close! Just a few more thrusts, could he not do that for you? He paused for a moment, caught his breath, but didn’t pull out. He circled his hips a few times and you felt overwhelming pleasure just waiting to spill over the edge…

He pulled you up and held you against his chest, the arm with the blade lying between your breasts. “I not forget your peculiar… your how you say… kinky?” With a flick of his wrist he released the blade. His free hand dove down to work your clit and you gasped, even more heat coursing through your body. Finally you came, so hard you might have fallen had he not been holding you. For that moment, you couldn’t breathe, stars flew through the air and de Nerha moved his cock in circles so that every part of your sex could take part in the climax. He kept going until it became too much and you had to push his hand away. As you caught your breath, you fell limp in his arms. He retracted his blade and threw off the gauntlet pulling out slowly while still holding you from behind. His shirt was soaking wet and everything you were wearing save for your skirt and bra was ruined. You had no idea how you were going to get home. Or what this all even meant. But you didn’t think as he held you sweetly, caressing you gently like a man in love. Eventually you turned around and wrapped your arms around his chest, nestling your head under his chin. Maybe he wasn’t an asshole, maybe it was all… lost in translation.

“So you know, I don’t want to be teacher. You don’t want to be student. Maybe… maybe I think you should pass this class and maybe you help me not be teacher.”

“How can I do that?”

De Nerha laughed. “You tell principal Haytham that I bad teacher. You tell him I don’t know English good. You can do that?”

“Where’s the lie?”

He laughed. “No lie… and you graduate next week no?”

“I hope so.”

“And maybe I say I go hard on you because… maybe I like you?”

“You like me so you make my life hell?” You laughed. “Dick move, de Nerha.”

“You call me Aguilar… I liked that just now. I liked all of that. All of that, all of you all good.”

“I really liked it did too… and maybe I just hated you because you knew I couldn’t understand you but you spoke Spanish anyway. And maybe I feel just a little bit bad now that I know you can’t speak English very well.”

“But I try to learn… for you! Actualmente, nos jodiendo encima de mis notas.” You looked over and saw that indeed the papers and books on his desk weren’t your terrible essays, but English books and exercises he’s been practicing. You had literally fucked up his notes.

“Aguilar, I don’t know what to say... I’m sorry.”

“No! Wait,” he went to the desk and brought back a sheet of paper. “You are very beautiful…” He spoke very slowly and took great care in forming each word. “I like you very much… you are very smart and good Assassin. I wish for you to go to eat dinner with me. Will you go with me?” Now he was the one looking apprehensive about his language skills and questioning if the Brotherhood would allow a teacher to ask his student out on a date. “I write for you,” he added when you didn’t answer. “For… later. After you graduate. When I not teacher… still much practice I need.”

The dynamics of the situation changed rapidly. You took back your earlier judgments about his looks and his personality. He was actually very handsome, even his long hair was nice. And you were only a few years apart. He was very sweet… and if he’d fuck you like that again…

Aguilar, quiero ir a comer la cena contigo,” you spoke just as slowly and methodically as he did. “Quiero ir…” You had no idea how to say the rest. “I’d love to go out with you. And have more Spanish lessons.”

“You teach me English?”



He rocked you back and forth for a moment before he tipped your chin up and kissed you sweetly before bringing you your bra and shirt. You tied it up as best you could while he put on his pants.

“We can’t go home looking like this,” you said. If Evie and Elise saw you, you’d be in so much trouble. Not to mention Ezio. He’d never let you live it down. You looked out the window. It was still light, but the sun was going down.

Ah… nosotros trabajamos en la obscuridad… ¿verdad, no?

“Babe, we can’t work in the dark if the sun’s still shining.”

“Then perhaps I show difference between jodiendo y hagando el amor…?

He walked you back until you were sitting on the desk and then kissed you gently. No knives this time, no roughness, just gentle fingers caressing your body and some seriously passionate kisses. He could give Ezio a run for his money.

“So you stay?”

“Claro que si, Aguilar.

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