Tea Tasting

By secretcattack

I stood nervously in front of the tall, dark, and intimidating doors of the infamous Crawford Starrick’s home. I carried a wooden box in my arms filled with many different kinds of tea. Mr. Starrick had requested a tea-tasting at his home, and I had been sent to do it. What made it worse was that it was only my first big job since I had joined the company… I had never imagined I’d be spending two hours or maybe even longer advertising tea to one of the most powerful businessmen in London.

A butler opened the door for me and immediately stepped to the side to let me in.

“Mr. Starrick is waiting for you in his study. Hot water has already been prepared,” the butler said, bowing his head slightly.

“Th-Thank you,” I said, nodding and heading down the hallway.

The door to what I assumed was the study was slightly ajar. I could hear a few voices coming from inside. It seemed as if they were… arguing about something. I stopped in front of the door, but before I could do anything the door flew open and an older gentleman in a colorful military uniform stormed passed me. I looked after him for a moment before gulping and knocking on the door.

“Excuse me, Mr. Starrick?” I asked, sounding a lot meeker than I meant to.

“Yes, what is it?”

I took a step inside and saw the man himself, in an elaborate suit and coat. That coat must have cost more than my salary, with its beautiful royal purple highlights and fine stitching. He was driving a rather large knife into the desk and he seemed upset.

“I’m here with the English Tea Company for your requested tea tasting, sir,” I said a little more bravely than before, holding out the box a little.

“Oh, I see,” Starrick said with a nod. He put the knife away in a drawer and seemed to polish off what I could only assume was wine from the glass in front of him before standing. “Put the box down. Let me see what you’re offering.”

I placed the box down and just as I did, the butler from before brought in a tray with a kettle of hot water and a set of teacups. He placed it on the desk next to the wooden box and stood on the side.

“Well, we have some popular teas,” I said, bringing out small boxes from within the box. “Black tea, white tea, chai tea, earl gray tea… and we’ve also got some teas from overseas. Traditional Japanese green tea, oolong tea, fruit tea, and newly popular sweet iced tea. Sweet iced tea is becoming popular in America, so I brought it here to see if you’d be interested in tasting it.”

“Interesting variety…” Starrick said as he made his way to my side of the desk, opening a few of the boxes and observing them. I watched him intently… how he took off his gloves to feel the dried tea leaves and the gentle emotions forming on his face as he smelled the different blends… I didn’t know somebody so intimidating could smile that gentle and purely.

For a moment, I forgot what I was doing. I only realized so when I saw that Starrick was standing there, hands behind his back, waiting for me to do something. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks and I quickly cleared my throat.

“Uhm… Which tea would you like to try first?”

Mr. Starrick sat back into his chair at his desk as I served the teas to him, explaining where each one was from and how they were processed. He asked only a few questions and let me explain each drink.

“And this is the sweet iced tea,” I said, placing the glass in front of him.

Mr. Starrick picked up the glass of cold tea and looked at it with a funny expression, as if he didn’t know what to think about it. When he sipped it, a grimace quickly took over his face.

“Why would those idiot Americans ruin quality tea with ice and sugar?” he asked, placing the glass down. I couldn’t help but smile softly.

“And here is the oolong tea…” I said, pouring the hot water in a cup. I placed the kettle down carefully and was about to reach for the tea when somehow I managed to knock over the cup, causing me to panic and try and catch it only to end up burning myself in the process and break it. I looked at the pile of broken china helplessly, cradling my burned hand… although that was the least of my problems.

“Oh…” I said gravely, my stomach dropping. “Mr. Starrick, I’m so incredibly sorry…”

He stood from his desk and shook his head. “No problem at all. Philip, please clean the mess up.” Mr. Starrick walked around the desk and stood behind me, gently taking my burned hand in his. The area where the water had burned me had quickly become red and tender to the touch. “And fetch some ointment and bandages as well.”

“Oh, I was doing so well…” I said softly. I could feel my eyes burning, ready to cry with embarrassment.

“Please, do not worry,” Mr. Starrick said, continuing to hold my hand in his. It was incredibly comforting for some reason… His movements were gentle, but I could feel the strength in his hands. “Accidents happen. I was planning to shop for a newer tea set anyhow.” Philip, the butler, brought the bandages and began to clean up the mess I had made. “Thank you, Philip. Close the door on your way out.” Mr. Starrick leaned on the desk and began to apply the ointment to the red area of my hand. My face scrunched up in pain at the touch, but the way his fingers moved on my skin… he was trying to be as gentle as possible. He was silent as he did this. When Mr. Starrick was finished with the medicine, he took the bandage and wrapped it around my hand so it completely covered the burned area.

“Thank you, Mr. Starrick…” I said softly, watching as he finished applying the bandage.


My eyes widened a little when he said that, but it turned into a gentle smile.

“Thank you, Crawford.” He lowered my hand and our eyes met. The way his smoldering blue-grey eyes seemed to gaze deep into my being… I was hypnotized.

Our faces were mere centimeters apart when I realized what was happening. I cleared my throat and quickly moved back to the box of teas. We weren’t done with the tasting, after all… and as much as I wanted to, kissing the customer wouldn’t be very professional.

“I… don’t want to keep you too late, and we’ve only got a couple more teas to try, and that won’t take very long.” Crawford looked at me and I swear I saw a flash of disappointment in his eyes before he took his place behind his desk once more.

“Please, continue.”

I prepared the final two blends and placed it in front of him. This time, he didn’t ask any questions and he answered a simple “yes” or “no” when I asked him if he liked it. It finished up rather quickly, and I quietly packed my box and cleaned up.

I didn’t know what to say when I was finished besides what I was supposed to say when something like this ended.

“Mr. Starrick, on behalf of the English Tea Company, thank you for ordering your teas with us and allowing me to prepare these blends for you. We look forward to your decision.”

I began to quickly walk out, but when I just reached the door there was suddenly a hand in front of me, firmly holding it shut. I gasped softly, hugging the box tightly as if it was my lifeline for survival.

“Mr. Starrick, I-”


My stomach did a flip when I heard him utter his name again.

“C-Crawford… I really must go,” I said so softly it was almost a whisper. “I’ve burdened you long enough, and-”

I yelped when I felt firm hands turn me around to face him. My eyes shut tight for a moment, but slowly opened to meet Crawford’s, who was gazing at me intently.

“You were far from a burden,” he said in a low voice, raising his hand to my chin. I felt the blood rising to my cheeks again. “It was a pleasure to have you here, although I must insist that you not leave just yet.”

Before I could say anything, I felt warm lips press against mine. I didn’t even have time to be surprised, because the kiss quickly enveloped me and I melted into it, eagerly returning it. His mustache tickled my upper lip and nose as our lips moved against each other. I could taste the tea on his lips… Oh, how I could get used to that taste.

I gasped for more when he pulled away. Without saying anything, he slowly took the tea box away from me and placed it on the side. We seemed to read each other’s minds, because the next thing I knew I threw my arms around his neck and he pinned me against the door, lifting my legs up to wrap around his waist. I felt his strong arms hold me up firmly as our lips and tongues wrestled for dominance, though he quickly won that fight and kissed me ravenously.

Sweat already beaded my forehead and I was breathing heavily when he pulled away.

“Crawford, these clothes are stifling,” I said, cupping his cheek.

“I agree.”

He took off my clothes as quickly as possible, leaving me bare and true in front of him. I felt his eyes roam my body as I waited for approval, watching him undress at the same time. He had thrown off his suit and was now in just his white shirt and trousers with suspenders hanging around his waist. His shirt was unbuttoned all the way, showing off his broad shoulders and muscular body.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, carrying me once more.

The closest flat surface was the piano. He sat me down on top of is, kissing me once more before his lips began to move down my body. Shivers went up and down my spine when I felt his lips reach down there.

I leaned back onto the piano, letting my moans out freely as his tongue worked magic on me. My back arched and my body twitched, unable to cope with such blissful pleasure. I quickly reached the edge, causing me to beg for release.

However, he stopped. Stopped. He pulled his head away, licking his lips and pulling me to sit up. I was dazed and slightly annoyed that I hadn’t been able to release, but made no arguments when he pulled me into a kiss again. I could taste myself mixed into those tea flavors… which made me want Crawford even more.

“Do you want me?” he whispered into my ear, taking the lobe between his lips. I just nodded; I was too intoxicated by his touch and actions to really respond to anything.

“Hm? What was that?” he asked, looked straight at me now. Crawford was teasing me.

“I want you…” I said, drawing each word out and wrapping my arms around him. I leaned into his ear, whispering to him exactly what he wanted to hear.

“Give me your hard cock and use me however you want.”

That seemed to do exactly as I hoped; drive Crawford over the edge.

The room was filled with the lewd sound of skin against skin and our loud, lustful moans. The way that Crawford’s low, growling moans filled my ears made me crave him even more, knowing that I was able to give him that pleasure. Sweat covered our bodies as we gave each other pleasure unlike ever before.

We went like that for a long time. Climax after climax, until we became so tired we could barely even move. I was covered in Crawford’s essence, sticky and used, but I didn’t mind… In fact, I loved it. I loved his taste and the way he released all over me.... It was amazing. We did it in all kinds of positions, some where the two of us were close and intimate and others where we were lewd and public, like when he pushed me against one of the large windows of his study. There were a few people in the street below, and they only had to look up to see Crawford and I connected and making love to each other. I wanted them to see… I wanted them to see that I was the one that belonged to Crawford and only I could bring him that amount of pleasure.

We lied together on the carpet in the middle of the study, breathing heavily and gazing at the ceiling. I was so tired, I could have fallen asleep right there.

“So…” I said dreamily, closing my eyes and leaning against Crawford. “Did I convince you to buy those teas?”

He chuckled, kissing me deeply once more.

“Oh, the teas were delicious. But could I order you instead?”

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