Jacob and I argue a lot but that does not mean we don’t love each other. Sometimes, we do it to aggravate each other. And we tend to argue over the pettiest things. But knowing Jacob, he has pride. He refuses to admit defeat in anything. Though I’ll admit that there are certain things he does better than me but I, too, have pride. If it was possible, I don’t want him to win all the time.

That unfortunate day, Jacob did not get to our target in time and he looked disappointed. But “Miss Fast Feet” me assassinated the target before the great Jacob Frye did. “Hah! Anything you can do, Jacob… I can do just as good, if not, better!” I yelled while prancing around in the car of the Train Hideout.

He grabbed my wrists and stared into my eyes, “No, Love… I’m sure I do you much better than you do yourself,” he said, his voice deep. I froze for I have never heard him talk to me that way. He then held my waist, leaning in to kiss my lips. Damn, I could feel my body getting weak. “I can prove it to you,” he purred, undressing me. He kissed me again, parting my lips with his mouth. When he was done stripping my clothes off, his hands strayed all over my naked skin. Once satisfied, he sat on the bed, leading against the bedhead and leant my back against him, “Now, touch yourself like you do when I am not around.”

“What? Wait! How do you know that?” I asked, embarrassed.

“I know everything that you do, Love,” he said with a silly grin on his face. I did as he told me. I could feel my face turn hot but I was enjoying the pleasure I was giving myself. As I touched myself, he gave some instructions while aiding me by pinching my nipples. His warm breath in my ear as he whispered sweet nothings added to the pleasure I was feeling.

It took him very little to turn me on. He bit my neck gently, leaving a mark on my neck. He continued giving me extra pleasure; playing with my breasts and biting my neck gently. “Don’t stop touching yourself,” he reminded. He then laid me down while I continued playing with myself. I watched him undress. Naked, he sat on the bed and watched me while he stroked himself. He towered over me, adjusting himself, rubbing the head of his tumescent member at my entrance, while my fingers stimulated my bud. I was already high on euphoria when he filled me with his length. I was on the verge of screaming in pleasure when he thrust. “Don’t stop touching yourself,” he growled and I did as he said.

The night was chilly but it wasn’t for long. His warm skin against mine. The warmth he emitted felt good. The way he kissed me, the way he drove himself in and out was gentle but it was pleasurable. It did not help that he pushed my hand away from my bud, and he stimulated it for me. “J-Jacob… I can’t stand it anymore…” I moaned as I could feel myself reaching an orgasm.

“Not until I release my load inside you!” he told me. I moaned louder and maybe that drove him to thrust faster. He grabbed my waist to support himself. Automatically, my own fingers went to where it originally was, adding more pleasure to myself. Jacob moaned as he pressed himself in deep. At the same time, I wet the bed with my fluids. I could feel his member throbbing. Turned out, he had released his warmth within me. He pulled himself out with some of his seed oozing out of me. We made quite a mess on the bed. He then threw himself next to me. I crawled into his arms and rested my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around my body and pulled me close. “That was intense, wasn’t it?” he asked, planting a kiss onto my sweaty forehead. I studied his face which was carved with a cheeky smile.

“Fine, you do do me much better than I do myself,” I said, defeatedly while catching my breath.

“You’re wrong… That was teamwork,” he smirked.

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