The Doppelgänger

It all started when Jacob and I were lip locking on the bed. His hands were straying all over my body. Each touch on my bare skin left an electrifying sensation. We kissed hungrily, without a care in the world. Soon enough, I had his length within my mouth. While his tongue teased my sensitive bud and fingers dug deep inside me. Our moans filled the room.

Then the window flew opened, a man climbed in. “She is mine!” he growled. My ears, did they deceive me? His voice seemed familiar. The silhouette and shape of his body were similar to the man on top of me. He came closer to us and my eyes grew when I saw the man. He looked exactly like Jacob!

“Who are you?” Jacob roared, shielding in front of me.

“I am Jacob Frye and this is my flat! Why do you look like me?” Jacob’s doppelgänger asked, now perplexed.

Judging from the men's faces, they both looked confused. They then started arguing about being the real Jacob. I got turned off by the two men arguing I stood between them in all my naked glory. My hands touching their chests, “Stop bickering. We can solve this and it will be a win-win situation.”

“How?” they chorused.

I gave them a very cheeky smile. I stood on my toes and pecked Jacob’s doppelgänger's lips and undressed him. “I dare say, you are the same man...” I purred, caressing my fingers on the raven tattoo. I turned to Jacob and did the same thing.

“I see where you're getting,” Jacob said. He noticed that I was inspecting his doppelgänger's body. He looked at doppelgänger Jacob, who nodded at him. Jacob started stroking all the sensitive parts of my body, while doppelgänger Jacob kissed my lips and grabbed my breasts. It felt odd at first and it was my first time having two men at once. In my hands, were their manhood; identical in shape and size.

I turned to Jacob and kissed his lips, “Share me with yourself?” I asked. At first, he hesitated but eventually, he agreed. I took my eyeliner and drew a little mark on his neck so I can identify who is the original Jacob. He swept me off my feet and made me lean against doppelgänger Jacob, who was already on the bed. Leaning against him, he grabbed my breasts and teased me by playing with my nipples while Jacob watched him giving me pleasure.

Jacob went between my legs and greeted my already wet folds. He flicked his tongue onto my sensitive pearl and slipped his fingers into my entrance. While his doppelgänger continued playing with my nipples. The feeling they left me was indescribable.

Noticing my body quivering, Jacob’s doppelgänger instructed Jacob to lie down. Then, he told me to position myself on top of Jacob. He even assisted by adjusting Jacob's manhood into my entrance. Jacob thrusts himself in and I moaned, “Ohh, that sounds sexy,” Jacob's doppelgänger growled. Jacob kissed my lips hungrily thrusting deep inside me. He grabbed my butt cheeks, digging his nails into my flesh. He got faster and rougher. But Jacob's doppelgänger told him to slow down, telling him not to ejaculate just yet.

Lost within the euphoria of the moment, I didn't pay attention to what the men were saying to each other. As far as I was concerned, I felt good. But it took a few seconds for me to realise that somebody was going to my rear! The excruciating pain made me scream as it was my first time. I turned to see Jacob's doppelgänger behind me, while Jacob was still beneath me.

“Just relax your body, Love,” Jacob’s doppelgänger told me noticing my body stiffened. He caressed my back and whispered sweet nothings into my ear. His warm breath in my ear turned me on. He was good at what he did. It is not like Jacob’s not good but Jacob’s doppelgänger seem to know me as well as Jacob himself does! Slowly, those thoughts disappeared when the pain turned to pleasure. “That is how you do it,” he growled as he thrust faster and deeper.

“J-Jacob…” I moaned as both men drove in and out of my entrances. It felt good being sandwiched between two men. Although they both sound the same; their moans, their pants. It sounded the same!

They were enjoying themselves as they both lost the ability to string proper words. They moaned and groaned. They were enjoying every second as I was. Doppelgänger Jacob’s hands were on my shoulders, while Jacob’s were still at my butt cheeks. I could feel my arms getting weak. I knew I was not able to hold myself up anymore longer.

“I am coming!” both Jacobs cried out at the same time. They pushed themselves deep to unload their warmness within me.

I collapsed on Jacob to catch my breath. His doppelgänger pulled his flaccid member out and collapsed onto Jacob’s side. Jacob wrapped his arms around me and held me tight in his embrace. I felt an extra hand on my head and I saw doppelgänger Jacob’s face, smiling. “Take care of her, mate. She is precious, this one,” he told Jacob. Tired, sore and unable to get up to clean up our mess on the bed, I fell asleep in Jacob’s embrace. Most of all, I slept happily.

I woke up in the middle of the bed, alone. But it was empty and crumpled on both sides. “You are awake!” a happy voice chirped. I looked at the direction of the voice and saw Jacob, with the eyeliner mark on his neck.

“Jacob!” I gasped.

“I couldn’t bring myself to wake you,” he said, sitting on the bed next to me. “I hope you slept well.” I nodded at him.

“What happened last night?” I asked, confused. It felt like a dream. I was feeling sore all over. It must have been real.

Jacob smiled and held me in his arms, “I saw my doppelgänger before he disappeared this morning. He looked like he was getting dressed to go somewhere. But… He told me to take care of you. And he thanks us for the night.”

It wasn’t a dream. I placed my hands on my butt cheeks thinking about the man who entered me from behind. “So… I w-was not d-dreaming?” I stammered. Jacob let out a hearty laugh and shook his head.

“Well, at least for now, I have you to myself. And maybe you will allow me to enter you from behind?” Jacob teased while kissing my neck. Although I was still tired from the sexy time with Jacob and his doppelgänger, I decided to make Jacob horny.

Why? Because I was horny again.

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