The Forbidden Fruit

You were sat on your bed with a book in your hands. The sound of pages turning and your occasional scoffs were the only ones to be heard in your bedroom. Some footsteps echoed outside your room, in the corridors of your family's almost mansion-like residence. You stopped reading for a while as you heard your father's voice from the corridors, accompanied by some other male voice. Probably just some business things, you thought to yourself and continued reading. Your father was a seemingly influential templar, so such business conversations were not rare to hear. You were never allowed to hear too much, but were still strongly taught to Templar beliefs and such.

Your reading was interrupted as these thoughts led you to think about the events of the past few months. You had been at a ball with your family some weeks ago and through various causes had met a somewhat sinister feeling man. You had confronted him, questioning him about his intentions since he clearly had not had an invitation to the ball. The man had convinced you that he meant to do nothing but good and you had, with some reluctance, let him go his way. His dashing looks and laid-back personality had had an impact on you and for the next few days, that man had been all you'd been able to think about.

And for your luck, that had not been left as the first and last time you two had met. Just a few days later, you had seen him roaming some of the many streets of London. You had went to talk to him and learned that his name was Jacob Frye. You had introduced yourself and he had seemed very pleased to get to know you better. Though when the fact that you were a templar had come up, he had almost backed away, but as you had patiently explained to him that you were simply born to be a templar and that you had not chosen this life yourself, he had seemed a lot more interested once again.

You two had spent the day together and Jacob had told you about his life as an assassin. You had been amazed that such order like the Creed, with as pure and good intentions it had, could even exist. The idea of such freedom and peace had intrigued you and you had begged for Jacob to tell you more. He had been reluctant to share any more information he already had and had stated that he had to leave, but had proposed another meeting sometime soon. You had been more than happy to accept his proposal, eager to learn more.

You indeed had met quite a few times during the next months. You had learned that Jacob had a twin sister, Evie, who was just as pleasant to spend time with as Jacob was. You had also learned that the Assassins and the Templars had quite a past together, which had made you realize the danger you were putting yourself and the Frye twins into when you were spending time together. This did not stop you though, as the friendship between you three – especially you and Jacob – grew tighter and tighter every day. Sooner or later you had come to realize that the friendship between you and Jacob didn't feel enough for you, and you might just want for something more.

You closed your book as you were unable to concentrate on it anymore. You let out a heavy sigh, placed your book on your nightstand and leaned to quench the light. Just as you almost did it, you heard a light tap on your window, startling you. It was probably just a bird, you thought to yourself, trying to calm down. As there was another, a much stronger knock on the window, you stood up, preparing to defend yourself as you were now sure that it was no bird outside your window. Another knock, and you let yourself walk to the window and carefully open it. First you did not see anything, but as you heard a familiar voice call your name, you let out a small sigh.

“It's me,” Jacob whispered with a smile, peeking his head from the side of the window. You backed down a few steps, not really sure what to feel. This was typical recklessness of Jacob, so you were not that surprised, but more worried. What if someone would see him? You didn't even want to think about what kinds of trouble you both would end up after that.

“What are you doing, Jacob?” you questioned him and he let out a small laugh.

“I came to ask if you'd have some time tomorrow,” he said, making you sigh again. “There's this thing we need to talk-”

You didn't let Jacob finish his words. “Was this seriously the best method to come ask that you could think of?”

Jacob shrugged his shoulder, adjusting his position outside the window. “Well, I can't exactly just use the front door, so…”

You shook your head a bit, now with some amusement. Well, Jacob was not wrong. Still, the uneasy feeling of getting caught lingered upon you, making you feel nervous. Best would be invite Jacob in, so that no one would see him. You couldn't deny that you didn't have any ulterior motives on that act, but you didn't want to think about the now either.

“Best that you come in before anyone sees you,” you quickly said. Jacob gave you a look of confusion, but then obeyed. He clearly didn't fully see the necessity of this – well, neither did you – but the idea of being in your bedroom seemed to be more intriguing to him. You backed down back to your bed to light up another lamp and as you were doing that, by the corner of your eye you noticed how Jacob's gaze lingered over your just slightly clothed body. After a short while, he called your name again with a quiet voice.

“I've been thinking about things,” he shortly stated and you lifted your gaze to him. As your eyes met his, he quickly moved his somewhere else, as if he was embarrassed or something.

“What is it?” you asked and your eyes met again. Jacob took some steps closer to you and then placed his hands on your shoulders. You were quite surprised by his act but didn't complain. His touch was warm and felt good. Still, his words gave you a feeling that everything was not quite right – maybe this was the end of your friendship? Maybe that's what he would've wanted to talk about the next time you'd meet?

All these thoughts disappeared as you suddenly felt his lips on your own. His other hand moved to your hair as the other was still firmly holding your shoulder. As you recovered from the pleasant surprise, you gladly returned the kiss. You felt Jacob's hands firmly gripping your waist, pulling you towards him as he sat down on your bed. You sat down on his lap, feeling as his hands were roaming around your body, admiring every curve of it. You felt Jacob's pants tighten around him and slowly grinded against his manhood to tease him some. This got Jacob a bit startled and he broke your kiss.

“Are you sure about this?” he asked, trying to give you a serious look, but his eyes were filled with such lust that it didn't really work in the matter he'd meant it to. The look made you just even wetter down in your panties, so it wasn't a complete fail. You gave him a little nod, as you felt almost unable to produce words in your aroused state. Jacob gave you a little smirk and kissed you again, this time slowly lowering the kiss to your neck. Him carefully nibbling your sensitive skin made you moan a bit, which only encouraged Jacob to continue a little more roughly.

Jacob's hands moved their way to your ass, grabbing your buttocks firmly. You let out yet another moan, as Jacob grabbed you the way he was able to lay you down on your back to your bed. He kissed you quickly, moving lower and lower, leaving kisses on your neck and collarbones. He undressed you from your shirt, softly kissing your breasts and giving your nipples some teasing licks. You shivered and moaned under his touch, silently begging him for more. He took off your silky trousers and lowered your panties as well. Jacob kissed your abdomen, hands firmly grasping your hips as he lowered face to between your legs. He planted some kisses around your wetness, teasing plenty of moans and begs out of you. Holding still under his touch and kisses seemed like an impossible task for you.

You felt Jacob's hold tighten on your hips as he gave the first lick to your clitoris, making you let out a small yelp of satisfaction. Jacob's tongue worked with such expertise that could not have been mastered in one night. You didn't want to bother your mind with thoughts of all the other ladies he had been with, but you couldn't help it. You managed to overcome the thoughts with the fact that you were his special one – you had had a tight friendship, and you were in love.

Your moans became louder every second Jacob spent working between your thighs and you felt that sweet bubbling feeling growing bigger and bigger in your abdomen. “Jacob, I-” you let out a yelp, which only encouraged Jacob to continue even more eagerly. It didn't take long until you felt that sweet, sweet feeling all over your body, like it was on fire – your eyesight slowly blacking out a bit as you let out a bunch of satisfied moans. Hopefully no one heard you. You felt Jacob leave your wetness, planting a kiss on your cheek as you were starting to calm down from your orgasm.

Jacob didn't give you time to fully do that, and another series of moans escaped from your lips as you suddenly felt Jacob enter you with a rough thrust. Before Jacob started to pick up a pace, he leaned towards your ear, whispering something.

“Better keep quiet, baby girl, or someone will hear us,” he said, the vibrations of his voice sending shivers down your spine. Jacob was more than right, but his advice just made you more aroused, making that said “keeping quiet” even harder.

Jacob placed another kiss on your cheek, as he started to slowly thrust into you. You grasped to his back, your nails digging into his flesh, leaving red marks. His pace started as quite slow, but hastened steadily. Whilst thrusting into you almost mercilessly, Jacob then made eye contact with you, only helping your second orgasm build up faster and faster. The danger of getting caught actually made the whole thing more exciting and aroused you even more. Jacob was letting out some delicious groans, struggling to keep quiet himself. You would've mocked him about disobeying his own advice, if you hadn't pretty much lost all your abilities to talk. The only word you were able to get out between your words was Jacob's name.

You were coming nearer and nearer to the edge every second, Jacob slamming into you, groaning and repeating your name as you repeated his. You then started to tighten around him, reaching climax harder than ever. Between all the shivers going through your body you felt Jacob come inside you, the man groaning and panting heavily. He then laid himself next to your slightly shaking body, taking deep breaths. He then reached out for your hand, grasping to it tightly.

“So, are you still up to meeting tomorrow?”

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