The Mission

I am an assassin. I was chosen and trained at an early age to infiltrate the templars in London and work close to their grand master Crawford Starrick.

I joined them several years ago and made my way to the top of the order. It hasn't been easy but I made everything I could to prove my efficiency and make myself essential to the grand master. But even if he relies a lot on me regarding the field work, I know he still keeps me out of the decision making process, making sure I can't put my nose on any important document regarding the piece of Eden.

Even if I try hard every day to gather as many information as I can, it is obvious that my strategy won't give me access to those documents. And what I feared finally happens. The Assassin's council asks to meet up to discuss the next step in my investigations.

Are they going to ask me to assassinate him?

I was raised and trained to hate templars, and especially Crawford Starrick. But as years went on, working with him has made me see the man in a very new light. Yes, he is dangerous and merciless a lot of the time, but I also found myself agreeing with many decisions he has taken. The world is tough and one cannot pretend be a powerful man by playing kids game.

I also noticed the way he looks at me sometimes when we both are alone in his office. I often get that cold and distant look he gives, but sometimes he asks me to come to his office late at night. He usually is furious for whatever reason. He tells me to sit in a very blank voice, and starts asking me questions about my latest mission for him. After all, it's not as if I just left a detailed report of it to his attention.

As I start summarizing my report, I can see his eyes going from my legs to my breasts, then he stares at my neck and finally my lips. Our eyes meet and at this very moment, the trained assassin that I am feels like a prey; he wants to devour me alive no doubt. There is electricity in the air and I can't stop thinking about that strong man taking me roughly on the desk that stands between us. I suddenly have no clue what I was talking about and try to end my speech in the most logical way. These night meetings always end up the same way: He seems to calm down, thanks me politely and I spend the rest of the night touching myself in my bed, thinking about me, the young assassin, riding the grand master's cock.

So when the Assassin's council tells me that they reached a decision regarding my mission, I secretly hope that I won't have to kill him; would I even be able to do it anyway?

But surprisingly enough, their request is very different. In order to be able to gain access to those secret documents, I need to get even closer to Crawford Starrick. When I ask what they actually mean by that, someone in the council says: "Well, Miss, we want you to become Starrick's lover."

I am in the training house of the templars. I like practicing my fighting skills whenever I have a moment. I asked one of the men under my orders to practice with me. We use long wooden blades. We both wear protective gear all over our body and head.

I manage to send my practicing partner to the floor for the second time when Crawford Starrick enters the room. He watches the man standing up slowly then stares at me. He seems to be in a very bad mood again. He turns around and asks one of the employees to get him a protective gear and a blade. He leaves the head piece and tells my poor praticing partner that his humiliation is over, he can go back to his duties.

I take my own head protective gear piece off and throw it away. My eyes meet Starrick's as he starts warming up his shoulders and arms, then he enters the fighting zone. I hop up a bit, making circles around him. After several minutes, I make a quick move towards him, moving my wooden blade very fast to surprise him but he blocks it at the last second, so I take a step on the right and skip away his own attack that didn't take long to come. The man is strong and fast, and he intends to make me understand who the boss is. I look at him; he is tall, the protective gear emphasizes his wide shoulders and strong arms, his thinner hips whose powerful thrust must have brought many women to orgasm. I feel my body heating up as I think that Starrick must be a wonderful lover. I come slightly closer and try a devilish diversion: I start licking slowly my upper lip, then the lower one, giving him my most innocent face. Luckily enough my strategy works as I see him staring at my lips again just like he does sometimes. He rolls the blade in his right hand, proof that he is not holding it very firmly, so I take a chance and take a quick step forward. My wooden blade hits his own in a sharp movement, one that the assassins taught me, one that I master completely. Starrick's blade flies in the air, somewhere out of his reach. I see that he is surprised so I keep moving in his direction, I give him a firm tap in the abdomen with the blade´s handle and push him with all my weight to the nearest wall. His body hits it hard. Thankfully, the protective gear softens the pain. I put my wooden blade on his throat and sustain his look. There is anger of course. He gives me one of those "I am going to eat you alive" looks that usually scares me a bit but turns me on as well. I have a mission and I am going to make sure the man ends up between my legs very soon.

The oportunity may not come back anytime soon, so I decide to tease him even more and start licking slightly his chin, going slowly up and ending on those tasty lips. He freezes and I forget for a short moment that the man I want to seduce is a predator. He opens his mouth a bit, then captures my tongue between his lips and sucks it eagerly. I don't want to give up so easily so I step mercilessly on one of his feet, he sets my tongue free and grumbles loudly. I push him away from me, which makes him fall on the ground. When he looks back at me I'm not completely sure if he wants to fuck me like there is no tomorrow or if he just wants to kill me. He finds his wooden blade, grabs it, and yells at all the employees around us to leave the room immediately. Whatever he is going to do to me, he wants no witnesses.

I don't have the time to blink; he is already upon me, attacking me with all his strength, I cannot block him properly. God, he is so strong. I try to get away from him but he manages to grab the collar of my protective gear and throws me roughly on the ground. If it took few minutes for the employee to help Starrick putting on the protective gear, it only takes him few seconds to get out of it. He kneels and grabs my feet with his two hands to bring me closer to him. My own gear gets dealt with very fast and so does my trousers. He tears apart my panties fiercely and before I know it Crawford Starrick's face ends up between my legs eating me out like he spent his whole life waiting for this moment. The man clearly knows what he's doing and even if I don't want to sound like I was dying for it, I am not going to be able to hold it very long.

The feeling sends shivers down my spine and I cannot help but move my hips up and down. He keeps staring at me, those incredibly powerful and intimidating blue eyes. Starrick's mouth follows my inner rythm, and it doesn't take long before my first orgasm come. He bites my thigh gently but firmly and gets two fingers inside me. And there we go again, I try to refrain the moan that wants to go out of my mouth, so I end up whimpering like a little girl. He lowers his own trousers and grabs his cock, he starts stroking it at the same pace he is fingering me. He watches me slowly losing control and he clearly enjoys it. Then he brings his fingers to his mouth, tasting me again as if he couldn't get enough of me. Oh, God, Starrick is a very naughty boy.

Before taking me, he wants to play with me a bit: He teases my clit with his cock, giving slow thrusts with his hips. I can hear him breathe loudly as he tries to keep control. Then he lifts up my shirt and grabs my breasts, eating my tits with the same appetite than my inner thighs. His tongue teases my nipple then traces his way up to my neck. He bites it and gets a loud moan in return. I grab his hair with one of my hands and finally bring our lips together in a passionate kiss. And that is when I least expect it that he finally enters deeply in me. I freeze and let another loud moan escape, he takes this oportunity to capture my lower lip between his, sucking it.

He fucks me so roughly I feel like I am going to collapse. Hearing him moan as he cums inside me makes me shiver once more. I was right; Crawford Starrick is a wonderful lover.

When he is up on his feet again, his trousers back on, I can see in his eyes looking down at me, his anger is still there. I ask him what was it he wanted to tell me. He keeps staring at me, then he says that he has been informed that an assassin has infiltrated within the templars. He wants me in his office in a few minutes to discuss my next mission: Finding out who this is.

As he leaves I am sure he knows perfectly well who it is.

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