The Phantom

(Inspired by this confession.)

You look absolutely lovely, my dear," my sister said.

I struggled to get my dress to sit properly, exhaling on a pinched breath.

"The corset is just too tight," I whimpered, and rolled my eyes as I placed one rose in my hair. Gracefully, I leaned closer to grab my black and silver mask. Tonight I was going to watch the newest opera with my sister and her husband and oh dear how nervous was I. Or maybe I couldn't breathe because my corset was too tight. I sighed deeply and coughed quickly, covering my mouth.

As my sister and I got out from our carriage a man walked front of me and I gulped. His face was covered by silver mask, but I could see his intense hazel eyes.

"Mia cara," the mysterious man purred and offered me his hand. I bit my lip nervously and blushed slightly as I looked at him innocently.

"Who are you, signore?" I asked and the man smirked as he grabbed my hand quickly.

"The most interesting man in your life," he answered silkily and with that I was bewitched.

"Are you going to watch the newest opera, mia bella?" he asked, though I remained silent as we entered to the opera hall.

My eyes were caught by a poster on the wall...

A poster? I thought as I saw picture of a hooded man. No. It cannot be the same man who I was with! I started to panic but the man kissed my hand softly.

"Relax, mio caro," the masked man reassured me, and I turned my head away as we sat down.

"I shouldn't be here, signore," I whispered quickly and I tried to make my leave. But his next words stalled me.

"What sweet seduction lies before us?" the man asked deeply and I froze. No way...

I sat down next to the man and focused my gaze on the audience. Everyone was wearing masks, as were I. But I saw another man kissing a woman's neck as she giggled and blushed beautifully. And they weren't the only amorous pair.

I gulped and glanced at the masked man. He had taken down his hood and I could see even more that he was a handsome man. His mask made him even more mysterious and alluring.

I bit my lip and quickly I looked away as he raised his eyebrow. "See something you like?" he chuckled.

I wanted to flee, but it was my luck that the dramatic music began and soprano's voice lifted to sing about her love. A man came onstage and was embracing her passionately. During the song I could feel my companion's intense gaze on my body. How his burning eyes were watching every breath I took and how my breasts were heaving in their prison. I licked my dry lips and I could hear how the man gasped quietly next to me.

"Enjoying the opera, Signore?" I asked softly and the man smirked.

"Sí, mio caro" the man said and handed me a rose. The brief touch made me jump slightly.

"What is this for?" I asked as I took the rose. On stage, the man was singing with the woman, but the opera was long forgotten.

"For you,” he answered. “I shouldn't tell you my name, but you will be screaming that later tonight. I'm Ezio Auditore da Firenze."

Ezio stood slowly and bowed little bit as he offered me his hand. I didn't have a choice. I was completely under his spell.

"You have put a spell on me," Ezio echoed my thoughts, then began to lead me away from the alcove, then the theater.

"Ezio where are you-?" I began to ask, but suddenly Ezio kissed my lips quickly. In shock, I pulled away.

"Abandon thought and let the dream descend," Ezio murmured as he lead me to the rooftop. Under the stars, which peppered the dark night sky with diamonds.

"It's beautiful up here," I whispered and closed my eyes.

"Si, but you are the most beautiful vision beneath the stars," Ezio said. He cupped my chin softly, making me turn to look at him.

"I wonder if I could make you sing higher than the diva," he laughed and kissed me passionately. His mouth, warm and hot as it was, made my knees weak and I grabbed at his shoulders to support myself.

"Breathe, bella," Ezio whispered in my ear and I released my breath which I had forgotten I was holding.

"No backward glances," Ezio growled and I closed my eyes, leaning into him so that my breasts pressed against his muscular chest.

Ezio was teasing with me and I could feel it. His lips were moving gently, but sometimes I could feel a few licks and nips on my jawline.

"You taste so delicious," he groaned as his mouth traced my collarbone, sending shudders through me.

"You tease me, Signore," I moaned, and I grabbed at his hair as Ezio continued his worship. Where he went, my skin turned hot – but after he moved on, I I shivered as the cold air began to lap my skin.

"Sing for me, my Angel of Music," Ezio urged me softly and knelt front of me as he gathered my skirts in his hands. I moaned loudly and quickly covered my mouth as I remembered where I was.

"Sing," I heard Ezio's voice against my thigh and I was leaned against the wall. Ezio kissed his way hungrily towards his prey.

Dear me, he's hungry for me, I thought, another shiver running through me.

"So wet," Ezio growled dangerously, and on that moment he began to eat me out like a hungry animal he was. His lips were perfectly covering my clit as I was trying to move my hips away but he didn't allow any of that. In few seconds Ezio held my hips in roughly on their place and I could only surrender to the passion he had created for us. In few moments he had inserted a finger in me and I moaned loudly. "What if the people hear us?" I whimpered and I bit my lip as I cupped Ezio's head.

"Our game has begun at last," Ezio purred as he inserted second finger in me while he was sucking and licking my clit. I didn't have any choice as I begun to moan as I felt my climax coming.

The teasing seduction lasted almost forever and I was seeing stars clearly as my eyes were rolling and my back arched while I screamed loudly from pure pleasure.

"G-going..." I whispered and magically Ezio added third finger and same time he bit my clit making me to cum hard and rough. Like he had ordered me, I sang for him.

After few minutes of feeling huge waves of pleasure running through me, Ezio stood front of me and smirked.

"Anywhere you go let me go too. That's all I ask of..." he whispered and I nodded as I kissed him passionately. My lover. My Phantom.

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