Thin Line Between Love And Hate

Damn you, Frye! Who is you think you are? Fucking bastard!” I was furious when another battle with this assassin and his men had ended with our defeat. My guys were dead but I wasn’t going to die with them. When it became too hot on the battlefield I receded very quickly, holding my shoulder that was wounded and smarted a bit. Jacob managed to cut me with his knife, although just a little.

They have been conquering one borough after another and the leader of the Rooks annoyed me like no one else. That smug smirk of his… those endless jokes frankly drove me mad! If I could I would sink my nails into his neck at the first chance I got and choke him to death with my bare hands. However, today wasn’t my day apparently, because I was left alone, face-to-face with him and the rest of his gang, so I had to run away. I have never considered myself a coward, but life was more precious for me than my pride, that’s why I tried to escape as fast as I could, while they were celebrating the victory. Well, we will see who will win the war.

Clenching my teeth I was able to get to my home, opening the door with my shaking hands which I did after a third try, because I couldn’t put my key in the lock. I was still full of anger mixed with hatred and decided to take a bath to clean myself from all this dirt and relax for a moment. Yes, this would help me calm down and at the same time think of a plan to put the bloody assassin down.

When I finished I stood in front of a mirror, rubbing my hair with a towel. The wound on my shoulder didn’t hurt so much as before and had time to be healed a bit. I dressed in my nightgown and headed towards my bedroom, which was located on the second floor. I inherited this house from my father who was also a famous Templar in London. I managed to live on my own without any servants, because I liked the quiet, especially when I was thinking.

The night was peaceful and it was too stuffy for me in the room, probably ‘cause I have just come out of the bathroom. However when I opened the window a refreshing breeze blew, making me close my eyes in satisfaction. This was what I needed. I smiled to myself and lied onto the bed, thinking about how to make Frye pay for everything. Unlike his sister, he was more careless than strategic but his men were following him, killing for him, expressing loyalty to that assassin. My people should follow their example…

I haven’t noticed that my thoughts were now directed toward Frye himself. The image of him emerged in my head and wasn’t going to leave that easily. Yes, he was very attractive… so young and so strong, although not that younger than me. His grin was irritating but at the same time there was something in it… something that drove me crazy. His cockiness, the way he acted… his rough man’s strength… his stubbornness and sometimes even ruthlessness that took place when he dealt with his enemies…

Considering what I was doing I wasn’t a stranger to violence and cruelty, and perhaps, I became a Templar because I liked it? Anyway… when I looked at Jacob, at the twinkle in his eyes, at his mischievous smile I knew he could trick a lot of people into thinking he was nice and cute, but not me. I knew what he was capable of – I saw it with my own eyes. Jacob’s hidden blade was put into action almost every few seconds, killing Blighters that stood in his way. It seemed that the assassin was tireless. He had never given up, swaying his weapon till he was the last survivor.

Remembering how he fought today, I bit my lip and pressed my legs together. Why was my breathing becoming faster when I recollected how his fingers grabbed the hilt of the kukri tight, and how his gaze was addressed to me? I remembered the shiver rushing through my whole body, because I felt that the end was near, but now… I was shaking from arousal? He was breathing hard and his shoulders were heaving, letting you understand that the fight was exhausting. Why was I so eager to know how he smelled during moments like that? I could bet that the smell was a mix of sweat, powder, iron and Frye himself.

That picture was so vivid that I involuntary opened my mouth and licked my upper lip as if I wanted to taste Jacob. But to desire your enemy is so wrong, isn’t it? I shouldn’t do it; this is taboo. The second this word appeared in my head I felt myself getting wetter between my legs. This fucking assassin! He represented a pure temptation on legs with his sharp tongue that probably pleasured a lot of girls.

I imagined how Frye would eat me out and my heart skipped a beat before a weak groan escaped my lips. No, I would straddle his face to show him where his place was and watch Jacob working his tongue over my slit, trying his best to make me reach my limit. I was dying to know the way his hair would feel like in my hands, precisely when I would pull it during Jacob’s attempts to enter my pussy. I wouldn’t let him fuck just like that. I wanted to hear him roar, displeased with me because I made him wait. I wanted him to be rough to me, to take me as his own, to avenge me.

Blimey! I understood how moist my pussy was at the moment but couldn’t stop. Through my nightgown I squeezed my breasts whilst my other hand was crawling to the edge of the fabric to my crotch, lifting it up. A light wind touched my bare pubis that made me gasp from the pleasure. I was fantasizing about Frye blowing on my wet core, smiling like he usually did, while I trembled from arousal.

My fingers reached down for my clit that was begging to get some attention. My mouth was opened wide as well as my thighs when I touched the centre of my urgent desire. I sank my fingers deep into my cunt, realizing that it was so wet already. I didn’t remember the last time I was so turned on like I was now. I couldn’t believe that it was all because of Frye. If he caressed my sensitive skin with his stubble what would I feel? I bent over backwards, moaning as I imagined those sensations. The fingers inside me were moving faster and my toes clenched as my completion drew near…

Ah, why did it have to be Jacob? But it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking about… I tried to picture his manhood in full form. This made me blush a little and my cheeks were burning red while my arm between the legs was massaging my erect clitoris. Was it big? Long? Perfectly shaped? Or perhaps he was good only on the outside but not inside his pants?

In my fantasy right now, however, his dick would be quite big and would ram my sore pussy. Frye wouldn’t hear my pleads to stop; he wouldn’t pay attention to the fact that I tried to get rid of his grasp, oh no… He would nail me to bed with his body and his long fingers would grab my wrists so I couldn’t escape. Was I like that? Did I really want this? But the need to cum immediately was an answer to my question. I wanted this badly and I could finally admit it to myself at least. My lips parted in a mute scream when I was ready to cum hard, tasting this forbidden fruit in my mind.


“I was guessing who was the object of your desire, because you were so distracted that you let you guard down, love,” I heard from somewhere beside me and I opened my eyes in an instant, spotting a figure in a coat near the window. It was Jacob. He pushed himself with his shoulder from the wall that he was resting at a moment ago, and moved closer to me imposingly. In the moonlight I caught the sight of him smiling slyly.

“What are you doing in here?!” I shouted at last, coming to my senses, straightening my nigh gown, pushing my knees to my chest. If it weren’t for the night my pink cheeks would be obvious to him, but something was telling me that Frye was fully aware of my state.

“Let’s just say that my intention was to drop by to deal with a problem that managed to flee from me today. I don’t like having unfinished business, you know?” He shrugged his shoulders, giving me a devilish smirk. Jacob resembled of a pleased cat that tasted a whipped cream or a man who knew someone’s secret, which wasn’t far from the truth. “You shouldn’t interrupt your little show because of me, love. It was quite spectacular.”

“How dare you?!” I cried out, forgetting about my arousal in a second, taking the knife from my nightstand that I always kept there for cases like this one. I rushed at him, aiming, but he caught me by the wrist before I could do anything, squeezing it painfully, which made me to drop my weapon. I grimaced, looking Jacob angrily in the eyes. The smile disappeared from his face, changing into an expression of curiosity, our lips too close from each other. At that moment Jacob shoved me onto the mattress again and I nearly hit my head against a wooden back of the bed. I had the intention to pounce on him for such boldness but in mere seconds his body was covering mine and those hazel eyes were staring at me, studying my face.

“What do you want?” I repeated, turning my head in other direction so I couldn’t look at Frye, feeling my cheeks becoming pink once more. I didn’t have to see man’s face to know that he was grinning playfully. Jacob’s skilled fingers grabbed my chin and turned me back forcefully before their owner crashed his lips with mine in a hungry kiss. I could barely breathe, not understanding what was going on for a few moments. The best decision was to punch the assassin as hard as I could in the stomach or better yet… in his balls, but I didn’t do it. Instead, I pulled him by the collar of his leather coat, squeezing it in my hands. I was the first who pushed my tongue into Jacob’s mouth, flattered by the surprise on the man’s face. I did say that I wasn’t going to give up so easily. I didn’t care if he would kill me later. I had to wholly enjoy this; it maybe my last night on the Earth.

I pushed this devil in disguise away only to straddle him, attacking Frye’s dry and chapped lips in order to bite them and pull with my teeth. He growled, making us switch places. This time, he forcibly entered my mouth with a slick tongue that danced with my own. A loud moan was drowned in our heated kiss when I collapsed on top of him with all my might, turning Jacob so that he fell off the bed on the floor but I was sitting on him again. My hand was sliding down his leg behind my back – I was desperate to touch his cock through the fabric which I did, watching how Frye hissed and bucked his hips towards my palm. He was hard as a rock already.

Next thing I knew, I was under him one more time while Jacob was teasing my weak spot – my neck, leaving traces of saliva and marks of his teeth. I screamed out loud, pulling his hair roughly, finally experiencing how they felt in my hands. My expectations had come to fruition – it was a little stiff but at the same time so pleasant to touch.

The assassin managed to rip the nightgown off from my shoulders, exposing my tits, which he grabbed both with his hands. I inhaled nervously, hugging Frye by the neck, smashing him against the floor. It continued for quite a while – we were fighting for dominance, rolling over the carpet, trying to leave more marks on each others’ bodies as we could.

“I hate you!” I roared, biting my lip, tasting the blood when Jacob clenched his teeth around my nipple.

“The feeling is mutual, my dear. I have never hated anyone more than you,” he growled in response, lifting my cloth up. After that, Frye picked me up and we fell onto the bed together; however, he remained being on top.

“My whole body is full of hatred for you, Frye!” I scratched his forearm with my nails while he was taking my nightgown off. I felt insecure, lying there naked in front of him, but I was surprisingly enjoying it. I have been wet for a long time and we both knew that. I was savoring this anticipation of what he was about to do with me.

“It seems that your hatred devoured me whole,” Jacob whispered in a low voice near my ear. He wasn’t going to undress apparently, maybe thinking that I wasn’t worth it. However, later I understood that he just couldn’t wait any longer to waste his time on clothes.

“Shit! Fuck me already!” I yelled in a fit of temper, immediately grasping his buttocks. Yes, I was dying to get some oral treat from Jacob but there was so little time and the desire inside me was ready to burst out. It needed to be released… right now.

“You are turning me on so much, you fucking slut!” Frye’s grin was crossing his lips before he crashed them into mine as his hand wrapped around his impressive cock that he pulled out of his pants in a hurry. The tip was pressed against my slick slit and I moved my legs apart even wider so he could enter me with one single thrust. I stretched myself with fingers only before that, but I wanted him to be rough.

Jacob, who prolonged our passionate kiss, teasing me, pulled away. Then, his shaft pierced my vagina in an instant, making me scream like crazy.

“Asshole!” I cursed, hitting the assassin with my fists, which caused him to leave my pussy only to shove into it deeper than I ever experienced. I screamed once again, and that probably excited Jacob, judging by his devilish smirk.

“Isn’t this what you wanted? Are you feeling how my dick is sucked into your greedy cunt, love? You are just a horny little whore who doesn’t care who she fucks, yeah? You wish only to be fucked hard.”

“No, it’s not true,” I groaned when Frye began to mercilessly screwing my heated body with all his strength.

“Is it?” Jacob raised his eyebrows in surprise. “So, does it mean that you wish to be fucked by me alone?”

“Shut up, assassin!” I yelped, wrapping my arms and legs around his torso.

“I am flattered. You are so wet because of me? It is cute.”

“Shut up…” I said more quietly as if I wasn’t sure that I wanted him to. His cock was distracting me from thinking clearly, because he was poking my precious womb, extracting some indistinct sounds from within my throat.

“I know you like it when I talk like this, I can see it in your eyes… and the way your inner walls are clenching around my dick is saying it all. Even now…”

“Fuck,” I hissed, sliding over his shaft, losing my mind. Frye was right.

“You have gone wild, love. How long have you been dreaming about it?”

“Only today…”

“Oh, and you decided to give in to me that quick? You spoil me.”

“Shut the fuck up already!” I slapped his face, as my palm was scratched by man’s stubble. Yes, that would feel nice against the skin of my thighs, while Jacob was eating me out.

“If you do that one more time, I’d get angry,” he growled, warning me.

“Oh, I didn’t know you can do that. Because I don’t see it. You are so gentle and nice… you fucking bastard!” I laughed in sarcasm and then kicked the assassin in the chest only to irritate him. His swollen dick slipped out of my pussy, turning me over to lie on my belly. I squeezed the sheets with my fingers, attempting to get up. However, Frye was faster and he pinned me down with his weight, forcing me to press my face against the pillow.

“Ungrateful slut!” Jacob yelled, slapping my ass ruthlessly. “I will teach you a lesson of good manners! You’ve really pissed me off!”

In that moment his hard dick surged inside my sore cunt, almost striking my womb, making it move back a little. I was squealing like mad but my cries were muffled by the pillow.

“Do you like it rough, huh? Me too, baby,” Frye murmured in my ear, biting my earlobe. “I hope that you won’t die… at least not until I am finished.” Jacob chuckled and started to fuck me like an animal, filling me with his cock as I felt some sort of sweet pain inside me. My tears were flowing, but goddamned it! I fucking loved everything he did to me. His uncontrollable thrusts, him pulling my hair, his slaps, his bites between my shoulder blades, those red scratches on my pale skin. Most of all, I liked his heavy breathing at my ear when the assassin practically lied on top of my back.

“I hate… I hate you so much, you fucking…”

“Are you sure?” Frye’s dick went into my pussy at a different angle, leaving me no choice but to cry out his name mixed with dirty moans.

“I… am sure… you are pathetic piece of… ah! More! Faster, damn it! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”

“Do you see how good it is?” Jacob was snickering, proud of himself definitely, fulfilling my wishes that were more like orders.

“Shut up and move! Oh, yes, just like that! YES!”

“Don’t think that I will let you touch yourself… you are going to come only from my cock, slut!”

“Yes, oh my god, fuuuuck! Freaking Frye! I hate you… fuck, ah, it feels so good that I’m going to die! Shit!” I was overwhelmed with emotions, cumming harder than ever, becoming aware of the fact that I couldn’t breathe. His dick left my vagina in a few seconds, and the last thing I remembered before I passed out was Jacob who made me part my lips, splashing his seed into my mouth, giving everything he had on my tongue and how I swallowed it all. And then there was the darkness…

I jumped up, finding myself on my bed. I studied my room. It was still dark outside and my vision wasn’t perfect at the moment. Was it all just a dream? Well, taking into account that there were no signs of Jacob or that he had been here, then yes. My knife was lying on the nightstand as usual. Even the carpet wasn’t lifted up (although I remembered that we did lift it up during our rolling over the floor). Heck, I must have come and fell asleep after that. I wasn’t sure whether I regret that it was only a dream or not. More yes than no. But I felt so tired it took me couple of minutes to get back to sleep with a silly smile on my face.

“You can’t win, Frye!” The roar came through my clenched teeth as I was attacking the assassin in a hand-to-hand combat. He was dodging my fists with a smile like it was nothing, finding my anger funny. This stupid smirk again… I had enough of that in my dream. But now I wasn’t amused by it; that’s why my attacks were sloppy and my fist was missing Jacob’s head. The man caught my arm, twisting it, making me hiss from annoyance and rage as he pressed his chest against my back.

“I can’t win you say? Well, I have already won… last night, love, or you don’t remember? Ah, yes, you fainted. Was it SO good? Did you enjoy our night together, my beloved wench?” Frye laughed and I was frozen, not taking any attempts to escape his grip, because I was processing everything he said. It wasn’t a dream? But why didn’t I notice that?

“I cleaned up a bit, so everything was in order when I left and you were… unconscious,” the assassin explained with a chuckle like he was reading my mind. “I didn’t want to wait till you wake up. After all, you had a rough day… and night,” his voice was huskier now, “so I let you rest.” All of his teeth were showing as he smiled to me and then suddenly Jacob licked my ear, making me tremble.

“What are you doing?” I protested, embarrassed by this public act of lust from his behalf.

“Tonight I will be waiting for you at 10 o’clock at the ‘White Swan’ pub. Come. I will be there.”

“I won’t!” I snapped, hitting the man in his solar plexus. He opened his arms, freeing me. He coughed loudly, trying to breathe normally, but it seemed that Frye wasn’t angry with me for what I have done. He looked at me with a calm gaze.

“I will still be waiting, love.” Jacob gave me a funny bow before using his grappling hook to reach the roof of the closest building, and then quickly vanished.

“Harder! Come on! Fuck me properly!” I demanded, biting the sweaty skin on the assassin’s neck while he was almost cutting me in two with his big cock.

“I told you that you will show up.” He didn’t hiding that pleased grin from me.

“And you are still talking non-stop,” I retorted as Jacob kept pushing my bare buttocks against the brick wall behind me. The brick scraped against my skin a bit, but it wasn’t important. I didn’t want him to stop; I wanted him to continue…

“You are so wild, girl… and you are driving ME wild,” Frye mumbled into my shoulder, kissing it. I held him tight, feeling the man’s fingers digging into my lower cheeks, not letting me fall to the ground. With every thrust he was bringing me closer and closer to heaven, and my lips were hurt because of his regular kisses.

“I hate you…”

“I know, love.” Jacob gently smiled to himself, claiming my sensitive skin with his teeth for the tenth time.

“Make me cum!” I shouted out in the air.

And he did it. I was falling apart into million pieces once again, not understanding how this man could bring me to orgasm that powerful. We should have killed one another, but every time our ‘superiors’ told us to do it, all this ended up with us fucking each other near some pub or in the park, or on the bench… even on the roof of the Buckingham Palace. Oh, you could never be bored with him.

No, we couldn’t kill one another, because…

“I love you…” I whispered, when my orgasm began to fade away and my body, filled with Frye’s sperm, was shaking in his strong hands.

“I know, love,” Jacob repeated the same phrase he said earlier only with a more tender intonation, capturing my lips with his own once more.

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