To Make Amends

Why does she have to be like this?!” I complained to Jacob, who was sitting next to me at the table. We were in the pub, drinking fresh ale, while I was telling him how I was irritated by his sister’s behavior. When I met her, I knew she was a determined woman, concentrated on her missions and goals, but I thought that Evie had changed since I showed up in her life. Yeah, at first I was just one of the Rooks to her, nothing more. But then our feeling towards one another started to grow, although the assassin didn’t tell me she loved me. Not once. And I had been screaming about my love to her every chance I got.

Nevertheless the fact that she cared for me was enough. We had passionate sex whenever Frye was free from her duties and those moments were the best moments in my entire life. I was so happy that Evie was there with me. And now she was busy all the time, searching for this bloody Piece of Eden! Was it more important than me? However I knew the answer she would give me. Yes, it’s more important. During past two weeks I barely saw her. I admired her devotion to her assassin business, but I missed her every day. I missed her lips, her hands, her tongue that could do wonders to my body. I wanted to hear “I love you” from her mouth for once. But instead I was hanging out with her brother in some crowded pub.

“She has always been like that,” Jacob stated, tilting a pint to his lips to make a sip.

“Yeah, I know, but why can’t she be like you? It would make things easier.”

The Assassin laughed. “We are twins, but we are not the same. We are far from the same, actually.”

“I’ve noticed that,” I laughed as well.

Jacob shifted his gaze at something behind my back, but before I could turn around, he grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and kissed me. I was shocked and just stayed still, not responding. When he let me go, I could see Evie who was standing near me. The look on her face could be described as furious. I didn’t have time to say a word as the woman was gone. I gathered up my courage and slapped Jacob angrily, walking away.

He screwed up everything! She thinks that I’m in love with him now. Damn it, Jacob! Why did you do that? I couldn’t find any peace, walking back and forth and hesitating to speak with her.

When I finally got to the train I came across Agnes, who smiled to me and gave me an aster, which symbolized an unexpected surprise. Evie taught me this a long time ago. I considered her passion for flowers as a cute hobby. She used to give me flowers in the beginning of our relationship and, frankly, I missed those days. Nonetheless Frye had surprised me indeed. What was she up to?

Agnes was silent and didn’t answer my question, quickly walking away, so I had to keep guessing. I stepped inside the carriage, looking around but saw nobody. Then my eyes stumbled upon the other flower that was lying on the table. It was forget-me-not. Symbol of good memories. I smiled a little, immediately remembering our first night together. Her kisses were so greedy and passionate… our mutual orgasm was like a hurricane. This woman knew how to sweep me off my feet. I was curious about what was going to happen next.

I came near the bed where I found a jonquil. Desire to return the affection. Or maybe desire for me? I hardly had time to even blink as I felt the assassin’s hands squeezing my waist tightly. I cried out in surprise, turning my head to Evie who was standing behind me, pressed closely to my back.

“Evie, the scene you saw, it was nothing. It was Jacob’s doing and I didn’t mean to…”

“I know,” Frye responded and her grip tightened. “He wanted to tease me. And he succeeded. I’m so pissed right now, but not with you or him. I’m angry with myself because I left you all alone. I had to focus my attention on you. I bogged down in my work, completely ignoring your presence in my life. For that, I’m sorry.” Evie pressed her cheek to my shoulder as I was standing there, impressed with her word. She had never told me something sweet like this.

I faced her, holding her in my embrace. “So, to impel you to say these kind words I have to make you jealous?” I raised my eyebrow. Frye hissed and suddenly kissed me hard. So hard I could barely stand. I wasn’t going to resist as I hugged my lover and pulled her closer.

“Don’t you dare!” Evie roared slowly, incinerating me with her gaze. I loved it when she became possessive.

“Or what?” I provoked her, smirking.

“Or I’ll do this,” she threw me onto the bed with my face down and removed all of my clothes. “On your fours, now!” the assassin commanded and started to undress herself.

I squirmed, enjoying her dominant side as my cheeks flashed. I knew what was coming next.

“Nevertheless, you kissed him anyway. And you deserve punishment, don’t you?” Evie asked with winsome smile.

“Yes, Miss Frye. One of your naughty Rooks was out of control lately. I’m counting on your mercy, mistress.”

“You will have none!” woman slapped my butt and I screamed.

“Ah, no, please, I’ll be a good girl, I swear!” I continued to play the victim.

“I know you will, although I want to make sure,” she spanked me a few more times, not stopping until my buttocks were pink enough.

“Here you go.” Evie grinned and turned me over to give me a hot kiss. I swirled my tongue around her own, kissing her like it was our last time. She moaned into my mouth, breaking the kiss.

“I would love to use my cane on you, but maybe next time. Today we are going to try something different,” the woman smiled wickedly. She moved away to the chest on the floor and retrieved a rope from it. Evie took my hands and tied them to the back of the bed. She made me spread my legs and now she could see how wet I was.

“You really missed me, didn’t you?” Frye laughed and started to suck on my already hard nipple.

“Evie!” I cried out, clenching my teeth. I didn’t remember when the last time we had sex, but my body was ready for her at any moment. The assassin attacked my breasts like if they were her own possession. Although that was just it - I belonged to that woman and was pleased by this thought.

“I like when you scream my name, not being afraid that someone might hear you. What a dirty girl,” she bit my nipple and I squealed.

“I’m dirty only for you, my beloved assassin,” I looked at her with passion and love as she kissed me again.

“I wish it remained this way,” Evie smiled and squeezed both of my breasts. “Yours are bigger than mine, but I love it. They bounce so nicely when I fuck you!” Frye roared and slapped them. My tits bounced the way she wanted and I bit my lip. I couldn’t touch myself and I squirmed. She noticed that and smirked.

“Here is the deal. I will eat you out if you eat me out as well.”

“Do it, please!” I begged, pulling my tied hands, though it was useless.

Evie straddled my face and licked my swollen clit. I groaned into her core and began to fondle her clit too. The room was filled with our moans as we were eating each other’s pussies. I liked her smell on my face. It aroused me so much. She stacked two fingers inside my vagina, moving them fast, pressing them to my G-spot.

“Fuck, Evie!” I shouted, unable to control myself. “Don’t stop. Oh God, please, don’t stop,” I was repeating as I was teasing her clit.

“I have to, because I want to fuck you. However this time…” Frye paused and ran to the chest again. I didn’t see what she was doing, but when she returned I could see a double dildo in her hand. I blushed.

“Where did you get that thing?”

“I have my own sources,” the woman answered evasively. The dildo was made of rubber and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

“Do you like it? I bought it a while ago and I’m eager to try this,” Evie lay in front of me, spreading her legs and now our cunts were facing one another. Slowly she inserted the tip inside my pussy, making me moan as I closed my eyes. I felt good, especially from the thought of Evie deriving a pleasure out of it together with me.

Frye finally finished all preparations and dildo was inside both of us. My lover started to move first, trying out a new toy. I shrank as she forced a rubber thing further into my vagina.

“Oh, it’s so deep. Every time you thrust, mmhhh… fuck! Harder, sweetheart! More! More!” I screamed like a whore but couldn’t care less. I rubbed my wrists; however it didn’t stop me from moving my hips towards woman’s ones.

“I didn’t know it would be so great,” the assassin groaned loudly, fucking me faster. “But it’s not enough,” she cursed and was on top of me in a moment. She continued to penetrate me with the dildo and our clits were touching whenever Evie slid down the toy. We were tribbing now like crazy with this double dick inside of us.

Frye kissed me, biting my lower lip as her finger began to massage my clitoris.

“My hands hurt and I want to hug you. Set me free,” I whined, feeling that I’m closer than ever. When she did what I asked, I rubbed my wrists and pulled her in an embrace. Then I placed my palms on her breasts and griped them. I played with her nipples for a while until she was hissing, increasing her pace.

“Promise me that from now on we will do this at least every weak. I’m jealous of your work,” I pouted.

“I promise, kitten,” Frye smiled and kissed me. I wrapped my legs around her thighs and dildo went all the way through. I screamed Evie’s name each time she slammed into me. My fingers were tangled in her hair and hers were still fondling my bud.

“You’ll kill me, babe!” I moaned inside her mouth and grabbed her buttocks. “I’ll gladly die from such incredible sex with you,” I giggled. “But firstly I’d like you to cum with me, love.” My fingers interlaced with the woman’s and she started rubbing against my crotch. The head of the cock was poking into my womb along with the sensation Evie was giving me with her pussy were too much for me.

“I’m about to… Evie! Faster! Ah, dear… I’m cumming! I can’t hold it. Oooh!”

“Me too, kitten. I’m cumming because of you!” Frye cried out and covered my lips in a gentle kiss as we both climaxed in each other’s arms.

It took me two minutes to get my breath back. The assassin was lying beside me. Her head buried in the crook of my neck and I could hear and feel her steady breathing. I reached her face and kissed her cheek.

“It was amazing. Thank you,” I gave her a genuine smile. She smiled back and her eyes became wider when I shoved my hand under the pillow. “What is it?” I asked worriedly as I touched something with my fingertips. I saw how she blushed a little while I was retrieving this thing from below her pillow, which ended up being a red rose. I looked at it, then at Evie, and at the rose again. I felt my eyes watering.

“Evie, it’s…”

“Declaration of my true love. To you.” Frye shyly whispered and kissed my forehead. I was touched like never before.

“I love you so much!” I hugged her tightly, not going to let her go. Ever.

“And I love you, kitten,” Evie hugged me back, fulfilling my wish. I had been dying to hear these words from her. And now I knew that she would never let me go either.

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