For Haytham’s birthday, I just worship his body the whole day. I wake him up by kissing his shoulders, then all the way down to his already erect manhood. He’s sleepy, so before he can stop me, I start sucking his hard cock. Being caught off-guard adds more to his pleasure, and the next thing I know after his hands find their way into my hair and start fucking my mouth with a brutal pace, his cum is making its way down my throat.

He’s quite shaken but we’re both satisfied nevertheless. I smile as I place a passionate kiss on his forehead, but he immediately pulls me down to a soft, gentle kiss. It is his way of asking me if I am okay or not. “Don’t worry,” I smirk as I put on my clothes for work. “We’re not done yet.”

I leave for work, but as soon as I arrive, I realize how turned on I was from our nocturnal morning activity. The day just won’t seem to end until the clock finally hits 6 and I, quite literally, run to my car. I pick up Haytham from work and we have a lovely dinner, despite how horny we both have become throughout the day. When we finally come home, I barely have the time to close the door before his lips find mine.

He kisses me hungrily as I realize we won’t make it to the bedroom, so I drag him to the nearest sofa and straddle his hips. “I know you have different plans for me, my dear,“ Haytham speaks, his breathing becoming heavier. “But I’m afraid I am going to ask you to cancel them.“

“And why might that be?” I ask as I slowly grind my soaking womanhood against his clothed erection. It was a good idea not to wear anything under my dress. Haytham growls as his hands find my thighs and makes me grind against him faster. We moan loudly at the sensation, and with light speed, I unzip his pants. His manhood immediately springs out of its restraint. He saw this coming, I think to myself. Before he can make sense of my actions, I sink onto his leaking cock and take him in all at once. I’ve never heard him moan this loudly ever since we’ve been together, and I don’t remember moaning this loudly right from the beginning. He is big and he’s stretching me oh-so-wonderfully. I set a brutal pace despite the pain and start riding him. His grip on my legs is painful, but it’s a matter of seconds before pleasure replaces the pain.

His thrusts start to meet mine. He’s groaning loudly and I’m moaning like a whore, not remembering a time when I was as turned on as this. My legs start to tremble, and as soon as Haytham notices me losing my rhythm, he pulls out and almost slams me down on my back. He immediately grabs me by the throat and starts fucking my aching cunt mercilessly. After a while, I suck his thumb into my mouth and he lets out a filthy moan, which is the last push that threw me over the edge. I scream his name as I cum hard and my walls squeeze him tightly, causing him to cum as well.

He collapses on top of me and I hug him; we stay like that for a long while until our breathing is back on track. I chuckle lightly as Haytham lets out a long, satisfied sigh, my hands going through his disheveled hair. “Happy birthday, Haytham.” I pull him into a loving kiss and, to make a long story short, a looong night of incredible sex follows as soon as we regain a little bit of energy.

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