I imagine Jacob lying in bed, his hands both tied. He is wearing only his white shirt. I stand in front of the bed and smile at him. I slowly unbutton my vest and pursue every single look from him. I am beginning to open my blouse under which I’m wearing nothing. By every button that I open, I realize how excited and hungry his eyes are.

He sees me already naked. I let him squirm and let my blouse open, but I still wear it. I climb into bed and sit on his lap. He grins at me and sees my open blouse. He wants to touch me, but he can’t. I look deep into his eyes and my lips find his. Our tongues meet and he kisses me back harder. I can feel his erection and have to grin.

“Mr. Frye, apparently you are glad seeing me again.”

He tries to kiss my breasts but I push his head away. I pick out a tie and cover his eyes. I bow before him and his lips find my breasts. He caresses me and a faint moan escapes me.

“It seems you like that, my dear.” His eyes are covered, he can’t see anything and he can’t move his arms.

Perfect! I begin to kiss Jacob again. My God, his lips are delicious! I decide to take off my blouse. Jacob moans as I bite his neck and cover his chest with kisses. I walk down and slowly open his pants. His breath goes faster and I feel his and my excitement. God, that’s sexy! I take off our pants. I give Jacob a kiss and he begs for liberation. I have to smile.

I untie the bands on his wrists and he pulls my body immediately to his. I groan. He kisses my breasts and bites my nipples tenderly. He drives me almost into insanity. We kiss again and his hands are everywhere. He smiles. I want to feel him inside me. “Jacob, please do it!” I plead.

“As you wish my dear!” And he slides slowly into me. I groan aloud and Jacob likewise. I let myself down slowly onto his lap. He seems to completely fill me. I move slowly up and down, Jacob controlling me with both hands on my hips. I throw my head back and he grabs me by my hair. He gets faster and faster. I feel so incredibly good. He in me. My body seems to quiver. Each push is harder and I threaten to burst in thousands parts.

“Jacob, please...” I implore him.

“What do you want? You have to say what you want darling.” He grins.

“Cum inside me Jacob, I want it so much!” I almost shout.

“How do you want it, beauty?” he murmurs in my ear. The pushes are solid and fast. He screams my name when he cums inside me and I finally find my salvation. I take the tie from his eyes and smile at him. He kisses me and presses me to him. “It was incredible, my love. As always!” he mutters in my ear.

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