Watch And Learn

It took a LOT of hard work but Jacob and I had finally gotten our paws on The Foresight of Eden. We'd been hot on its trail for ages now, taking out a massive amount of Templars and enemies alike just to ensure it was in the hands and care of the Assassins and not them. It was made of gold, a heavy piece with a series of men on it who all looked the same yet as you went over to the next man, he was older than the last. The Templars wanted to give this to their new Grandmaster so that he could summon his future self and be told of his achievements and what steps to take to ensure his position. Us Assassins on the other hand wanted to keep it contained and stashed away, feeling that no one should be allowed to use it at all.

"Can you help me, Jacob? This is really heavy." I turned towards him, gesturing to the golden chunk of mini aging men. He walked passed me, pecking me on the lips as he went. "I knew you could do it love. But you know in the paperwork, we're going to say that I was the one who found it." He smiled, winking at me and I crossed my arms. "The only thing you've done was cause trouble upon trouble and messes that I needed to clean up. Other than that, I did all the work." I walked up behind him as he straightened out again after picking up The Foresight of Eden and slapped him across his firm ass. "Oooh, does this mean we're going to celebrate with a bit of roughness tonight, darling?" He perked up at the thought. As I held open the sack we were supposed to stow the piece in, I smirked at him. "Only if between now and when we get to our hotel there are zero incidents caused by you. And I mean zero, Jacob." I finished off firmly. He sighed and took his finger and crossed it over his heart. "I swear." And now with the promise of some rough sex when we go back, Jacob and I left for the hotel.

Surprisingly, the trip home was an uneventful one. Not even a single Templar got in the way. We reached the hotel and my body ached for a shower. "Jacob, I'm jumping in the shower. I'll be out in a few, DO NOT touch that. I seen the way you been eyeing the sack on the way here." I said as I was taking off my clothes and tossing my hair up, having washed it the previous day. "Please hurry, baby." He said to me with hungry eyes. My shower was quick, I wrapped the towel around me and that was when I heard Jacob talking to someone. I stepped closer to the door, and I swore he was talking to someone who sounded just like him. "Shit," I said under my breath as I threw open the door and stepped out of the bathroom.

There sitting on the bed next to him was another man. An older man, I determined as they both looked at me. It was him. It was Jacob. My mouth hung open as my finger came up and pointed at him. "Y-You didn't…?" I walked up closer to the bed, staring at the new person in the room with us. "Hey, love," they both said at the same time. My fingers gripped the tucked in portion of my towel tightly. "JACOB! I told you, I specifically told you not to touch it! You never listen to me!!" I shouted. The older Jacob was staring at me. "I remember you at this age, darling. You haven't changed a bit." I looked over at him. "Excuse me?" I was just so lost. I felt like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone, standing here with two of the same man but at different stages of their lives sitting in front of me. Hell, it made for a perfect episode!

"If we're here, then this means this was the night we got The Foresight of Eden. Where I was promised some rough sex. In my version, you delivered, love." The older Jacob, who looked about 40, said to me as he eyed my cleavage that was showing out of the top of the towel. I have to say, he was damn handsome. My boyfriend was already ridiculously handsome, but it seemed that with age he just got even more so. His hair was shorter than it is now, slightly less muscular and more lean. His little rice pot belly wasn't as pronounced. My eyes were raking over his figure, taking him in when I heard a throat being cleared. I snapped out of it, and looked over at my current Jacob whose eyebrows were knitted together. "Oi! Stop looking like the cat that caught the cream and quit licking yourself," he said deeply.

I loved when he used that tone and bit my lower lip. This whole time, I felt the older Jacob's eyes on me, practically undressing my towel. When I glanced over at him, I was right. He had this look on his face that told me he was already fucking me. This was the most terrible yet arousing situation I'd ever been in. I mean, is it even considered cheating if it’s with the same person just an older version of them? I began squeezing my thighs together unknowingly, still biting my bottom lip. Someone needed to make a move, because it wasn't about to be me. As if sensing my dismay, the older Jacob spoke up. "Look, Jacob, she marries us. Let's show her how good she has it now, and how great she's going to have it later. What do you say, mate?"

My current Jacob seemed to be mulling this over deeply. "I don't li—"

"Like sharing, I know. I'm you. I know everything there is to know about you. That includes what you're like in bed with our future wife now, and what you're going to be like when you're my age. So where's the harm in showing her?" The older Jacob was smooth. Even more smooth than my current one and he could be a pretty good smooth talker. I know, he's gotten me into some serious leg shaking, earth askewed sex with that smooth mouth of his, getting me to do what he wanted without me realizing it.

"She really does marry me?" he asked still a bit shocked that the older one knew he'd even been thinking about it recently. "I wouldn't lie to myself." The older Jacob stood up and walked the 4 steps towards me unblinking. He was even more beautiful up close - slight creases at the edges of his eyes, still that scruffy beard and gentle hazel eyes.

He cupped my cheek upwards and smiled, showing the smile lines he'd gained over the years. It felt good, right. It was still Jacob after all this time. He leaned in and kissed me, his tongue sliding easily in my mouth and tangling with mine in the sweetest and softest way. He still smelled the same, that leather, manly and ale scent, the same aftershave. I found myself melting into him and wrapping my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. However, in my haste to wrap my arms around him, my towel ended up falling off and pooling at my feet. The older Jacob broke the kiss and pulled back from me, eyeing me up and down, grunting in approval. "Fuck love, you honestly haven't changed." He said, making me even wetter than I was before. He looked back at my current Jacob, who'd been so quiet that it almost felt like he wasn't there. I looked at him as well with eyes as wide as his; the only thing that stood out to me was the large bulge in his jeans. I held out my hand and wiggled my fingers in a 'come hither' motion.

Jacob got up off the bed, toed off his Converse and joined us, standing behind me, kissing my neck and shoulders. He pulled the tie that was holding my hair up and out of my way and let it cascade down against my bare back as the both of them began to work me. Older Jacob at my front, kissing down my chest before taking a hard nipple in his mouth, sucking roughly before nipping it. Something my current Jacob never did. I gasped at the feeling, the quick second of pain replaced by sheer pleasure and it felt amazing. I carded my fingers through his short hair, tugging while Jacob at my back was sucking on my neck, marking me as he pressed his hard bulge against my lower back, slowly rocking his hips into me. I found myself pushing back into him, wanting to pleasure him too of course. "Jacob, hold her hands behind her back," older Jacob said, making us pause. "Come now, hurry up."

My current Jacob did as he was told and I got nervous. "Wait, Jacob, wha—" The older Jacob cut me off, "Ah, ah. You're going to call me Sir Jacob. Do we have an understanding, my little dove?" he asked as he caressed my inner thigh. How did he know I liked this? Did I end up telling him sometime during our marriage? That must be it. I nodded slowly. "Yes, Sir Jacob." I said in a meek, small voice. Jacob was holding my wrists together firmly, not too loose that I could break free and not too tight like he was cutting off circulation. Sir Jacob dropped to his knees, forcing my own legs apart. "Bloody hell, look at you shine down here in the light, love! Jacob, it looks like our little bird here has been getting wet all along," he said with a chuckle. I felt Jacob's aching bulge press against my restrained hands, my palms opening to grope him making him hiss. "She getting naughty with you?" Sir Jacob asked, looking up at Jacob. "I want her to," he admitted. "There'll be time for that, for now I want you to watch. Start taking mental notes because we're going to ravish the hell out of our little dove here."

Sir Jacob got closer to me, my head dropping down to watch his every move. He took his index finger and thumb, spreading me open and darted the tip of his tongue into my hole ever so briefly before licking upwards towards my clit. My legs immediately began to shake from the pleasure of that one lick alone and now I knew why he wanted my hands behind me: To help not spur him onwards and have him break his own personal, tortuous pace. He did it once more before he began sucking on my clit, something Jacob never did; he only licked which was highly enjoyable too, but this? I was being turned on to all sorts of new sensations I'd never felt before and they were all driving me wild. His mouth on my dripping core was making the most obscene yet arousing sounds I'd ever heard. I began thrusting my hips into Sir Jacob's face but he forced me to be still, grabbing my hips and digging his fingers into their bones to the point that it felt like his fingers would sink in.

Sir Jacob shook his head this way and that, sucked and licked, nibbled and pulled, even added his fingers in the mix, something Jacob never ever did. What was I missing?! The moment Sir Jacob curled his fingers inside me, my vision blurred at the edges and my hearing fuzzed as if I were under water and before I knew it, I was coming hard all over his mouth and chin, my core contracting around his large fingers. He licked it all up, purposely making a show of how much he enjoyed my taste on his tongue, swallowing like a parched man who was out in the desert deprived of any fluids and this was his first drink. Jacob was watching with awe, slightly embarrassed that he didn’t use every technique Sir Jacob did, cheeks flushed. I twisted my body and kissed him hungrily, full of need as Sir Jacob kissed and nipped up my stomach, stopping to softly kiss the little beauty mark next to my belly button before continuing upwards.

When he reached my chest, he pulled me from Jacob. "Come here and taste yourself on my lips." Sir Jacob kissed me like it was the last thing he was ever going to do in his life. I tasted my release on his lips and tongue which made the kiss all the more erotic than kisses usually were, much sweeter. I heard Jacob behind me unbuckling his belt and undoing his jeans when Sir Jacob stopped kissing me and began doing the same.

I smiled, walked passed them and crawled on the bed, all slow and swaying my hips as seductively as I could while looking behind myself at them, winking. "Come here," I whispered, but before they joined me, Jacob stopped. "Didn't you bring your Fairy Mini wand here, love?" He asked as I sprawled out on the bed displaying my body as welcoming as I could. I pointed at my toiletry bag and smiled. We're definitely having fun tonight.

To Be Continued... ~♥
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