What A Lovely Night

(Recommended listening: Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge)
(Inspired by this confession.)

I knew that walking alone at night in London would be a bad idea, but I had nobody to accompany me. No friends, no family. I was a poor girl who worked hard at the factory to maintain her sorrowful existence. I expected that it would be a tough world to live in, however I didn’t know how tough.

Walking down the streets, I was turning around every now and then, feeling like somebody was stalking me. I put on pace, hearing my heart beating faster. Suddenly, a black figure of a man appeared before me out of nowhere.

“Who are you? What do you want from me? My family waits for me at home. Let me go!” I said, trying to sound convincing, but this man in front of me only chuckled and stepped forward, so now I could see him. He was handsome, maybe too handsome, and his eyes were hypnotizing. I froze when he came closer, saying calmly, “You’re lying. I can hear that your heart goes pit-a-pat. What do you think of her, sweet sister?”

I looked at him, confused who he was talking to. And then I bumped into someone behind me. I turned back quickly to find a woman who was studying me with her cold blue eyes. Now I was truly scared.

“I think she will do,” she answered, smirking at her brother.

“Who are you?” I asked using my exacting voice, though I was shaking like a little leaf in the wind.

“Where are our manners?” the man clapped, sending me an innocent smile. “I’m Jacob Frye and this is my twin sister Evie.” He took my hand and kissed it, pulling me closer so I could look into his hazel eyes. “I don’t like it when the victim is screaming, thus be quiet, please.” Jacob smiled at me and I repeated, “I must be quiet.” But why? I don’t want to be quiet! What did he do to me? Is it some sort of a compulsion?

“That’s a good girl.”

“She will be delicious, don’t you think?” Evie hugged her brother and then kissed him hungrily. I opened my mouth, witnessing this whole scene and was surprised that I didn’t find it disgusting, though I was more afraid for my life at that moment.

“I can’t figure it out – her heart beats that fast because she’s scared or because she likes it?” Jacob said wickedly.

“It doesn’t matter. However she is a titbit.” His sister was right beside me in a flash.

“You mean that she’s a virgin? Hmm. Something tells me that she can be very passionate in bed.” Jacob licked his lips, looking at me with playful stare.

“But we will never know.” Evie crossed her arms.

“Are you jealous, dear sister?” the man laughed. “We can play with her a little bit longer.”

“Enough chatter. Let’s do what we came here for.”

The woman attacked me, opening her mouth and I saw her fangs which looked like those in the books about vampires that my dad used to read me. It can’t be…

But before I could process everything, she grabbed me by the neck, attempting to bite me, apparently; however Jacob pulled his sister away.

“Hey! I saw her first, so I want the first bite,” Jacob said demandingly, bending to my throat.

“Fine. But do it quick, I’m thirsty,” she hissed, stepping back.

“It won’t hurt,” Jacob purred into the crook of my neck and sank his teeth into my skin. He was surprisingly right – it didn’t hurt and I didn’t know why. Wait, did he just compel me again? I could feel his fangs going deeper into my neck when his sister bit me at the other side. I shivered, though didn’t feel pain. Moreover, I felt some kind of pleasure while they were sucking me dry. I moaned and squeezed Jacob’s collar as well as Evie’s, unable to protest. The twins shrank back from me and they kissed again, tasting the blood on each other’s lips.

I experienced some sort of weakness, almost falling on my knees, but Jacob caught me.

“She is so tasty. But as much as want to suck all of her blood, I would prefer to keep her alive.”

“What for?” Evie strictly stared at her brother.

“You know that I love you, but sometimes it’s better that we share our darkest desires with someone else. And she’s perfect, don’t you see? You complained that our lives became boring, so we have to find a new way to entertain ourselves. She can be our companion. I will teach her myself. What do you say? She might be useful.”

“I’m not sure.” Evie shrugged. “Maybe you’re right.”

“Girl,” Jacob addressed me, shaking my body. “Do you have something or someone to live for? Do you have a purpose? Do you like the way you live?”

“Are you going to kill me anyway?” I mumbled, feeling myself weakening with every second.

“We offer you a chance in a million. You can be stronger and do whatever you want. Live a life you desire. We will turn you into one of us. You will be our companion, our friend and our lover. Me and my sister - we share everything and everyone. So you won’t be alone. All you have to do is say ‘yes’ and you will get what you wish.”

With my last bit of strength I opened my eyes and whispered, “Yes,” before I fainted in man’s arms.

I was surprised when I woke up and found myself in a train. The twins were standing near the bed, waiting for me to come to my senses.

“It’s our home, if you can call it that,” Evie said before I had a chance to ask.

“Do you want to make me a vampire now?” I hugged myself to soothe my shaking body.

“Not now. We’d like you to feel everything during your first time. Besides, it’d be a bummer if you died a virgin and would be experiencing pain each time you had sex.” Jacob answered with a smile.

“What?” I blushed, assuming they were joking.

“Come here.” Evie suddenly sat beside me and took my face with her palms. “Don’t tell me you have never kissed before.”

I shook my head, embarrassed.

“Well, since my brother will be your first anyway, I’ll steal your first kiss then.” She leaned closer to me and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me slowly and sweetly. I sighed and tried to answer, burying my fingers in her soft hair.

Jacob stood still, but I could see that the scene in front of him turned him on. He pulled his sister away and took her place, kissing me more roughly and greedily. I moaned into his mouth, because I felt Evie’s hands squeezing my big breasts. This new sensation hit me as she made me stand up. We broke the kiss and Jacob went behind me, smothering my neck in sloppy kisses. I threw my head back on his shoulder and our lips met again. His sister removed my shirt and my breasts were now exposed completely. I was aroused and embarrassed at the same time.

“What beautiful tits you have.” I could hear the man’s voice at my ear. I blushed even more when he lifted them up. “Don’t be shy to taste them, sister.” He grinned and Evie immediately attacked my breasts, sucking on my sensitive nipples while he continued to lick my earlobe with his tongue. He bit my neck using his fangs, a few drops of blood appearing. He licked them off, murmuring into my ear. Then he joined his sister and sucked one of my nipples inside his mouth while she sucked on the other. They were doing it with different speeds, teasing me as I automatically pulled their heads closer to my chest.

“I can’t take it anymore,” I cried out and the twins stopped, looking at each other playfully, before merging in a hot kiss. I tried to catch my breath, seeing all the marks, bites and hickeys they left on my breasts. When they were done kissing, they laid me down on the bed and Evie undressed me entirely. I covered my lower parts with my arms instinctively, but Jacob took my hands off.

“Don’t hide from us, lass.” He pinched my hard nipple with a smirk. “Let me take a good care of you.” He began to take his clothes off and asked his sister to do the same. My cheeks were burning as I watched them all naked and perfect. Jacob bit her shoulder and whispered, “You know how to occupy her, sweet sister.” She nodded and smiled, looking at me slyly. Evie straddled my face, so her pussy was right in front of me.

“I don’t know how…”

“Follow my brother’s example,” she interrupted me, and I saw that he was between my thighs now, devouring me with his lustful glare.

“I bet you taste wonderful everywhere, my little virgin,” he purred and started to fondle my clit with the help of his tongue.

“Ah! No, don’t…” I moaned into Evie’s core, making her shake with excitement. The movements of Jacob’s tongue were unbearable, but I attempted to focus on the woman’s pussy. I gingerly licked her wet folds, tasting her and found her quite sweet. I didn’t know where all of my shame went, but I relaxed, feeling the man’s lips on my cunt that made me tremble. And then he bit my inner thigh, licking the blood away again. It didn’t hurt, not once, and I wondered what they did in order to reduce my pain. I hastened my pace, pleasuring Evie, who groaned loudly from my ministrations. Jacob buried his head between my legs, working hard with his tongue, making me shudder with arousal. Evie held my head in place and moved her hips, thus she came a few minutes later, screaming my name. It was a new experience for me, but I loved it.

I squealed when he inserted a finger inside me.

“Fuck, you are tight. I can’t wait to enter that small pussy of yours,” he growled and added a second finger. I bucked my hips, squeezing the sheets. Evie managed to climb down from my face and now she was sucking the blood out of my left tit. She did it gently, so I could concentrate on Jacob’s fingers penetrating me. There were three at the moment and I already felt so full.

“I think it’s time,” he said calmly, retrieving his fingers and I could see how swollen his dick was. I blushed, doubting this thing would fit. All of a sudden Evie wrapped her palm around the man’s cock and started to stroke it. “Evie…” her brother moaned, enjoying her actions. Then she took his dick into her mouth, moistening it with saliva. Jacob bumped his hips towards her warm mouth, catching his breath. I watched them, enchanted. I was turned on more than ever.

“Do you want to try?” Evie asked wickedly, pulling away from her brother. I reached for Jacob’s cock, giving it a tight squeeze. He roared when I licked the tip of the penis, tasting his pre-cum.

“Enough!” he finally exclaimed, pushing me back onto the bed. “Spread your legs, love, and don’t be afraid.” As he said it, Evie captured my lips, giving me a deep soft kiss. I knew she was distracting me and I didn’t mind. I felt the head of his cock pressing to my cunt and froze, when Jacob entered me in one thrust. I thought I would scream, but he didn’t lie. It didn’t hurt; just felt like something was torn apart inside of me, although no pain at all. What the hell? I thought to myself.

“When we bit you we gave you some of our ‘venom’ if you can call it that, so you will be okay. As I promised – no pain. Only pleasure.” Jacob picked a quick pace from the start, fucking me deep and hard, while Evie was teasing my pink nipples. I screamed when he hit the entrance to my womb and wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Do you like it, lass?” he asked, choosing a different angle.

“Yes, oh, yes!” I was moaning out loud. I kissed his sister, groaning into her mouth, as he caressed my clit with his thumb.

“It’s too much, I can’t…” I cried out, feeling tears on my cheeks because of the specter of emotions I was experiencing. Evie licked them off.

“Fuck, love. All that blood between your thighs…it’s making me crazy!” Jacob roared, slamming into me mercilessly.

“Ah…mmmhh, I’m cumming!” I shouted as I climaxed and felt man splashing his seed inside me. I fell onto the pillow, shutting my eyes. Evie pushed her brother away and started to lick my blood and his semen from my pussy and thighs. I turned red as Jacob kissed me.

“Wasn’t that bad, huh?” he laughed. “So, are you ready for the transformation?”

I blushed and whispered, “Can this wait? I would like to try more of everything you can offer me.” The twins exchanged glances and smirked.

“Sure, lass,” Jacob smiled and sank his teeth in me as his sister joined him with a moan. I just closed my eyes and continued to enjoy this lovely night.

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