What A Tease

You're an assassin-in-training and you just finished your last mission for the day. A little exhausted, but you felt more than accomplished and couldn’t have done it without the help of Jacob Frye. The way he interrogated the Templar really showed his prowess of how he was able to get things done.

Surprisingly, the way the Templar was tied down, forced to tell Jacob anything he wanted to know using any method necessary, was strangely arousing to you. You couldn’t help but blush at the thought since you watched him with that same blush on your face.

Footsteps could be heard from the stairs and stopped at the doorway, interrupting your thoughts and forcing you to turn around. It was Jacob who slightly chuckled at your reaction.

He was still fully dressed, minus the hat, and didn’t even look as tired as you. Of course he didn’t. He had years of experience under his belt and could last much longer than you. He was a good mentor and knew his material. You considered it a privilege to train under him, and over the years you developed strong feelings towards him, to which he greatly reciprocated.

“You can't be that tired already?” he asked.

“I sure am,” you replied, “I'm looking forward to getting a good night’s rest after what we accomplished today.”

“What YOU accomplished today. You did well. I'm proud of you.”

“Thank you. I did train from the best.”

Chuckling, he suddenly asked, “You seemed… distracted during the Templar’s interrogation today. Was there something on your mind?”

Oh, bugger! you cursed to yourself. He caught that?!

“No!” you replied in haste. “What makes you think that?”

“Correct me if I'm wrong,” he grinned, leaning against the doorframe, “but I'm pretty sure I saw a nice little blush across that pretty face of yours.”

“Nonsense. I was merely… admiring your work.” You couldn’t help but notice his intense gaze on you. The way that man looked at you brought another blush to your face, as if he was pretty sure you were bluffing.

You shook your head of any thoughts you were having and made an attempt to change the subject.

“Well, I'm going to read for a bit then head to bed,” you mentioned, sitting at the edge of the bed. “What about you?”

“Oh, I never read this late,” he answered, stepping into the room, “But I do have … something else in mind.”


He came in, closing the door behind him.

“…Oh, um…” You blushed. “What's your game?”

Closing the distance between you, he leaned in. He grabbed your chin and, without saying a word, placed a kiss on your lips. It was slow yet demanding, passionate yet wanting. It was almost as if you have wanted something like this from him for a long time, but didn’t know how to go about it. You closed your eyes as you began to kiss him back, slowly wrapping your arms around him. His hand moved to caress your cheek. You moaned silently as he deepened the kiss, his tongue subtly forcing his way into your mouth as you softly returned the favor.

He removed the tie from your ponytail, causing your hair to fall on your shoulders. He also removed his shirt and jacket, climbing on top of you as his knee nestled on your groin.

“How about something a little more… fun?” he said, his hand gently caressing the nape of your neck and eventually pushing you on your back.

“What kind of fun?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.

His only response was to kiss you again, keeping his intentions mysteriously hidden as he moved his hand to his waist. His hands positioned your arms above your head, caressing them slowly. In one of his hands, you felt him holding something soft as he braced your hands together with the other.

That’s when you realize – he’s using this make out session as a distraction.

Startled, you quickly jerked your hands to his chest.

“What are you doing?” you said anxiously, slightly pushing him away.

“A little… experimentation, if you will, of something you might enjoy,” he said, smugly.

You looked away shyly. “I-I don’t know about this…”

“Aww, please?” He pouted. “Don’t you trust me, even a little?”

You stayed silent as your feelings of tension began to subside. As curious as you were, you were also a little cautious. What exactly did he have in mind? What if someone got hurt? What if there's pain?

You finally relaxed against him, nodding your response. He resumed tying your hands together to the bottom of the bedpost, kissing your forehead to help you feel more at ease. You looked up to your hands as he finished tying the knot with the red sash of his assassin belt.

“It’s a little tight…” you said as you struggled slightly.

His hands ran down your arms, caressing them again. You felt his kisses move slowly toward your ear, feeling his warm breath against it.

“Shh… just relax,” he whispered slowly. “I would never hurt you – unless you ask me to.” You hear him chuckle.

“And,” he added, “if you behave, I’ll untie them.”

Feeling yourself blush even more, you looked away from him in embarrassment. This gave him more access to your neck, placing deeper kisses as he settled in between your legs. Biting your lower earlobe, he gently ran his nails down your back, causing you to hiss softly. He moved down to your collarbone, sucking at it gently and leaving love marks as he did.

Going under your shirt, he kissed in between your breasts. You relaxed as he slowly started massaging them. Your back arched a little as his hands moved towards your nearly erect nipples, but he avoided them – on purpose. You tried to give subtle hints where you wanted him to touch, but he’s not going for it. Chuckling at this notion, he used one of his hands to push you back onto the bed.

“Patience, my dear,” he requested, biting your lip to suppress a whimper.

You knew he loved to tease a lot, but had no idea it would be like this, nor would it be this intense. The thought of him being in full control sent shockwaves of anticipation running through your entire body. You could only lay there and watch.

His kisses went lower, and you arched your back again as he did. Stopping at your pubic bone, he placed a nibble there, causing a small involuntary hip buck. As he lifted your skirt, he went even lower, coming to the top of your left thigh, kissing and caressing it. You felt one of his hands caressing slowly up your groin, and he stopped right before reaching it. He tugged at the sides of your underwear, slowly pulling them down to your ankles. Another whimper forced its way out of your throat, making him smirk with contentment.

“You enjoyed the way I interrogated that Templar, didn’t you?” he asked with a smug look on his face.

“…I really don’t know what you talking about,” you answered, still blushing from before.


Fully removing your underwear, the kissing continued to your knee and stopped at the top of your foot. Using his hands to massage both of your feet, you released a contented sigh. Thinking you finally got a moment’s peace from his teasing session, he now started to kiss up your other leg. Once again, his hands started caressing your inner thigh, and again, stopping just before reaching your now aching, soaking pussy. You couldn’t help but gasp in slight frustration.

“Your body betrays you,” he continued. “I saw the way you blushed at me. The way I tied that Templar down, the way you're tied down now, while I am in full control, gets you hot, doesn’t it?”

“No. No it doesn’t,” you reply feebly, trying to keep a calm composure, which was ultimately failing due to his ministrations.

“It’s alright to admit it. There's nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I swear I-”

You couldn’t finish your sentence as a sharp moan forced its way out of you when he flicked one of his fingers against your swollen clit, turning away from him as he did.

“You sure?” he teased, smirking even bigger. “I could always leave right now and let you sleep on it.”

“No!” you yelped at him. “Don’t you dare!”

“Don’t I dare?” he retorted.

In that moment, you felt just as that Templar did, unable to retaliate, helpless and vulnerable – only difference was he wasn’t teasing you with any death threats, thank God. You knew what kind of person he was. He would leave you like that, exposed and exhausted. You're fighting a losing battle; he was letting you know exactly who’s in charge.

“Alright… alright, it’s true…” you finally declared. “I-I did blush… and it did turn me on.”

He laughed. “Now, was that so hard?”

“Yes, it was!”

“Hmm, you naughty girl.”

He moved his other hand to caress your breast. Your nipples were more than hard now and you began whimpering for him to touch them. He finally obliged and pinched one, earning a high-pitched moan in response. He relished in your reaction, slightly pinching and twisting the nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Using the hand on your thigh, he placed it ever so closely to your groin. You moaned under his touch while he gently started to caress the outer lips of your soaking entrance.

Your moans started to sound more audible as he alternated between rubbing the wet folds and forming circles around your swollen nub. He leaned in to kiss you, tasting your moans of ecstasy. Your head suddenly jerked backwards to let out a particularly loud moan as he inserted two fingers into your tight opening.

“I can feel you throbbing,” he said in a deep sultry voice, “and you're sucking my fingers in. Is it that good?”

You nodded, unable to speak due to the pleasure you were experiencing. The way he spoke made you quiver all over as he enjoyed the sight before him. You could feel a pleasurable warmth gathering in your loins as he continued his movements. Just when you thought your back couldn’t arch further, it did, as Jacob quickened his thrusts, aggressively yet gently stroking the bundle of nerves inside you.

“Un-Untie me, Jacob…” you managed to say in between breaths.

“Wait,” he said softly, wanting to relish in the way you said his name. “Say my name again.”

You couldn’t help but comply. “J-Jacob…”

“Jacob what?”

“Jacob! Jacob please… untie me!”

“That’s my girl.”

He quickly unraveled the knot with one hand, freeing you from your restraint. Ignoring the red imprints left from struggling against the sash, you immediately grabbed onto the back of his shoulders, scratching him slightly. You hung on for dear life as you felt an unstoppable sensation beginning to overwhelm you.

“Ah… Wait!” you gasped, as your hips began to gyrate against him.

Hearing your peak approach, he took your hand and interlaced your fingers together.

“Don’t be afraid, love,” he coaxed softly. “Let it go.”

He then placed his palm over your clitoral hood, so whenever his fingers thrust into you, your sensitive clit constantly came in contact with his palm, and this rendered you speechless.

Eyes closing tightly and toes curling, you braced for the inevitable.

Your release was immaculate. Screams of both pain and pleasure intertwined with each other to create a satisfying melody to his ears. Your inner walls constantly clenched against his stroking fingers, your back sharply arched. His name spilled from your lips over and over again as he helped you ride out your orgasm. Your legs slammed shut onto his hand from the intensity and he groaned deeply when you left deep scratch marks on his back.

Still breathing deeply, you started to relax, legs loosening their grip and your arms coming to rest at your sides. He leaned down to kiss your cheek, basking in your orgasmic afterglow, and moved to kiss your wrists, hoping to relieve any pain you may be experiencing from the restraints. His hand slowly withdrew from you, a smirk still clearly present on his face.

“I knew you were going to enjoy this,” he teased.

“Damn it, Jacob…” you managed to say in between breaths, “You're such a tease…”

“Aww, come now,” he taunted, “you know you LOVED it. I know I did.”

He brought his fingers to his lips and started licking at them, savoring the taste of you.

“Mmm…” he groaned. “Delicious.”

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