Where I Want To Be

I had been waiting for what seemed like an age. Weeks they had been gone, out on the Morrigan on a mission for the order. They had kissed me deeply as they dressed to leave and I’d shed a few tears when I knew they couldn’t see. Those idiots meant so much to me and I couldn’t help but think that something terrible was going to happen to them. Shay Cormac and Haytham Kenway had become my life, everything I wanted in life and they needed to come back to me in one piece. I had moved back to my own home while they had been gone, the huge bedroom we shared at the fort feeling too empty without them. I sat by my window reading my book when a knock came on my door. I went to get up but the door opened and Charles Lee stood there, nodding his head at me gently.

“Thousand pardons for the intrusion, my lady, but the Morrigan has just docked,” he said and I dropped my book in shock. They were home. I grabbed my shoes and I pulled them on before kissing Charles quickly on the cheek for delivering me the good news. I sped past him out the door and towards the docks, willing my feet to move faster. I pushed past people, the wind whipping through my hair as I ran. Then I caught sight of them on the dock, Shay holding onto Haytham, who had a large, red stain on his coat. It only made me run faster, launching myself at both of them, holding them close to me.

“Hello to you too, love,” Shay said as he wrapped his arm around me, Haytham pressing a kiss to my forehead. “We need to get inside. Haytham needs to be looked at.” I pulled back and looked at the Grand Master, who looked pale.

“What happened?” I asked, touching my hand to Haytham’s that held onto his chest.

“We were set upon by a few rogue Assassin’s,” he said. “It’s not fatal. But I’m cold and I ache so I would like to get it seen to.” I nodded and moved to Haytham’s other side, taking his hand in mine as we walked back to the fort, Haytham dismissing the other Templar’s as they began questioning his health. He asked for food and wine to be brought to the bedroom and no one to disturb us apart from to deliver said items. Shay and I took Haytham back to our shared room and I immediately began to help Haytham take off his clothing to see to his wound.

“Easy seeing whose getting some first, eh?” Shay said with a chuckle. I rolled my eyes in amusement.

“Hush. Our Grand Master is wounded,” I said gently. “You’ll get your turn. Can you go heat some water and get me some bandages so I can clean Haytham up, please?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Shay said with a nod before he heads off to the adjoining washroom to heat some water on the fire. I helped Haytham out of his clothes slowly, down to his breeches. There was a large, bleeding gash across one side of his chest which had been shoddily bandaged and would probably prove painful to remove. Haytham cupped my cheek gently, making me look up at him.

“It’s not that bad, you know,” he said. “I’m not going anywhere.” I pressed a kiss to his palm.

“Good,” I said. We went to the washroom, Shay filling a washbasin with warm water for Haytham. He placed a towel and some bandages next to it before I told Haytham to sit down. Shay stepped up to me and kissed me deeply before he declared he was going to change. I nodded and watched him go before I turned back to Haytham, who looked tired and pale. I sat on the stool opposite Haytham and I wet a cloth in the basin before pressing it to his wound, wetting the bandage already there so it would peel off easier. Haytham winced, hissing through his teeth as I tried to remove the old, dirty bandage. I managed it but it had caused the Grand Master considerable pain. He began bleeding again so I pressed the cloth back to his wound.

“We missed you,” he said softly, making me look up at him. I smiled.

“I missed you both too,” I told him before I leaned in to kiss his lips ever so slightly. “I worried about you.” I applied the cloth to his wound a good few times, mopping up the blood there before rinsing it in the basin and doing it again. Haytham reached to run a hand through my hair.

“You shouldn’t worry,” he said. “Shay and I are here to stay.” I watched him for a moment, smiling gently before I went about bandaging him up. Shay walked back into the washroom, wearing only breeches, and moved over to fill a second basin with water and began to wash up, cleaning the dirt and blood (no doubt Haytham’s) from his hands and face. Once I was satisfied that Haytham was bandaged to the best of my ability, I stood from my stool and stepped between Haytham’s legs, cupping his face and making him look up at me.

“I don’t want to lose you, either of you,” I tell him before looking over at Shay. “Don’t scare me like that again.” Shay dried himself off and he came over to Haytham and I, moving behind me to hold me in his arms, kissing the crook of my neck while Haytham took my waist and rested his head against my breasts from his sitting position, my hair running through his hair. Their warmth surrounded me and I could have stayed like that forever. “I love you both very much.” Those words made their grips on me tighten, like they didn’t want to let me go. Suddenly Haytham rose to his feet, both men taller than me, and he took hold of my chin gently before he pressed a kiss to my lips. The kiss was something I’d wanted since they left – hard, passionate, the right amount of tongue and teeth and biting. I felt Shay’s breath against my ear, the sight of us obviously arousing him. I reached back and ran my hand over Shay’s neck, turning my head to kiss him when Haytham pulled away. Shay’s lips were soft and warm, the Irishman moaning gently against me.

“I think we should get you undressed, my dear, and show you how much we have missed you while we were gone. Don’t you agree, Shay?” Haytham said, his fingers tracing my collarbone and down my chest, dipping into my cleavage. My breath caught as he did so.

“I think that’s a brilliant idea, Grand Master,” he said and Shay began to undo my dress, both sets of hands torturing me with their touch. I needed them both and I needed them now. My dress became loose until it fell in a puddle at my feet, my corset coming off next and my underclothes until all I had left on were my stockings. Haytham knelt at my feet, bringing my foot up onto his bent knee so he could roll down a stocking at a time, torturously slow. He brought his mouth dangerously close to where I wanted it to be but pressed a wet kiss to the inside of my thigh. I leaned back against Shay and took a deep breath as he did it again and again and again before moving to the other thigh, removing the stocking completely. I was bare between them, Shay sliding his hand into mine as Haytham got to his feet, the three of us heading into the bedroom. Shay helped me onto the bed and I lay down, watching them both closely. Shay turned to Haytham and he pressed close, seeking a kiss from the Grand Master, which was given willingly. Watching them aroused me, my legs parting and my hand sliding down between them to touch myself as I watched. Haytham palmed Shay through his breeches as he kissed him, the Irishman moaning deeply. I roughly massaged my clit, feeling myself become soaked at the sight of them. I moaned out loud and they pulled apart, turning to me.

“Someone has started without us,” Shay said before they both shed their breeches and joined me on the bed. Shay’s lips caught mine while Haytham went straight for the prize and kissed me there before his tongue began lapping at me. I moaned against Shay’s mouth, pushing my hips against Haytham’s face. He licked me slow and torturously before quickening his pace against my clit, making my insides feel like they were on fire. Shay’s hand joined in, pressing and rubbing at my clit as Haytham’s filthy tongue entered me. I half-moaned, half-sobbed at the feeling of them both but I needed them inside me. Both of them.

“Haytham... please, stop, it’s too much,” I moaned. Haytham pulled away and crawled up my body, pressing his lips to mine, letting me taste myself on his tongue. “I want you inside me...” I said before turning to Shay. “You too.”

“Are you sure?” Shay asked, kissing my shoulder. I nodded and we rearranged on the bed so that Haytham wasn’t in pain from his wound. He lay on his back and I sat astride him, stroking his cock gently. Shay grabbed a bottle of oil from the table and he began to slather his fingers in it. I let Haytham slide inside me, my wetness easing the way. I leaned forward so I rested chest to chest, arse on show for Shay, with Haytham, his eyes watching mine with love. I felt Shay move behind me and suddenly fingers were probing at me, entering me slowly as not to cause me pain from behind. The initial stretch was a little painful, obviously evident on my face as Haytham kissed my forehead and held me close. He didn’t move inside me until Shay was ready but I could feel his body tense to stop himself. Shay’s fingers moved inside me until he thought I was ready and slathered his cock in oil too. He rose up on his knees and he pressed forward, entering me from behind. My body felt strange, so full and needing the pleasure only these two men could give me. I felt the sweat build up on my body before Haytham moved inside me, causing both Shay and I to moan. Shay then moved and it was sheer bliss having them both inside me. I rose up a little, my hands on Haytham’s chest (mindful of his wound), riding his cock which caused me to slide back on Shay’s cock too. It took us a few moments to find a rhythm we could all follow and the pleasure flowing through my veins was immense. Shay held my hips and Haytham kissed me passionately and I rode him faster, dying to come hard around them.

“That’s it, beautiful girl,” Shay purred, bringing a hand down on my arse in a firm slap, causing me to gasp at the sting. It was glorious. My whole body flushed red and was covered in sweat as they continued their assault on my body, Shay’s hand reaching under to find my clit as he and Haytham both pounded into me. I felt like I could pass out but I was able to hang on and I felt my orgasm creeping up on me quickly. Both men moaned deeply and I came hard, my mouth falling open in a silent scream. Haytham was first to let go deep inside me. He thrust hard before he came, his whole body trembling and his breathing laboured. Shay kept going a little longer, pounding into my arse before he pulled out of me and he stroked himself to completion, his come streaking across my skin. My whole body ached but in the best way. Haytham pulled out and let me lie across his chest, holding me close. Shay fought to get his breath back before going to get a cloth to clean up, wiping his essence off of my skin. Haytham held me before he held out an arm to let Shay lie down, holding the Irishman close as I stroked his cheek gently.

“Thank you for coming back to me...” I whisper, eyes closing, wanting sleep.

“We’ll always come back.”

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