You Feel Like A Thunder In The Sky

The slow creak of the bedroom door woke me from my peaceful sleep. My eyes opened slowly and I looked towards the large window. The sky was still black, a few stars twinkling in the sky here and there as the rain fell. The room was warm and I was too beneath the thick sheets of the bed. Footsteps moved slowly across the bedroom floor, followed by the rustling of fabric. There was a sigh and the sound of heavy fabric being draped over a chair. There was a dip in the bed and I turned over slowly to see his back to me as he leant down to unlace his boots. He didn’t seem to know I was awake yet but I soon let him know as I reached up to run a hand over his back. Crawford Starrick turned his head to me, almost smiling down at me, his eyes tired in the soft lamplight.

“You’re back rather late, darling,” I commented, voice a little hoarse from sleep. I turned onto my side, my hand resting on the small of his back.

“Hmm, Brudenell does like to talk too much. The Prime Minister also insisted on some good cigars and even better whiskey. Who am I to refuse?” he asked, running a hand through my hair.

“How terrible; leaving your wife on her own for the night, all while you gallivant with your friends. Here I am thinking you like them better than me, husband,” I jested, smiling lovingly at Crawford. He leant into me, pressing a quick kiss to my lips, the faint tang of whiskey staining my own lips with its foreign taste.

“I like no-one more than you,” he said, one more quick kiss.

“Come to bed, darling.” He nodded.

“Five minutes. I’m going to clean up,” he said. “Did Philip make up a bath for you earlier?”

“He did. It was wonderful,” I replied. “Be quick now.” He nodded once more and headed out of the room. I quickly vacated the bed and rushed over to the mirror, checking my reflection. I ran my fingers through my hair, straightening it out a little. My nightgown was just in my way so I discarded the item completely before I climbed back under the sheets, naked and waiting for my husband to return to me. Crawford was a passionate lover; I had learned so on our wedding night. It had been an arrangement since I was a child, this marriage. My father had wanted me to marry someone of wealth and stature when I was old enough and Crawford Starrick was the one I was betrothed to. I grew to love him, and he loved me too. No matter how ruthless he was in his Order, he was always gentle and he treated me with the love and respect you didn’t see in many marriages anymore. I knew the basics about his Order and about their work, but in the end he always came home to me. His footsteps alerted me that he was returning and I bit my lip as he walked back into the room, closing the door once again as he patted his face dry with a towel. Most of the clothing on his top half was now gone, braces hanging down and his shirt no longer tucked into his trousers and unbuttoned completely. He looked completely dishevelled and it’s one of the rarest sights anyone would see, yet I could experience it whenever I liked. I watched him like a hawk until his eyes met mine.

“Darling, you seem to have lost your nightgown,” he said matter-of-factly, raising one eyebrow and one side of his mouth in a smirk.

“Oh my, so it seems,” I said dramatically. “I wonder how that could have happened.” He put his towel down on the vanity and walked closer to the bed and stood and watched me, his hand going to the sheet and sliding beneath it, his skin touching mine. His hand slid up my calf, tickling the skin as he went. I lay back against the pillow, bringing my leg out from under the sheet and his hand moved higher, over the back of my knee and to my thigh. I felt my breath quicken as his fingers moved close to my most intimate area almost by accident, his eyes focused on his own hand before he met my eyes again. “Crawford ...” I whispered. Suddenly his hand was gone and the sheet that was covering my body was thrown off and he straddled me quickly. I lay naked beneath him and waited for his next move. He slid his shirt from his shoulders, dropping it to the floor and I brought my hands up to slide over his toned chest, through the small smattering of hair there and over his nipples. His hands found mine and he linked our fingers before pressing my hands into the pillow above my head. “I have missed you today, Grand Master.” He smirked at the title and he leant down to kiss me, his lips claiming mine passionately. The kiss was hard yet loving, his tongue pushing past my lips to meet my own. I hummed gently against his mouth. I wanted to touch him, to mark him, to make him feel pleasure. His hands left mine and trailed down my arms, my sides, thumbs skimming over my nipples. I gasped out loud, making Crawford chuckle before he moved his lips to my neck, sucking on the skin there to remind everyone who I belonged to. I brought my arms around him, nails scraping his back as he sank his teeth into my shoulder.

“My beautiful wife,” he whispered into my neck.

“You are wearing far too many clothes, husband,” I commented and he moved to straddle me again, his fingers moving to the button on his trousers. He’s half hard beneath his trousers and I bit my lip as he watched me.

“How do you want me?” he asked and I was thrown off by his question. Usually he brought me pleasure with his mouth and then made love to me. Never had he asked me this. But I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“On ... on your back,” I said and he nodded, moving off me and lying down next to me in the middle of the bed. I waited for a moment before I sit up and I grabbed the material of his trousers and pulled them down his legs, discarding the item on the floor. I crawled up his body and kissed his lips, his hands delving right into my hair. I could still taste the whiskey on his breath but it wasn’t as strong as before. I kissed a trail down from his lips, down his neck and chest, swiping over a nipple with my tongue, which earned a growl from deep in his throat. I could feel his cock trapped between our bodies as I continued my path down, lying down between his legs, teeth nipping at his hipbones and kissing across his stomach.

“Dare you tease me, my dear?” Crawford said, his voice a little strained. We made eye contact and I took an experimental lick across the head of his cock. Crawford gulped hard, his head falling back into the pillow, so I did it again. He reached down to keep my hair from my face as I took the base of his cock in hand and brought him up to my lips. I took the head of his cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it before taking a bit more. I knew I was doing something right if his heaving chest and not-so-subtle moans were anything to go by.

“Please,” he moaned. “More.” I let him go and licked a stripe up the full length of him before taking him in my mouth again, sucking on him before adding a little scrape of teeth, which he didn’t expect, judging by how he jumped slightly when I did it. “Yes, darling. More.” Crawford Starrick was asking me for more and who was I to refuse him. He was now rock solid in my mouth but I didn’t want him to finish there. I let him go and I shuffled up his body again, kissing him hard, biting on his bottom lip.

“Tell me what you want, husband,” I breathed against his mouth when I suddenly felt his fingers between my legs, stroking up and down my folds and flicking over my clit. “Oh, Crawford...”

“I want you to ride me,” he said through harsh breathing. I felt my cheeks become warmer than they already were. He’s still stroking my clit, the muscles in my thighs twitching. “Will you do that?”

“Anything for you,” I said and his hand was gone, gripping the base of his own cock as I move to straddle him again. I rose up on my knees and he lined himself up before I sank down slowly onto him, grabbing onto his hand that rested on my hip. I felt full with him inside me, his name spilling out from my lips. I could cry, it felt so good. I braced my hands on his chest, his fingers caressing my hips and down over my rear, pulling at me gently to get me moving slightly. I lifted myself off him before sliding back down, Crawford moaning deeply.

“You feel wonderful, my dear,” he said. I leant back, hands moving from his chest to his thighs to hold myself up; I began to move faster, rocking hard in his lap. His hands guided my movements, gripping my hips tight enough that I was sure bruises will form. He moaned deeply every now and then, eyes closed and he bit his lip before he sit up and wrapped his arms around my back and we rocked together in that close embrace. My forehead was pressed to his as I held him to me and I could feel his ragged breath on my face. I kissed him once more, pulling at his bottom lip with my teeth. He suddenly used his strength to roll us both over until I was under him and he rose to his knees and wrapped my legs around his waist before he took me hard, my fingers grabbing at the pillows beneath my head.

“Harder, Grand Master,” I managed to say and he obeyed for a while before we both descended into chaos, my body giving up and succumbing to orgasm, the pleasure ripping through my being. Crawford followed, his own muscles convulsing as I felt him let go inside me, the warmth familiar and welcome. He’s sweating and I was panting and we both watched each other for a moment before he pulled out and fell to the bed beside me, pulling me in for a kiss. I let him kiss me gently, just like he did the day we got married, before I pulled back and lay on top of his chest, my chin resting on my forearm. We were both still slightly breathless yet he reached over to stroke my hair gently.

“You’re very beautiful, my dear,” he commented and I smiled.

“Surely you didn’t just marry me for my looks, Crawford dear,” I jested and he chuckled.

“No, you also have a spectacular arse I never tire of looking at,” he said and I laughed out loud. He smiled quite brightly at the sound.

“Well, you can look anytime,” I said, pressing a few kisses to his chest.

“Oh, I intend to ...” he replied. “Are you tired?”

“Not really, why?” I asked. He smirked.

“I have a few other ideas for the rest of the night,” he said, rolling me onto my back and kissing me soundly. I held him tight and kissed back hard.

“Hmm, I’m all yours, Grand Master, all day, every day.”

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