Your Majesty

(Inspired by this confession.)

The twins came in the palace not a minute earlier or a minute later than you expected them to arrive, shifting from foot to foot with a sly smile. When the Fryes bowed, you waved, allowing them to get back on their feet. Jacob didn’t look you in the eyes, and Evie opened her mouth to speak, but you managed to start a conversation first.

“Ms. Frye, Mr. Frye,” you repeated the familiar phrase. “I'm glad to see you here again. I hope you have some news?”

“Yes,” Jacob began, putting a foot forward and not allowing his sister to start. “Traitors are killed. They will no longer disturb either you, or your city.”

“This is wonderful news,” you said coldly. “The whole town will be grateful for what you’ve done.”

You gave them the order yesterday, but you couldn’t assume that they would handle it so quickly... Once the twins nodded and turned around in order to leave, you put your hand up, pretending that you have forgotten to say something. You loudly called them out, or rather, only Jacob:

“Oh, and… Mr. Frye, don’t rush to leave. I have something interesting to show you. Maids will lead you to my chambers and offer you some tea.”

Evie and Jacob looked at each other in disbelief, and there was an unanswered question in his sister’s eyes, to which man didn’t know the answer as well. He had no choice but to say respectfully, "Your Majesty," and gave himself into the hands of maids who took him to an unknown direction. You met Jacob’s gaze just for a moment, as he was passing by, but that strange emotion that Frye saw in your eyes made him anxious.

This man caught your attention long ago. And when he confidently said, “Your Majesty,” you just wanted to have it all. Not for the eternity, but for one night you would let him experience a blissful sin. He deserved a small reward.

You went to your chambers and provided Jacob with an alluring smile. Frye was sitting in a luxurious armchair at the small tea table, looking over a cup of cold tea. He switched his attention to you immediately, getting up to worship you as usual, but you stopped him, waving. “Your Excellency…”

“So, Mr. Frye…” You shut the door so that maids couldn’t disturb you and walked away from it. Jacob noticed it, but pretended that he didn’t care, though you saw a slight confusion on his face. “You did well and now it’s time to reward you.”

“Oh, this isn’t necessary, Your—”

You interrupted him once again, pressing a finger to his lips, forcing Frye to be silent. “Of course, it is necessary,” you smiled, noticing how Jacob's eyes were examining your body from head to toe. You were flattered by that. But even now he continued to sit in the chair very restrained with his hands clasped. Well, you will have your chance to stir him up. “Take a good look at me, Mr. Frye. Tell me, what exactly do you see?”

You undid the tapes of your corset very easily. The corset would certainly fall from the waist on the floor if you didn’t hold it with your hands. When it came to the skirts, they quietly dropped down at your feet, leaving you in the white stockings alone. You left the clothes on the floor and stepped forward. It seemed that Jacob was amazed by the scene in front of him. He opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word. Your lips formed into a cunning smile and a moment later your hand was on top of his, shifting it to your stomach and then higher. You held a sigh of admiration when Jacob traveled his fingers across your chest with interest and his eyes were eagerly examining your naked body. Jacob found the strength to fight back and tried to turn his gaze away to focus on something else, but your cold fingers brought him back. You felt a slight pricking when touching his chin. You looked into Frye's eyes and asked again, “So, what exactly do you see here?”

Jacob unwittingly swallowed before answering, admitting his defeat but then slyly grinned, putting both his hands on your hips to pull you closer to him. You were literally hanging over him, holding on to the back of the chair.

“I see a naughty girl here, Your Excellency.”

“Oh, really? And how naughty am I, Mr. Frye?”

“You are certainly the naughtiest girl I know, Your Majesty,” Jacob lowered his voice, pressing his lips to your ear that caused a wave of tingling to run all over your body. Now it was your turn to give in, shuddering more when his rough fingers laid on your buttocks, squeezing them tightly. You could even feel how much Jacob was holding himself back not to jump on you and fuck you roughly right in this chair.

Jacob pulled you into a short, but passionate kiss, making you straddle his hips, and you gasped softly, feeling his soft lips. It seemed to you that now you were aroused to the limit, but Frye (as if he was reading your thoughts and decided to ignore them) touched a small pink nipple with his tongue, making your whole body tremble. This man was driving you crazy only by his voice and innocent touches alone.

As soon as Jacob’s hand slid down you thigh, you exhaled, moving your whole body towards these talented fingers, hoping that he would touch you there, but his hand disappeared before it reached your clit, making you whine loudly, leaving you unsatisfied. Frye’s face lit up with a predatory grin when you cried out - two of his fingers were inside your wet pussy, and naughty sounds were spreading throughout the room. Because of that you flushed even more. Jacob couldn’t help but comment, “Ah, our little bird had been satisfying herself alone?” Frye gently bit your right nipple. “Do you crave for attention, Your Majesty? You're so wet here.”

“Oh, Jacob, just shut up.” You gave up, feeling how Jacob’s fingers were bringing you to the climax. You closed your eyes, surrendering yourself to his skillful hands, allowing them to do whatever Frye wanted so he could please you.

“Your Excellency, ladies with a high status like yourself shouldn’t say such rude words,” Jacob grinned, slapping the snow-white skin, making you moan and grab his shirt. “Should I teach you some manners?”

“And what about you, Mr. Frye? How long it has been since you used the rules of etiquette?” you asked, gathering the strength you had left, not intending to give up in this little verbal skirmish. You felt that Jacob did have fewer and fewer arguments that he could give you.

“You are a really naughty girl, Your Majesty!”

You kissed Jacob’s lips, then he just grabbed you in his arms, and a second later you were on the bed, pressed against his body. You felt Jacob's tension through the fabric of his pants, and he moved his hips, imitating intercourse, that’s why you helped Frye to undo his clothes.

“You seduced me, walking absolutely naked here, and now I'm not going to retreat,” Jacob told you, leaning over your body so you could feel his hot breath on your skin.

“Jacob! Jacob, please… Fuck me already!” you moaned.

Your wish is my command, my dear queen,” he smirked slyly and took advantage of the moment, setting his cock in front of your pussy before entering it in one harsh thrust. Your moan drowned in his mouth and you left tiny scratches on his back, feeling Jacob deep inside your body.


“And how do you know these words, Your Majesty?” Jacob grinned, raising his eyebrows in surprise.

You didn’t answer, kissing Frye more gently now, to drown your own pain in his lips. Jacob began to move carefully, slowly, but with every thrust he tried to be deeper, moving faster and faster inside you. He could feel how you squeezed him tightly with the walls of your vagina. You groaned again and helped Jacob by moving your own hips towards his, not holding back your emotions.

“More, please...”

Jacob grinned with the corners of his lips, leaving more bruises on your buttocks, and his pace quickened as you scratched his back in a glimpse of passion. Both of you moaned in unison, and when Jacob laid his hand on top of your clit, you jerked, as you reached the high heavens, finding yourself somewhere far away from here. Frye came on your stomach with a sultry groan and buried his head between your breasts. He then laid on his back right next to you, hugging you tightly.

“That was your reward,” you giggled, noticing a satisfied smile on Jacob’s lips.

“Well, then I am eager to complete more of your tasks, Your Excellency.”

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