There were a few questions asking us in the past if we could take longer confessions for Dirty Assassin's Creed Secrets. While we thought it was a great idea, we believed that Tumblr’s platform wasn’t really ideal for this. So we gathered a few of our resources and made Secluded Haystack. It works very much like a fan fiction archive, but with a dirty twist!

You can write your drabble in any format - first person POV, second person POV, and even third person POV. For those works that would ask the reader to “fill in the blanks” (such as names, physical characteristics, etc.) we will add a script that will let the reader be part of the story and give them the power to customise any details that are pertinent to the original character. We decided to do this to give a personal touch to the drabbles submitted on the Haystack and making them a little unique from the usual fan fiction you see. ;)

Interested to submit your own? Before anything else, please do take the time to read our FAQ below:

Frequently Asked Questions: Haystack Edition

So are you ready to submit your own longer and dirtier confession? Head on over to our Submit page to know how!